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Natural remedy for mosquito allergy?

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Ds has hugely severe reactions to mosquito bites. If he gets bitten on the forearm, for example, his entire forearm will swell to better than twice its normal size (think Popeye) and become hot and red. Sometimes he swells so badly that he bruises. It will stay that way for a few days and will, eventually, form a very large blister (or, in some cases, a few smaller blisters) at the initial site of the bite. Once the blisters pop, the swelling usually recedes fairly quickly. He runs a low-grade fever the entire time and itches, of course, but seems otherwise unaffected.

We've been able to keep him from getting bitten for the most part, but the little buggers are so bad that they still manage to get him on occasion. His ped. advised that we keep him on a daily dose of Zyrtec. I would really rather not do this, but I don't want him to suffer either - and giving him a dose post-bite seems to do little or nothing.

Has anyone else dealt with something similar? Do you all know of homeopathic, herbal, or other remedies that are effective for these sorts of allergic reactions?

Thanks .
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That sounds really scary and it's so hard to prevent mosquito bites. I looked in the book "SMart Medicine for Healthy Children" and they give homeopathic and herbal remedies for insect bites but I don't know if any of them would be strong enough for what you are talking about. You would probably want to talk to a naturopath or something.

I'll tell you what it said anyway in case you want to try it:

Herbal: Echinaciea tincture - one dose every 2 to 3 hours
A poultice of plaintain leaves and comfrey.

Homeopathic for swelling: Apis mellifica - dose every hour until swelling diminishes
Ledum reduces swelling 1 dose, 3 times daily

If you have access to this book or Healthy Healing you may be able to find stuff more specific to your situation.

Also, it says there's a commercial preparation (safe one) called Bite Blocker made from soybean oil and it is 97% effective against mosquitos. Might be worth a try!
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DH does exactly the same thing and now DS is showing signs as well. Yes we do call them "popeye" also.

Dh used to use Sting Stop (homeopathic) just to fight the itching and suffer through the swelling.

By accident he found out that wiping the bite immeadiately after it happens with rubbing alcohol makes it so he only gets the nasty swelling and blister 75% of the time.

Give it a shot, hope it works.
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My Son Has This Too

My son has this too. What we do, is put him in a cool bath with a box of baking soda. The baking soda draws out the swelling a bit. That's the only thing we've found over the counter or natural that helps.

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I use ambesol/orajel the liquid its a topical anesthetic, the liquid type not the flavoured kind.

works wonders as I get those nasty huge itchy drive me crazy bites too.

I also wear clothing that covers my body, you can get face nets/mosquito suits. And I use citronella shampoo, soap, spray when I go out and am pretty lucky compared to the people around me in terms of number of bites.
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As much prevention as possible will go a long way. Make sure that there's no standing water, no matter how small the container, on your property. If there's some nearby that you cannot get rid of, get those natural disk things that contain a bacterium that kills the mosquito larva.

Find one of the more natural types of insect repellents and use it to help prevent bites. Keep him indoor when the 'squitos are most active, like dusk.

If those don't help or you can't find any (my problem), only use the DEET kind on clothing rather then on his skin, and sparingly!

Long sleeves and long pants otherwise.
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i was just about to post this. my son does the exact same thing. he got bitten by his hair line and his forehead swelled up so much his eye swole shut.

i have tried buzz stop, but the smell make us quesy. I was at Whole Foods the other day asking about it and they said the best thing they know of is the Burts Bees mosquito repellent. I also have some unscented lotion that i mixed tto and eucalyptis oil in and rub on him. the ssssting stop doesen't seem to help that much, but if i put tto on is as soon as i see it it makes the swelling go down and stops the sore from weeping.
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I had this allergy as a child...

I still have much stronger reactions than anyone I know.

As a child our doc told my mom to make a paste with meat tenderizer and spread on the area. It really helps! It is the enzymes (usually from pineapple or papaya) that make it effective, so you could probaby try those straight in a paste if you have them around (there are chewable papaya ones I buy for a digestive aid). I've never tried it like that - but it wouldn't smell like the meat tenderizer and that would be nice! You could maybe even try straight pineapple or juice - but I haven't done that either (don't often have it around). I can only personnaly vouch for the MT.

I also used Benadryl cream on the area. As an adult I also take it orally as needed.

