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Went to lunch with my BFF bitched about our jobs, had a salad, loaded baked potato & Delmonico ribeye and didn't even feel like throwing up... that's a good day
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I walked after lunch today, took and shower and now the kids are in the bathtub...

Can't wait for dh to come home, don't want to make supper, nothing sounds good and it is worse once I cook, I'm not used to feeling crummy and now on top of all of it I think the hormones had hit a new high and I'M GRUMPY

Please I want to feel atleast somewhat normal again.
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zonapellucida iam soooo sorry for ur loss

well my son is running around with just a shirt on noo diaper and he goes and sits on my arm and when he gets up i smell it and it stinks he firted on my arm how gross hhahahahah

but i talked to my bff who is due july 18th and we have a doc appt tomorrow at the same place well we plained it that way hahah we go to the same doc office but she sees the midwifes and i go to a obgyn cause the midwifes dont do vbacs and the ob does but we get too hang out tomorrow and watch big love after our appt hahah
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I'm traveling for two days next week and then half of the month of February for my work. I'm really nervous about how I will do since I'm exhausted and nauseous 3/4 of the time.

On the upside I had lunch with a good friend today and her now 2 month old baby. She was a coworker who quit and I'm so glad we're still staying in touch.
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Originally Posted by CountrylivinmomtoB View Post
I hear you on being tired. DH has been doing all the cooking because by evening I have no desire to cook. Cleaning is a joke too!! I'm sure hoping this passes soon!
THis is SOOOO my house, all I manage to do is get the bare minimum of laundry so at least we have clean underwear.

Originally Posted by zonapellucida View Post
my grandmother died this morning
I miss my g-ma also.

We bought a new car yesterday night, TOTALLY ran the dealership. Not my style but don't ask don't tell is my moto when it comes to selling a car to a dealer. My hubbie is basically a mechanic on the side without the degree and he said that with used parts and him doing all the labor to get the car perfect we would need to put in $4K!! The dealer gave us $7400!!! Even after they were allowed to ask us questions (which we told the total truth to, they just asked the wrong questions), take it for a ride and look at in there shop. They must have CRAPPY mechanics! In the end we are only paying 9 dollars more per month for a 2006 Toyota Scion XA with only 3000 miles. I am in heaven!!!!
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I'm sorry for your loss zonapellucida

I feel great all day until it's time to make dinner. Then I feel so nauseous. It does make cooking a challenge sometimes. I'm grateful for the symptom though.
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I hear you on being tired. DH has been doing all the cooking because by evening I have no desire to cook. Cleaning is a joke too!! I'm sure hoping this passes soon!
I got the man to clean the house this weekend it was looking like an episode of COPS...seriously...and I couldn't wash dishes I'd have added vomit to them.

I am so tired I cannot understand it.
Going to see my doctor next week...

been craving egg salad and smoothies...go figure.
egg salad usually gives me those raunchy egg farts this pregnancy nope
(probably the rock hard cryptonite constipation that prevents gas from penetrating)
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Zona, I'm sorry friend.

I keep seeing mention of being insanely tired. Is it NORMAL to be so tired you feel like you can't take a deep breath? (I'm breathing fine. But I do feel like that.) Yesterday, dh had to stay home from work because I couldn't even feed myself.

Is this supposed to happen? Will it last long?
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Zona, I am so sorry for your loss.

This was a great idea. I wish I had something of relevence to say but I don't! LOL

I think I am feeling better. At least a bit. i just wish I could get these dang headaches to go away! I know it is from the increases blood volume and flow! I can't wait for it so slow down so I can get some relief!

Hopefully we will all start to feel better in the next couple weeks!
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Zona I loss my grandma on 4th of July. I am so sorry for your loss.

I feel ok today. Woke up in a funky bad mood. Just not liking work very much. Had a meeting with my acting team lead that lasted 2 hours. A lot was accomplished and made my morning go by. I'm just read to go home for the day.

I haven't talked to my BD since Monday night. Not sure why but whatever. Had dinner with my sorority sisters last night. Lots of laughs and I even hooked my sister up with our hot waiter. His name is Aaron and his ruggishly handsome and speaks spanish. LOL. My sister has already said she's going to screw him. She's raunchy but speaks her mind. Gotta love her.

