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Originally Posted by mommyddeville View Post
I'm impressed that you got sewing done. I have great intentions, but haven't done anything. I have a new pattern for newborn diapers, and I haven't even cut any out or traced the pattern. Hmmm. . . lazy?
I sewed a ring sling for a new mama! now I got to get some sewing for me done!

Hmmm, I was feeling pretty unmotivated for a loooong time! But I got all my sewing table decluttered so I could get crackin'!
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I framed some maps for the nursery today I'm planning on cosleeping, but I'd like to have a space for baby gear, most likely it will be a corner of our office.
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Originally Posted by zonapellucida View Post
my grandmother died this morning
I'm so sorry for your loss
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I went for my 1st prenatal today> heard the heartbeat 1st as the Doc was waiting for the nurse to attend during the pap. Anyways, we are unclear on my dates and the doc thinks I am 10-12 weeks but appareantly my uterus is measuring 14-15 weeks??! I know I am not that far along since I had a neg blood hcg test on Nov 7. Anyone have any thoughts? The RN said "twins?!" but I don't really think thats it?
I am scheduled for an u/s next week
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I feel bigger I am not looking bigger but feeling uterus bigger..and feeling movement...which is odd for me as I dídn't feel squat with ds2 at five months...
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You have to let us know what the ultrasound reveals next week!
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earthdwellingmama that is so exciting you will definately have to keep us updated.
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It snowed last night here in Atlanta and this morning it's pretty icy and cold. He called me last night and we talked for an hour. He admitted to that my cramping and when I'm really sick scares him. I thought that was really sweet and I'm glad to know that he really does care. And then asked if there was any movement on the kid and I told him yes. His resposne was, "that's f-ing cool!" *sigh* gotta love him, even when he's being a jerk.
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Texas, love the pics!

Earth, innnnteresting! Do keep us informed. Ya know, it could just be that your one baby WEIGHS 50 POUNDS ALREADY! :
Jk - feeling uber-twitty here.
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I just came across a good breakfast idea. Its one of those where you think "why didn't I ever think of that??". Peanut butter oatmeal! I love oatmeal and am always looking for ways to make it even more nutrient packed. So, I will try some tomorrow like this: oats, milk, natural pb, a little splenda or honey, cinnamon, diced apples. I bet DD will love it!
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I keep dry heaving because the smell of grease and oil is lingering from dinner last night. And it was the dinner that we old DH's sister that she was going to be an auntie.
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Originally Posted by funkymum View Post
I keep dry heaving because the smell of grease and oil is lingering from dinner last night. And it was the dinner that we old DH's sister that she was going to be an auntie.
You should try boiling some lemon peels or zest with a cinnamon stick in to the kill the smell. Once it starts boiling, turn it down to a simmer. It's like a stove top potporri (sp?)
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So, I'm starting to think being pregnant might be more fun if I IGNORE it. Maybe? I mean, that way, maybe I'd only think about it when I saw myself in the mirror or some other such happy thought.
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I finally left the house after REALLY not feeling like doing anything for a week. Of course, it's cold and rainy so with 2 little ones was not the most fun ever, but at least we got out The grocery store was a nightmare of smells, though. I think I should have eaten BEFORE the grocery store -blah!! Hunger seems to be the worst - when I feel the most sick and then I get a bit shaky if I don't eat soon enough. But thinking about food and smelling it makes me feel sick

I swear I'm showing already and pants are feeling tight if they hit on my waist. I'll try to post some pics soon - dh is a photographer so you would think we'd be all over by now!!

We're off w/o the kids overnight Sat - YEAH! It will be nice to be with grownups for a day!
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snow. lots of it. bleh.
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Saw our baby today!!! The little heartbeat was strong and everything looked great! . It was awesome. Dh's face was so cute. He was really excited. He says it makes it that much more real for him. Ds came too and we explained what he was looking at and he said "my baby". God I love that kid!
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Woke up nauseous (think it was the crab cakes from dinner). Still having trouble sleeping through the night again. This is really strange. I can sleep for 4 hours and feel like I've slept for 9.

Yesterday I kept having really bad dizzy spells and I felt like my heart was beating way too fast. My mom said this is normal and that it happens as you get further along since the baby is starting to make it's own blood supply and suck me of all nutrients and blood. I guess this is a good thing but the dizzy stuff freaks me out.

I bought a baby memory book at Borders last night. I'm going to start feeling it in this weekend with pictures and information. At least it covers the first 3 years of life. I can't wait to fill it in in detail.

I've been eating a really delicious grapefruit with no sugar this morning. I love grapefruits. Ok, i'm rambling now so I'm going to do some work.
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Happy Friday everyone. So glad the weekend is almost here :
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Well I'm glad my house isn't the only one suffering! I've been feeling like such a wuss because of my fatigue! I guess I've just forgotten what pregnancy is like because I don't remember needing this much sleep before. I need two naps a day!
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Book for my baby

I love the "Hungry Caterpillar" styled books and then it occurred to me that I have a little photo album that I can use to make my own baby book. I can't wait to get crafty this weekend.
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