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Originally Posted by Limabean1975 View Post
So, how long does it take to chop it up & encapsulate it? Is it a messy job? Difficult or easy? My memory may have inflated things, but I just remember this GIANT slippery organ . . .
I figure I'll throw my .02 on this, but really it was my Dh who handled it. It is a bit messy, especially getting started. I wouldn't say it's VERY difficult really, though -- as long as you have a nice sharp knife. None of our knives were sharp enough and Dh was using the scalpel we used to cut the cord with - so separating the amniotic sac from the placenta was quite a trial. Quite tedious, and a bit messy. With a sharp knife (not a tiny little scapel blade) it would have been much easier. Once the sac is cut off, and the placenta is rinsed, it's not too bad. Still a little bloody throughout, but not hard to deal with. We haven't dehydrated it yet, we've just gotten it cut up and it's in the freezer.

There are some different methods to dehydrate the placenta - some seem messier than others. Keep in mind that it will shrink up as it's heated, so even though it seems huge, it will probably only fill 150-200 capsules when all is said and done.

I think that if we have another baby, preparing the placenta will go a lot smoother now that we know more what to expect. And that it really is SO worth it. I do NOT FEEL POSTPARTUM. At all. I feel normal. I can't get over it.
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Ok, I admit that initially I thought it was gross, but I feel like I am definitely a candidate for PPD and would do anything not to get it. While I can't imagine eating raw or cooked placenta, the freeze dried capsules sound very doable. I was looking at the kit from placentabenefits.org and even that seems too hands on for my family. (i would keep this from my partner if i thought i could!) Does anyone know of a Portland, Oregon midwife who prepares them? My midwife doesn't seem to be the placenta eating/preparing type (i could be misreading her...)
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So I told DH 'Next baby, I'm eating my placenta'. He said 'Oh really? What's that supposed to do?'

I love that he trusts me enough to know if I'm doing something weird I have a very good reason!
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I think it's really "icky" and I would never ever do it. I'm morally opposed. I had PPD with DS2 and I will find other natural ways just as I did with him to help this time. Only, I will start earlier than I did last time.

Sorry, just not my thing!
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Just thought I would let everyone know that my DH is totally grossed out. He left the room and has yet to come back. I guess this means he won't be cutting it up and freezing it for me next time!!
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If folks find it "icky" but haven't tried it, why post about it? I believe eating my placenta helped me and want to share this with other mamas. Let's keep this thread positive.

MDC should be a place where we can talk about this without being judged.
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Thanks swim

-a yucky, immoral placentophager
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I had placenta smoothie-lots of strawberries and ice and juice, did not taste it at all.
It really helped with the way I was feeling after having my son. I gave birth to my son 13 months after losing dd#3 at full term, and I was really having a difficult time emotionally. The placenta smoothies were a life saver! I also felt much more energetic.
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i can't imagine anyone having a moral issue with it. and i agree, they should keep their mouths shut instead of posting here that they simply object or find it gross. DUHH-like that's an original thought.

I encapsulated mine. I feel completely normal. for the first few weeks i would "crave" (that's the only word i can use to describe it- but not entirely accurate) a dose every 2-3 hours and i was worried that the 180 pills i amde wouldn't last but i have about 30 left now and only "crave" a dose every 3-4 days now. it's been a gradual weaning.

I wish someone would study it officially, with blood hormone levels and everything.

I wonder what the difference is between gobbling it all up at once like an animal or stretching the consumption out over time (like it seems most women here are doing.)

I also wonder if there's a way that donated hospital placentas can be used for their hormones to treat ppd in women who didn't save theirs. how different is the hormonal composition from woman to woman? I'd think it would be pretty standard.

I am 8 weeks PP and so utterly and blissfully normal, in spite of the fact that my mother's mental health has seriously deteriorated (she claims to astral project and play with my nephew in his crib 1200 miles away- she claims that she fell down my stairs because an ancient indian girl ghost grabbed her ankle.- she was supposed to be doing the books for my business and we were evicted because she never paid the rent- and we're being sued because she never paid a lot of bills, she accidentally overpaid several employees and right now really COULD be a very stressful time in my life but it's all rolling right off of me and I have been able to function like my real rational self.