Still amazed I'm 11 weeks. I do feel a little a naueous but I think a good nap would fix that. Heading home at 3:15 to put on a nightgown and get in the bed. Might watch a movie but I think I'd prefer to sleep.
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Originally Posted by mommyddeville View Post
I kind of wish I'd either have m/s or feel fine. This all day nausea is going to be the death of me.
AMEN! I'm feeling the same. Snacking on my animal crackers as we speak. This has been such a rough few weeks. I had whooping cough during the entire first trimester with my dd so I never knew what was from that or what was related to being preggers.

Here's to warmer days ahead!
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When it gets to Wednesday, I can somehow convince myself that I'll survive the week. My kids are being SO good today. I'm actually surprised. They're good kids, but they're little, and get into lots of trouble. I have no idea why they're so calm today, but I'm enjoying it.

I'm taking prenatal yoga on Fridays. For anyone who could possibly take it, I recommend it. I went for the first time last Friday, and it just made me feel stronger, but more important, calm and centered. It was a chance to focus on this baby and being pregnant, rather than my crazy busy life. The teacher is also a doula, and is really in touch with pregnancy and how to make it more pleasant.

Prayinfor12, I think the exhaustion is normal. This is baby #3, and I've been like that for all 3. Everyone says the key is to eat on a regular schedule, about every 2 hours, even though you don't feel like it. It's true. I'm less tired and have more energy on the days I make myself eat.

Hope everyone's Wednesday is good.

We're supposed to have temperatures under freezing for the next 10 days. I'm going to freeze to death. . . . the low last night was 5. High is 26 today. This is like a bad joke.
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AKA, I can't believe you're busy hooking people up. Aren't you busy enough gestating or something?!

So apparently, this fatigue thing is normal. Ok - what about my feet freezing clean off?
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So I left the house for the first time in over 6 wks alone with my DD. My poor babe has been cooped up m-f with me at home since I have been too tired and sick to tote her anywhere alone without my DH, she has only been going out on the weekends. We made it to Whole Foods for some veggie shopping and a snack but now I am WASTED. She is destroying the playroom while I speak and I should be doing a host of other things like laundry but NOPE no energy. AHHH I hope she has enough cloth diapers for tonight
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At the ultrasound today we saw the baby and heard the heartbeat! Apparently, I'm actually pregnant!
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12 weeks today yay!!! Is this where the chance of m/c drops so i can breathe a sigh somewhat?
My only concern is that I stepped on a scale last night and found that I've already gained 10 lbs!! I have been nauseous a lot so doing more snacking than anything else so where is the weight coming from???? The only extra "meal" I eat is a bowl of cereal at night (and it's special k so it's not even that calorific!). I have been napping a lot so maybe not as much exercise? I know I am really showing so people have been teasing about twins but at my last doc appt he said my uterus was measuring where it should be. Anyone else gaining that much? It would be okay if I gained that much each trimester but aren't you supposed to gain the majority in the months coming up?? Arg. I can't wait for my next doc appt at the end of the month.
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Originally Posted by PrayinFor12 View Post
AKA, I can't believe you're busy hooking people up. Aren't you busy enough gestating or something?!

He was really cute and she was interested. She tends to procrastinate so I just asked him if he was single, and said my sorority sister is too and that they should exchange numbers. They did. What can I say? I have a gift for catching to the chase and getting to the point.

This afternoon was so mentally draining at work. I don't know how much longer I can stand to work with my acting team lead. He just doesn't know he's doing when it comes to communications. THe division really needs to replace him.

On a positive note: it's snowing here in Atlanta. First time inalmost 7 years. I'm loving it because I'm originally from VA and miss this kind of weather.
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I am getting ready for dinner out with my good friend (the same one I went to Golden Corral with) and our kids and my hubby. She is such a food enabler. : We have an awesome mexican restaurant around the corner and we have been talking about it for about a week now. It actually came up in the same conversation as Golden Corral. We're like an eating club!
Anyway, tomorrow is our first ultrasound with the doctor that my homebirth midwife recommends. I have never met him before, nor have I ever had a male ob/gyn. Dh and ds will be there too. Pretty exciting! Have a good night ladies. Each day gets us closer to holding the new little ones! :
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I haven't read through this thread, but I thought I'd jump in.

I'm 11 weeks today and slowly starting to get excited about being pregnant. Still have morning sickness.

Feeling nervous still, but starting to feel this bump growing, thriving inside of me. and it is amazing...I find myself referring to my baby as she. She is growing...wishful thinking.

I did get in some sewing today which was nice!
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I'm impressed that you got sewing done. I have great intentions, but haven't done anything. I have a new pattern for newborn diapers, and I haven't even cut any out or traced the pattern. Hmmm. . . lazy?
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