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How's everyone feeling and anyone else can't believe we're only a quarter the way there?

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Okay so I am around 10 weeks now..give or take
Only a quarter there...
Its seeming like forever...

(*partly because with #3 I was only pregnant for 3 months found out at 5 months and gave birth a month early...)
so 30 weeks is seeming like forever!

I'm exhausted, sick to my stomach, bloated (But not retaining water in my feet thank goodness) my belly feels odd... I think I feel some alien movements or uterus contractions...

but I can still see my feet (for the time being
what should I do now while I still can - I've been sleeping on my stomach as much as I can....silly isn't that?
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I was thinking about that too - just a quarter through seems unbelievable - and not very encouraging. I'd much rather hear "half done!"

I love carrying a baby and hate being pregnant, ya know?
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we are half way to half way there!
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Originally Posted by Shiloh View Post
we are half way to half way there!
You make me grin. I like that idea.
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I'm very tired, but other than that my symptoms are totally gone today. I kept waiting, and waiting for morning sickness to get bad, but I only had a few bad days. It was much milder than I expected it to be. I'm barfy as a symptom of PMS, and in general just queasy, so I expected to be really pukey. my boobs are still growing, but they don't hurt anymore. I have no cramping anymore. I don't have to pee quite as often.

I do have the cervical changes that are common in early pregnancy (chadwick's sign and goodell's sign).

I don't know if everything is ok or not, but until proven other wise I'm going to assume it is.

I feel really FAT. I was chunky before, but at least my clothes fit. now nothing fits.. I guess I get to look forward to looking fluffy and not pregnant for a few more months yet. maternity clothes don't fit, regular clothes don't fit.
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Still very surreal to me at times. My co-worker and i were just talking this morning about how it really doesn't seem like I'm prego but I definitely am. I feel ok about being 11 weeks but I still don't think I'm prego. Doesn't seem real.
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It just makes me sad. I should have ten wks to go, not be ten weeks.
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This is going way too fast for me lol. I have too much to do before another baby shows up in this house!!!
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Just CAN'T wait until the M/S ends! I am functioning so I should be greatful but ahhh I still feel like utter CR*P and am NAUSEOUS all the time.
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I'm tired of feeling like crap. My doc just told me I'm anemic, so I started taking more iron. It may help my fatigue. I eat junk food all the freakin time, but at least I'm not gaining weight (yet). I've never eaten so much junk food in my life. This kid is going to pop out saying, "Yo quiro Taco Bell."
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It just makes me sad. I should have ten wks to go, not be ten weeks.
Yeah I go from half paraniod I cannot think of a name...for a child I have no idea what the sex is, but I feel I should have a name NOW....lol...or wondering what i need to buy yet (this place looks like an AP toysrus...lol I'm down only to about 8 carriers...)

"Yo quiro Taco Bell."
too funny I thought today at the dentist my kids were going to rat me out...my hygenist (male) is a vegan homeschooler... we went to McDonalds for breakfast and I'M LOVIN IT.

I've started shopping for my fluff order and have confirmation that a certain hyena mama that I love is going to do my entire stash I like to buy the fabrics its fun...and gives me something to hunt and gather.
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I'm not in a big hurry here. I just want the m/s to be over! Generally I enjoy being pg - love the maternity clothes, big belly, comments and smiles from strangers. Plus as some pp's said I am soooo not ready to HAVE another baby yet. This little one was not planned so we don't have much extra room, no ideas for names, etc. And if it's a girl we'll want to get some girl things (at least my sil is having a girl next month so we'd get some hand-me-downs).
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omg, taco bell. i have this problem with nachos when i am pregnant. like, a real problem... in that i crave them CONSTANTLY. the entire time. taco bell sounds so good right now. they even have the fake cheese. it has to be fake cheese sauce!! 7-11 comes in second... geeeeeeeeeez. i hate being so paranoid about gaining weight, but i so am.
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I have had taco bell for the last two nights and am getting it again tonight. :
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I'm feeling gross, but I find that eating spicy food makes me feel better. We had HOT mexican food last night, and it was so good. We have it a lot when I'm pregnant.

I'm kind of excited to be 1/4 of the way done. I don't feel like it's been TOOOO long, so I'll survive this. Also, I've had 2 other kids and lived to tell, so I will survive this one, too.
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I'm craving spicy food too. I'm LOVING fast food and COKE!!! Which is so weird because I don't eat or drink that stuff much at all normally. Can't remember the last time I even drank pop before last month. I craved coke with my son too. Something about that sweet fizz. Oh man, and pair it with some McD's fries! Heaven. I haven't run to the border yet... but my mouth is definitely watering.
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I've been wanting pizza I think I could eat it every day if I let myself.

my symptoms are still gone today, and that's now a little troubling because I've started spotting.
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for me, it's just enjoyable. i'm enjoying myself.

i'm still tired, but i know that that will pass. i'm eating more normally now, thankfully, and i look the same as i did in Nov, before i got pregnant. in fact, i think i'm getting leaner or something, because my clothes are baggy.

ah well. we're having fun over here. no worries at all.
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I am finding spicy food spicier..
but I still love it..
I am also going through smoothie withdrawal - my smoothie and egg salad deli is on campus friday is a no school day...

I did buy some baby clothes and some fabric for fluff order but still seems so far far away. Ultrasound on tuesday to date me and first midwife official appointment on wednesday...whooo whooo
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I actually can't believe we're *already* a quarter of the way through. Oof. When I logged on this morning and saw we'd moved up another month in the list of ddc's I had a little shiver.
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