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Awesome New One-Size Pattern!

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This is new from Kayla's Cloth Kits on HyenaCart--a one-size pocket diaper that uses Aplix! No snaps or fussing with "settings" to go from a small baby to a bigger one. And for those who sell diapers, the diaper has a non-patent-infringing pocket opening, and she has amazing licensing terms--check it out!
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Thanks, Renee! I'm looking forward to using this diaper to help more people get into cloth and save money
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OK, I HAVE to have that pattern. It is just brilliant. I have been trying for years to make a one-size aplix pattern and this is the answer. And only $5! I hope I can make it until Jan. 30, and there better be plenty of patterns available!

Again, just brilliant. I am really impressed.
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Ya that! I'm excited to try this pattern as well. Looks very handy!
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Wow, I've spent at least an hour on this site. Can't wait for the pattern to be available and I'm drooling over the kits too....
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Looks like a few kits might still be available:
But I hope she gets them back in soon! I think the hold-up is actually labels
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Cool! I like how you get to see the fleece too. I am unsure about the whole pocket on the front part, has anyone had experience with that before? I'm thinking maybe I'd just put it on the back since on the front/top (like I usually do) could get kind of messy with folding the dipe over.
How do you think you wash that thing with all the aplix? Would only 1 tab have hook? You'd just have to have a long laundry tab at basically the back of the dipe, right?
Do you think the fold over part stays down well and the sides don't stick out? Do you think it'd be easy to only fold down part way, or would that bend the aplix wierd?
Really cool idea though! I'd be excited to try it.
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The welt pocket works great But if you're sewing for personal use, she has instructions on doing a back pocket opening (if you sew to sell, a pocket opening on a "leading edge" infringes on the FB patent).

Kayla came up with a great solution for laundering. It's pretty simple, but hard to explain without the pics that come as part of the sewing instructions
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Welt pocket meaning the cut in the front of the PUL?
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I'll take a pic--it's more than just a slit. It's reinforced with another piece of fabric to create the opening. I'm nak, but when I'm done, I'll take a pick of the welt pocket I did

ETA: here it is. There's no Aplix on this dipe yet, it will go on right underneath the opening.
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I must be the only person in the world who doesn't like this diaper. It's just too much Aplix for me. It looks very bulky in the front. . ..and I don't want that much aplix to get stuck together in the laundry. I'm a snap purist!
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I'm glad you guys (well most of you ) like the diaper! I AM just waiting for labels. I got a major run around with them, but they are made and on their way to me now!!! I do have a few labels left (thus the kits)...but I can start selling the pattern again hopefully early next week!

ReneeC, I'm not sure if this is ok to post, but since you mentioned it...here are some pics of the laundry solution we came up with and the diaper features in general. If you need to delete these I understand.

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Thanks, Kayla! I didn't want to snag your pics until they were final
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I just found a bunch more labels that I didn't remember I had set aside...I just stocked 15 patterns in case you were waiting
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I bought this pattern about a week ago, but haven't had a chance to try it out yet. I only have touchtape at the moment. I want to try it with the back opening, I have a son and the front of the insert gets very wet on little boys, ick. I haven't been able to find the back opening instructions though, I've probably just been overlooking it. but were are they located? I assume it's basically the same as the pockets I currently make.
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If you want to sew a back pocket opening, you can follow my regular diaper sew along here: http://sewyourown.blogspot.com/2007/...sew-along.html . You can really make any pocket opening that you like, though, as long as you are not planning to sell the diaper retail.
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