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Originally Posted by Tracy View Post
I don't know which time zone you are in Australia but in Brisbane the Aries New Moon is Sunday April 6 1:55pm.
Thanks so much Tracey I'm actually really glad that it's happening Sunday instead of Saturday 5th for me, because I'll be staying with a friend on the 5th and both of our DH's are away, so we're managing all the kidlets by ourselves. It's a bit crazy, and my brain isn't in the right place to calm down and do a treasure map. Sunday will be perfect! I'm so excited
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oh I love the lazy river, great analogy!
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Originally Posted by MaceyMom View Post
Anyone else who did a Map last year for 2007 experiencing "movement" this week?

Almost all of my map last year came to fruition. AMAZING.
but the areas that did not are sort of working themselves out this week - the VERY last week. I find it so interesting.

Tracy, is this "normal" to have a bunch of stuff happen in the last week?
I definitely did! I had organic beds on mine for last year and ordered our new mattress this week (I didn't think we would have the money, but it came through).

I was looking at my map from last year and was surprised about how many things did come through. Some things I really wanted haven't yet, like getting organized, but I had the phrase 'get organized' on the map instead of something about already being there, so I will try that.

The birth of my third baby was nothing like i had mapped out except for it being drug free and vaginal, though having him was so special that it did help cancel out my feelings about the birth.

My section about self improvement was very scattered and not well put together, I think that is why some of that didn't come through.

I'm excited to try again, I'm hoping to feel very inspired tomorrow (I won't be up when it starts here).
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It's my birthday today, and here I am trying to do as much last minute decluttering as possible. DH and DD are out running errands (including dropping off two boxes of stuff and some bar stools at goodwill, and mailing off 7 of our used books for bookmooch - www.bookmooch.com - so they are helping me too).
It won't be completely decluttered or perfectly clean, but it never is. And, I have made great strides and opened up some space, so I feel ok about it.
It's getting close!!
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I'm so excited! : only hours away now!!!

Yes to last minute decluttering!

Oh, and looking at my *old* map with a sense of accomplishment

I just know that this year will be magical! ::
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So, we decided to declutter the house we live in. Not signing a new lease here! This will be an interesting spring
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tonight's the night, tonight's the night. I have been eagerly awaiting the start of this. I have been trying to declutter the house in preparation but holy crap do I ever have too much crap. I don't know where it is all come from but I clear out a drawer or shelf and I turn around and it's full again. I have made huge progress but not as much as I wanted. I sent 3 out of 4 kids away so I can do some major last minute decluttering. Tonight I am going to buy my magazines and then just leaf through them to see if anything resonates with me, pray about it, sleep on it and in then tomorrow I will offically get started. I am so excited. I can feel this is going to be a good year.
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Somehow I've missed this thread. I was just thinking it must be time for a new treasure map soon so I did a search on MDC for any talk of this year. Now I see it's time.
It's April 5th today.
When is the finish by time/day? This is a long thread and I just don't have the time to read through it all right now. I will later though!
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Originally Posted by Mary-Beth View Post
Somehow I've missed this thread. I was just thinking it must be time for a new treasure map soon so I did a search on MDC for any talk of this year. Now I see it's time.
It's April 5th today.
When is the finish by time/day? This is a long thread and I just don't have the time to read through it all right now. I will later though!
I think it's about 3 days.

Here's last years, which answers a lot of questions:
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There is no way I'm doing it tonight. It's not even new moon until almost 9 pm pacific. Not happening
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Originally Posted by Arduinna View Post
There is no way I'm doing it tonight. It's not even new moon until almost 9 pm pacific. Not happening
yeah, midnight here on the east coast. I'll wait until tomorrow, too.

I just got word from my accountant about my taxes :Puke Stupid self-employment taxes. Stupid clients who wanted to hire me and pay me money making my income go up. Wonderful accountant who will make sure I'm on track from now on.
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I'm really itching to do something... it's good we are going out tonight, will keep me busy till tomorrow.

