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The Casual Thread

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So ya know how every day you want to say something on here but it's not big enough to start a new thread? Other DDCs have "weekly chat" threads. Wanna try it?

My casual info for the day: Dh is working from home today JUST because I'm so weak. Blood sugar's fine - go figure. Never felt such fatigue.

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i wish hubby would have taken baby to work soo i could just relax and rest didnt get much sleep last night

but i need to go eat lunch since have not been throwing up today
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I've been transferred to a new dept at work without any forewarning and want to leave this organization all together.

Today is my sorority's 100th anniversary and i'm supposed to have dinner with some of my sisters but I don't feel like going.
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this is a good idea.

I'm sorry you guys are feeling so bad

I started school this week and am already worn out by it!
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I hear you on being tired. DH has been doing all the cooking because by evening I have no desire to cook. Cleaning is a joke too!! I'm sure hoping this passes soon!
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I'm so over snow.
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cooking and cleaning wait we r suppost to do that while pregnant hahaha

i cleaned sunday inbetween throwing up and getting dizzy since hubby took the baby all day hahah

cooking nope i ahve not did that since the m/s kicked in food just makes me sick hahah
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last night my daughter peed on me and i was up all night with stomach issues. i am exhausted, even more than i usually am while pregnant.
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The spaghetti I craved so bad last night, didn't taste as good for lunch today. Maybe I should have eat a frozen meal.

I'm totally making me an appointment to a spa and getting a massage and facial.
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This is really random but what the hell...

Top Gun is one of my favorite movies and it came on last night. I get so tickled when I think about this one part of the movie:

Meg: Goose, you big stud!
Goose: That's me, honey!
Meg: Take me to the bed or lose me forever!
Goose: Show me the way home, honey!

Considering the soundtrack was pretty darn awesome too, I love that movie. Ok, let me get back to work.
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I ate TWO donuts last night. Talk about a sugar craving.

DH should be home in less than 2 hours, he's been gone 8 days. I haven't told him about the bleeding yet...

I can tell the bleeding is irritating my uterus, I'm crampy, but not bad, just enough to be noticeable and annoying, and I feel icky in general, like I have intestinal cramps too... yuck.

On a positive note, the midwife I've been trying to get hold of called me back, we can meet with her on Saturday at 2pm. But I am an idiot. I didn't even tell her about the bleeding. Talk about scatterbrained.
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my grandmother died this morning
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Originally Posted by zonapellucida View Post
my grandmother died this morning
I'm so sorry.
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My kids are being goofs today. They're both wearing just diapers because they stripped their clothes off. They've been lounging around the house and jumping off of all the furniture. And it's fine with me. At least they're happy.

I kind of wish I'd either have m/s or feel fine. This all day nausea is going to be the death of me.

I have a friend with a 6 month old who just told me she might be pregnant. I should be excited for her, but she's not ready for a second baby yet. I don't know how her marriage would withstand it. For that reason, I hope she's not pg yet. She hopes she's not either.

That's what's on my mind today.
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My DH left for Las Vegas this morning, he won't be back until after midnight Thursday night So I'm totally bumming about that. The kids miss him already and it isn't even time for him to come home from work yet. They have a sixth sense about him being gone!

I'm over it being ass-cold! WTH!
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I'm over the winter, too. It would be nice if it would just warm up. We're not supposed to get to 32 for the next 10 days. . . .. . TEN DAYS of below freezing weather, even during the day. That's crap~!
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Originally Posted by zonapellucida View Post
my grandmother died this morning
I am so sorry for your loss.
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One of my good friends is pregnant too (due in March) and after story time yesterday we took the kids to eat at Golden Corral. MMMMMMMM it was perfect. The best was this cake they make called Shadow Cake. It's calling my name today. I actually considered calling to see if they would sell me a cake - SAD!
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On Friday, I went to the doc with a terribly sore, swollen throat and white spots all over my mouth/throat. The rapid test came back negative, but my doctor started treating me for strep, not wanting to risk that while pregnant. She said those tests are frequently inaccurate and it looked just like strep. I called Monday to get the results of the culture, and it was negative. Yay, I got to stop the antibiotics which made me feel sick - but I was taking them just long enough to give me a yeast infection. booooo!
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Originally Posted by zonapellucida View Post
my grandmother died this morning
I am so sorry for your loss
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