I haven't once felt overwhelmed or anxious.

the "craving" is almost like a hunger. It's so hard to describe, it's a hard-to-focus kind of feeling. I remember in past experiences with PPD there was a head-in-the-clouds kind of sensation that I carried with me and I haven't had that even once.

I don't plan to have more, but I would definitely, without a doubt do it again. I am so so so glad this worked. Jeez- maybe my mother needs some!
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Oh look up. Someone called it immoral. :
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I was depressed after dd1 and during pg w/dd2. After dd2 was born, I ate the second placenta out of desperation when I could see the signs coming on. I didn't even want to do it. I was vegan for 12 yrs, now the only animal I ever eat is fish. Dh was totally put off by it. I didn't have access to a food dehydrator so I ate a couple bites raw, then some in smoothies, some cooked up next to my eggs in the frying pan. At first it was barely palatable, eventually I craved it. The important thing is no banging my head on a wall and screaming in front of my girls.

I might have just taken meds but I got kicked off medicaid after dd was born, and was totally broke.

Now I'm pro-placenta. Doesn't matter what anybody thinks, do what you need to do.
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I will be one of you immoral women : I am not going through PPD again. Antidepressants only made me "numb"
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Do you put it in the smoothies raw?
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I began eating my placenta 11 days ago....the day of my son's birth. I wanted to share my experiences and recipes :!!!

Studying nutrition and postpartum dietary issues is one of my hobbies. After considering the amount of processing (steaming, drying, pulverizing ect.) that comes with encapsulating the placenta, I decided to consume it raw and as soon I could following the birth. What I have learned from my own experience and from my friends that have attempted this is that the household needs to support your decision to consume the placenta. I am fortunate as my partner, a vegetarian of over 20 years, handled the preparation of the placenta. It is really a good idea to cut the placenta (if you want to eat it in smoothies or portions) into the sizes you will need for your smoothies ect. and place in freezer bags. Immediately following the birth I had two strawberry smoothies. My DP made the smoothies with frozen strawberries, placenta, and organic berry juice. My midwife is a friend of Cornelia Enning, a midwife who researches placenta consumption, and suggested that the first piece that should be consumed is the middle strip. It is the most powerful. I have to say that I didn't taste even a hint of blood or the like. My DP served the first two smoothies in a wine glass and when I smelled it, it smelled like a fresh strawberry daquiri (spelling?).

I feel wonderful! My recovery has been excellent and my mood has been steadily cheerful. I have had another smoothie the day my milk came in and I have enough left for another two. I will have another in a few days.

Because I have Cornelia E.'s book, I have many interesting recipes for face masks and topical applications involving powdered placenta. PM me if you want a recipe and I will translate (the book is in German) it for you.
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Originally Posted by Ziggysmama View Post
Do you put it in the smoothies raw?
I did, yes.
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Another placenta eater here.

I'll admit as well, that I was pretty horrified at the idea of it.
I UC, and when it came down to it, I was uncomfortable with the amount of blood loss - so I immediately asked DP to cut off a 'silver dollar sized' chunk. It just needed to be done.
I held it between my check/gum/undertongue for about 45 seconds, and just swallowed it. I'm with the 'couldnt chew it' camp. It really was almost tasteless, and it was so light and airy that it didn't feel like a heavy piece of meat.
It tasted/felt clean.

I ate another chunk about 15 minutes later. My bleeding stopped to just a drip.

My postpartum was awesome. I felt/feel AWESOME. I didn't get the 3-5 day dip in hormones/babyblues.
I'm still kind of grossed out by the idea, but in actuality wasn't a big deal.
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Originally Posted by the_lissa View Post
Oh look up. Someone called it immoral. :
It's against my beliefs, roll your eyes all you want. Some people refuse blood transfusions because of their beliefs do you roll your eyes so rudely at them?
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This thread is making me so determined to eat my placenta next time that I want to get myself pregnant RIGHT NOW just so I'm closer to my chance to eat it up!
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Originally Posted by lovingmommyhood View Post
It's against my beliefs, roll your eyes all you want. Some people refuse blood transfusions because of their beliefs do you roll your eyes so rudely at them?
There is quite a difference between saying something is against your beliefs and saying it is immoral as a universal.

Out of curiosity, which religion says placentophagy is immoral?
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Please take the debate to another thread or to a pm.
This is a good thread, I would hate for it to get locked down.

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