Can't wait...
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Today didn't go quite to plan, no time for last minute decluttering or cleaning but we did have a lovely day with my sister and nephew. I'm planning to get up and do some Yoga and meditation in the morning take a leisurely breakfast and then head out to the shops for some mags. Hopefully DH will keep the kids occupied while I so my yoga and then he is taking them out after lunch do I can spend a good few hours on my treasure map :
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I'm feeling very successful on the decluttering. Since we are showing our house to sell, it's mostly cleared out and staged! We did put most of our stuff in storage, but I made sure to thin it out drastically and keep only what we truly loved or needed, and everything is clean and organized in storage. I feel really lucky that this process coincided with this time of year and today is my birthday too.

We do have some stuff to clear out in the garage...how much time do I have?

We are going to go out for magazines tonight IF my son gets a good nap this afternoon. Then we can work on maps tomorrow.

I need to get some supplies together and then we're ready!!!!

Happy New Moon, mamas!!!
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Yeah! I finished up my decluttering today and I cleaned the house! My house looks and smells so great. I've got a truck load of stuff going to goodwill. Really makes me want to watch even more so what I buy and bring in to the house. I feel so much lighter and ready for a new beginning. This has been a great experience for me and I'm looking forward to it every year. And we haven't even started on the TMing yet! I'm on the East coast so I'm going to get my supplies and start working on my TM tomorrow. I'm so excited. I've got so many things going through my head right now. I few things I know but I'm hoping most of it will come to me tomorrow. Planning to smudge the house tomorrow, sit down with some wine and candles and meditation music and map away.
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OMG I kept telling myself it was Sunday night at almost midnight (East coaster here) and I am SOOOO glad I came back on here! Whew. BUUUUT, that means all that decluttering I was going to do tomorrow, BEFORE new starts, is off track.
Tracy, can I still declutter during the start of new or should I just bag it and be glad for the decluttering I have done during the year?
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my energy is SO LOW today. i have a headache that started yesterday evening, and i never get headaches...ow. i don't want to do much of anything except lay around, and my TM energy is like....non-existant. i was really excited but i feel so awful and low energy that it's feeling like it's going to be a chore!
i hope i wake up renewed tomorrow.

i didn't get much of a chance to declutter because of my class (i can barely eat or sleep or take care of ds ) but i did manage to get rid of some stuff. my house still looks like a sty. i've got "hot spots" (flylady's term) everywhere. but i've taken care of some stuff that has been laying around-- i got a new printer/scanner/fax thingy and i actually did set it up today, all but the fax part. i tend to way procrastinate about stuff like that until i can get someone else to do it for me : but i actually *did it myself* for a change.

i did megatons of laundry today cause ds wet my bed last night, including the super heavy quilt that my mom made, and it's king sized, so we had to get up and go to a laundromat for the heavy-duty washer and dryer so i've been doing laundry *all. day. long*. argh.

i am watching a friend's kid also, cause she has this moving fiasco going on-- she just showed up to pick her up. it's going to be way past ds's bedtime by the time i actually get to put him to bed. i so want to clean more, but i need to sleep early or i'll die

wish me energy tomorrow morning!

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Very excited here, too. East coaster, as wel and waiting until tomorrow to get mags and supplies.

I'm curious about the de-cluttering after the new, too. We got a lot done this week, but still a bit to go.

Even that has made a difference, though. My DH (who is also mapping this year) has been out of work for almost 6 months. He has applied for tons of jobs and to 4 different law schools and hadn't heard anything back, on either front until this week. Now there are several job possibilities and he got an acceptance letter from a school today!

Can't wait until tomorrow!!!!
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West coaster but I'm waiting until tomorrow as well since all of the stores here close at 9. I don't really feel like shopping during the last few minutes before closing. I'm feeling the crunch and am trying to get the last of the decluttering done. My goal is to get the upstairs half of my house done as they are the most neglected but places where I spend them most time. I just have the master bedroom left to do so it's going not too bad.

I've also started decluttering my body. It's not an issue with extra weight, but too much yeast. DS and I are on a yeast cleanse. I'm a sugar junkie so this is a huge change and a great challenge for me.
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