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Our baby is here!

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Gave birth to our fourth baby, a son named Aaden Isaac, on January 11! Lovely UC waterbirth, Daddy caught with our other children looking on. A great experience for all.

Besides the sleep deprivation I am doing well, and baby is doing great!

Congrats to those who recently had their babies as well, happy baby moons to all... and great birthing vibes going out for those waiting to hold their sweet ones.
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Congratulations mama! Sounds like a beautiful delivery! Welcome baby Aaden!
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Congrats! Happy babymooning!!
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Congratulaions and happy babymoon!! It sounds like such a wonderful birth!
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Congrats mama!
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congratulations - sounds like a lovely birth!
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congrats! how exciting!
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So sweet! Congrats and all the best!!
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that sounds very peaceful and beautiful. congratulations
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Welcome, baby Aaden! Here's wishing your mama lots of rest!
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Congratulations! That sounds like such a peaceful, wonderful birth. Welcome to the world, little Aaden!
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Way to go! WB/UC, sounds exciting
Happy babymoon!
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Sounds so nice...

Enjoy and hopefully you'll get some good rest. Happy Birthday little one!
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welcome baby! congrats mama and have a beautiful baby moon!:
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Love the name!!!

Great news!

Sounds very peaceful, I hope and pray goes that way especially because my littel ones will be with me.......Thanks mama for sharing and here is hoping you get some much needed rest. Take care.....
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