When my DH and I went to Hawaii a few years ago I got eaten alive on the very first night overnight and was covered when I woke up. My eyes were nearly swollen shut! I guess my reaction was so strong because they are a different species that what my body has become used to here? Not sure. DH had no visible bites. We were on Kauai and mosquitos were supposedly not a problem When the native Hawaiian women saw me at the fern grotto they picked a bunch of aloe vera and rubbed the gel all over me! It was very soothing. Oh - and my DH proposed to me on that trip - even though I looked like I had a horrible disease or something!!

Anyway , those are a few things that help me. Big hugs to you and your DS. My mom was always afraid people would think she was hitting me because I was so swollen and bruised from them!! So I can totally relate.
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Mosquito allergies

My daughter has ben allergic to mosquitoes since birth. Here are a few other ideas to stop the torture they go through. No bananas in the summer , the scent draws mosquitos to you . She also takes vitamin b12 everyday in the summer .The pest does not like the scent your body carries with taking it.
We take deet spray and benadryl everywhere we go .
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Originally Posted by hece
My daughter has ben allergic to mosquitoes since birth. Here are a few other ideas to stop the torture they go through. No bananas in the summer , the scent draws mosquitos to you . She also takes vitamin b12 everyday in the summer .The pest does not like the scent your body carries with taking it.
We take deet spray and benadryl everywhere we go .
i was told by an herbalist not to give my 2yo b12 until he is way older. DEET is posion and I will never apply it to my chlidren. I had a cousin hospitalized and was in a coma for 6 days from the use of DEET. benadryl is good for swelling, but I am scared to give it to him. I found that applying tea tree oil takes the swelling down almost immediatly.
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I use ambesol/orajel the unflavoured kind on them it numbs it long enough not to itch it.
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my dd was just diagnosed with a mosquito allergy yesterday. She doesn't get as bad as the OPs dc, but she is very uncomfortable with itchiness and swelling. I was just coming here to post a similar question!

our ped recommended that avoidance is obviously the best bet, but of course that isn't always possible. she did recommend a natural bug repellant (and even mentioned skin so soft by Avon) and suggested a topical allergy cream or 1% hydrocortisone and zyrtec or benadryl after the fact. I'm not sure what route we'll take but dd hates, and I mean hates, to take ANY medicine so we'll probalby go mostly with the topical cream to help with itching and swelling. of course, i'm leery of the benadryl and zyrtec too.

I'm going to check out some of the other suggestions here too.
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Lotion repels mosquitoes, soothes and heals if bitten

Hi, Dragonfly and scatterbrainedmom/mama
I have a friend from the far east and some 2 weeks ago, he brought his wife and daughter to a small historic town in Malaysia. After arriving,and settling down in a small garden, they got bitten. Little girl had it bad but did not swell so much.

THEN, a friend of theirs came and brought them a spray lotion. They wasted no time and applied it. The mosquitoes this time round hovered but did not land on them. The lotion's effect was cooling esp with the breeze and it has a fragrant scent. The old man who runs the guesthouse applied it on his bald pate - it sure kept the mossies away and that night he slept like a baby. Soothed the man and family's ealier mosquito bites - so he said. Mosquitoes can be found anywhere and really, they can make babies whatmore adults (like busy mums) miserable and drive them crazy.

I think I remember the name: Bloodguard. Neat. Guards one's blood from being sucked. the search engine ought to come up with something

I am planning to order one batch. Deet is poison, peeled off the colour of my house slippers.
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I was just coming to post the same thing. Unfortunately, I live in Hawaii where mosquitos are a fact of life and just cannot be avoided. My 16mo has been getting these awful reactions, one of which has landed her an ER visit. She gets the bite and it immediately swells up to about 2 inches in diameter, with a small pus filled pimple in the middle. Eventually it keeps swelling to the point where she develops large water filled blisters --it really looks like she was burned!! Then it turns black/dark brown and scabs and starts peeling. It's really quite horrid looking.

So far we have been giving her benadryl which sorta seems to help -- but I'm afraid if this keeps happening she's going to have an anyphylactic reaction. Can you have one from a skeeter bite? I'd never heard of that.

The weird thing is that she has other mosquito bites that are fine. Its just randomly that she will have a weird reaction
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i was talking to a science teacher today and she told me that hed and a few other collegues were talking about insect bites being so much more problematic. she said they think it is beacuse of all the pesticides, like they are just injecting you with chemically toxic poison.
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