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Tribe for Hairy Mamas in 2008

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This is the tribe for all women who embrace their natural hairiness, or are thinking about doing so, and the men who love them.
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Oo, me, me!! Well sort of. : I did shave my legs last week after all. I find I like my hair a lot better in the summer when everyone can see it anyways.
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hi all. I'm pretty hairy right now....
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Hey mommajb...fancy seeing you here!!
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I wondered if you would notice me here.
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Originally Posted by mommajb View Post
I wondered if you would notice me here.
Nope. I can't see you at all.
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sign me up!
hairy n lovin it!
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Hairy and loving it!

Hi y'all hairy and loving it here! Don't see so many hairy legs and pits anymore.. Nice to know your out there!
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Originally Posted by Ruthla View Post
Nope. I can't see you at all.
So I am still flying under the radar?

What would a hairy smiley look like?

This one just doesn't describe me.
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Here and hairy.
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: *(.)(.)* :
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Hey everyone! Haven't touched a razor or gotten close to any wax in years! Yay!
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Hi! I shaved for my gyno appointment last week but I'm hoping to go au naturel from waist down for a bit now. I've done it before a couple times and I love it.
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My hair's "thick as hell" as my DH so kindly puts it! Ha......

DS is now using my pit hair to hold himself close to me....yeowch! (but I sectretly love it)
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i am here and VERY fluffy.

don't think we have a sig, but the clever typing cfiddlinmama (xox) did is meant to represent hairy armpits on either side of a bosom:


get it??

seriously, this place is one of the reasons i fell in love with mdc and why i keep coming around. stay furry, folks!!
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No hair removal here since mid June 2005 *(.)(.)*
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furry pits and legs here i get more grief from my friends than dh. i originally told him if it bothered him i would shave again but he doesnt seem to care
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My friends are finally starting to accept my fluff. I got TONS of cr@p for being hairy. DH got used to it really fast and now loves it. My "friends" really thought it was necessary to let me know they thought I was a freak for a long time. My true friends had no problem with it though.

I can't take credit for *(.)(.)* I don't know who came up with it. Just passing the love along!

Have a happy day awesome womyn! :

(xox to you too Kelly )
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Haven't shaved my legs since my beach vacation the first week of Oct. I really only shave if I'm going to be in a swimsuit. I haven't fully embraced my hairiness. I just live in jeans. I don't shave to see an ob though. Hopefully I'll eventually learn to show of my hairy legs DH doesn't seem to care one way of the other. He certainly doesn't complain. DH has recently gone hairy too. He quit shaving and cutting his hair. Once he got past the prickly phase I'm loving it.

However, I do shave under my arms every day.
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Every day? Wow! When I shaved my pits, I didn't shave more than 2-3X a week! I actually stopped shaving my pits before I stopped shaving my legs, as I don't wear sleeveless tops for modesty reasons but my calves are always visible under dresses.
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