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He eats his pill!

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Ok, so hypothyroidism isn't a particularly special special need, but having to: express some milk, crush a pill (assuming you've done nothing as stupid as leave the pills at home), spoon feed it to a reluctant infant, and then pray he didn't spit it back up and lose a few more IQ points - is a little stressful. Just a small, chronic stress. So when he stopped spitting up so much, we were so happy. Then when we discovered we could just dissolve the pill straight in the spoon of milk, we were even happier. And when we discovered that he'll now just take the pill and eat it, well, I was doing this No more needing two of us, I can just pop the pill in his mouth in the morning, no more worrying about getting home in time in the evening to pill him, no more praying he'll take an evening nap so he gets it on an empty stomach, no more having to have a hungry baby screaming and telling him to wait 'cause I still have to express, shit where's the spoon, I thought you had the pill crusher, stop blowing bubbles in the pill milk, crap did that spitup look salmony to you? No more! Just "hey, here's your pill" : and on with our day. Woohoo!

Sorry, just really wanted to share.
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Oh I so get it. It was a very happy day here when we discovered my son (who takes a load of meds and dr. prescribed supplements for a metabolic condition) will chew his pills. No more cutting and crushing and putting with applesauce and dissolving in liquid. No more syringes. And no more worrying about parts of one thing getting mixed with another from the crushers.
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w00t! D eats his pills, too! It was a great day when that happened.

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That is sooo cool. I wish my kids would do that.

And just WHY is hypothyroidism (a metabolic/inherited/congenital disorder) not a special need?
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It is a special need, just not a special special need. It's a pill once a day and a test once a month. And an extra specialist, and having to have any doctors at all in his life (not something we were really planning on), and the aforementioned now-gone stress about the pill, and let's not talk about what's IN the pill (can we say "chemical crap filler"?)...

OK, I just deleted this big long rambly post about not really being "special needs" 'cause I've been struggling with this question for a while. Just what is "special enough" to be special needs? I've been reluctant to embrace it not because I think it's bad but because I think I'm not worthy, I haven't had to do "enough". But screw that. It is enough. My 10 month old is this close to walking (just watched him take three steps toward me - and then fall on his butt ), and he's going to get it any day now, but his legs don't straighten. We have no idea why. He's probably going to need braces. We've already done months of physical therapy. Weekly chiro visits. Struggling with a crawling, active babe to try to get the stretches in. Plus the hypothyroid - infant blood draws suck, although we've finally figured out how to make them not so sucky (the joints not straightening was part of the suckiness; now we just tell every tech not to pull his elbow straight, and he sits in my lap, and we're more or less fine), and this kid has seen specialists more than most MDC babes have seen a pediatrician. I've spent hours crying because I didn't know whether he was going to be OK (he is - no matter what happens, no matter whether he needs braces or surgery, no matter whether his joints ever fully straighten, no matter whether he has "as many" IQ points as his theoretical non-hypothyroid siblings - he is). I deserve this support. Right?

Can I come in? It's cold and lonely out here and I want a hug.
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Shit, Arwyn, if you think it's special needs then you're welcome here.

Any extra worry, and you're welcome here.

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Thanks. I know that. I know I know that. But I have problems believing it. What does that say about me? (Don't answer that )
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#1...... dont put yourself down and diminish your childs need, hypothyroidisim is a special need and you are welcome here any time

#2 WOOHOOO!! its always great when you can get kids to take their medicines!
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OMGoodness that's cause for celebration!


(Arwyn here's a )

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Arwyn! I haven't talked to you in a long while... gosh, last time was when you were still pregnant right after the BW conference! lol.

Yeah for pill chewing! And do jump in on this board, we love having more mamas participate.
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Sure sounds like the many feelings and frustrations and reasons to rejoice of a SN mom to me!
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I think that's special needs!! Come on in for a hug and chat :

I'm happy for you that he takes his pills himself .
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congrats on the pill chewing!
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One of the really cool things about this board is that there is no feeling of "my kid is worse off than yours, so you don't qualify as special needs!". Everyone has different issues to deal with and if what you are dealing with is outside of "typical child" realm, then this is where you need to be!
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Originally Posted by Arwyn View Post
I deserve this support. Right?

Can I come in? It's cold and lonely out here and I want a hug.
It's warm inside. Sometimes too warm, but yeah, you deserve support.

We're here. Let us know what we can do.
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Thanks for the hugs.

OK, so now that he takes his pills in the morning, and I'm the only one giving them to him... how the heck do I remember whether he's on 1 or 1.5?? (We're alternating doses daily right now.) I'm never awake enough in the morning to remember.
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Pill box. Fill 1x per week
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