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Yay! Subbing! This last year was amazing! I wasn't able to purge much, and I think that's because of where I was in my life. Now so much has come to fruition - I'm ready! I have been purging my house quite a bit lately. It's such a great feeling to be free of all that stuff.
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Tracy~ could you kindly post the details from the process, or even a link to last years thread? I'm trying to recall to share with a friend and am having a hard time remembering the complete grid layout. Certain spots, though (home and love!) I can't forget! I am looking so forward to this, and am busily preparing for it... thank you!!
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I made a TM last year. The 2 big stuff that I want has not occurred yet BUT there is movement.......Any ideas how to keep it in high gear? It was amazing how much of my TM last DID occur!
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I have a couple deadlines I'm dealing with... when I get a chance I'll come back and give you some more details.
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I think some of you know that I write a monthly astrology column for my friend's website. I just generated the Aquarius New Moon article. Aquarius New Moon starts tomorrow evening.

I think many of you will appreciate the information and it might support your own thoughts as you ponder the aries new moon in spring.

here you go:

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I haven't even read the whole thread yet but I am jumping on board. I missed the boat last year and am sooo ready for this round. My birthday is April 7th so it feels very personal to me. I have already started decluttering without even knowing this was part of the process.

I am so ready to dump what isn't working in my life and get on with what is going to bring me forward. I am going to go back and read the whole thread and keep up with it. I AM CREATING my Treasure Map this year!

Thanks for starting this thread.
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I missed last years treasure map. I am really excited about this years since it starts on a brand new year of life for me, April 5th is my birthday.
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I'm excited to do this again this year - it will be my third year!!!
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I have some decluttering/purging questions but I think we aren't supposed to talk too much about our map prior to the day, right?
Some stuff that is causing some clutter in my house is stuff that will be needed if something I am asking for in the new year comes to fruition. How do I deal with that clutter? I can't toss it because I am hoping to need it, perhaps organize it and move it to a new space in the house where it will be needed?
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i am having a hard time avoiding the magazine racks but i am doing my best. it will be awesome when the time comes to buy though b/c i am such a magzine junky yet i haven't actually bought one in ages....
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I haven't even mentioned this to Dh yet, but he must know on some level, he has been going crazy clearing out the garage and getting rid of stuff, he wanted to start on the house next
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: Subbing.

I never posted last year, but I did make my map, and I saw major results by the cancer new moon (see sig!). Now my 'result' is arriving just before the Aries new moon. I definitely have a lot of decluttering to do before then!
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Subbing. I did it last year, and almost everything came to fruition (granted, some of it was already ini the works or would have happened anyway). Even things that haven't happened in full are starting to happen in small amounts.
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subbing - this will be my third year- woohoo!
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Subbing - I've missed this the last couple years and am determined not to let it pass by this time!
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I missed the boat last year, and am excited to create a TM this year! I'm decluttering - I had a yard sale last week and netted over $100 ! Then I took about 5 boxes of stuff to Goodwill. I've also let go of some sentimental things my ex gave me over the years. Sooo good to let that stuff go away !
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I did my very first map last year and I just read over this thread all the while thinking how disappointed I am in my map. Then I pulled it off the wall and focused on everything and realized that actually I have accomplished/attained a lot of what I put on there!

So anyways, I would LOVE it if any of you could take a quick picture of your map and post it here so I could just see what other peoples look like. I think I want to go about making mine a little bit differently (fine tune it if you will). Thanks!
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Here's mine from last year: http://twentyfivebythirtyfive.blogsp...asure-map.html

And one other section:

Click on the photos to make them bigger.

Most of the things came to pass, or continue to come to pass- more money, love, openness, yoga, friends. The fitness part not so much, but I'm going to make that less of a focus this time and have more about flexibility and strength rather than size.
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I am very excited to do the map this year. I did one last year and not much came to fruition. I brought that on myself because I kept thinking how things from the map weren't happening...so I was letting that negative energy stick around. My other misake was keeping it hidden. I made it and was proud, then I put it in a drawer. I took it out everyday for the first few days and then stopped. All that energy was just left to stagnate in a drawer with my panties. I have a much better attitude about it this year. I have a ton of decluttering to do, which I have slowly started in this past month. I've given away 6 bags of stuff so far. We're moving in March so a lot more decluttering will happen during that process. I want our new apartment to be full of happiness and good energy.

GamineNoir - I don't have pics of mine at the moment. I didn't do one single posterboard. I got colored construction paper and pasted pics and sayings on each page. Each color represented something different; Orange was for all of the affirmations, blue was for health, green for money and job matters, red for romance/relationships, brown for home, family and pet matters...etc.
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