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Originally Posted by jackson's mama View Post
I wish you gentle-spirited babies too .
Thank you! My third child was seriously a dream. He was so laid back and "easy" once we figured out that I couldn't eat dairy and nurse him. I need two just like that and I'll be wondering what all this 'hard' is you are all talking about!
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So far my babies have been so easy... super laid back... knock on wood
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My favorite part of having twins...

Now that my boys' are almost 4, my favorite part is watching them play together and really enjoy each others' company. They are best friends and the bond between them is amazing to watch. They are so lucky to have each other.

Good luck!
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My husband and I still haven't gotten over the thrill of having twins (frankly, I don't think we ever will). We talk every day about what a fantastic experience it is - so much so that I think observers would start to wonder if we had even liked our singletons!

Here are a few of our heart-melters and fun moments:
  • seeing them snuggled together as newborns in the bassinet
  • nursing them together, and loving that they caress each other
  • nursing them together and laughing that one is trying to kick the other one in the head
  • noticing how often they mirror each other's positions in sleep (which hand is up beside the head, which way the head is tilted, etc)
  • realizing that when they are sleeping (relaxed facial expressions) with hats on, we actually can't tell them apart (OMG!)
  • driving in the van with the family and realizing we can identify which babe is awake, b/c the vocalizations are slightly different (discovering those little shades of individuality is a lot of fun)
  • seeing two little nakey-bums standing beside the tub, getting all excited by the filling water
  • sticking them back-to-back in one of those rubber baby swings at the playground
  • watching them outwit each other when competing for table food or a toy
  • co-sleeping with a baby squashed up against EACH side of you. It's more than 200% the amount of snuggly you get co-sleeping with one infant.

Say, "Yay!" I'm having a fantastic life! (Repeat as necessary )
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Watching them interract. (B/G twins 4yo)

They play "mom and dad" and it is so cute I could die each time I see or hear it going on. They absolutely adore each other. We recently had to have a very difficult conversation of why they couldn't get married to each other.

The first two years was difficult (our oldest was 22 months when they were born), but I wouldn't trade it for the world. We're even expecting again and excited about it!
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Originally Posted by Novella View Post

Say, "Yay!" I'm having a fantastic life! (Repeat as necessary )
AMEN! This thread just melts my heart. Is so wonderful to hear all the stories and advice. As the time goes on, I am allowing myself to be convinced that I am probably not going to die. As long as I don't think on it too hard.
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I just love having twins! It's hard to think of a favorite part, but here's what I'm going to say:

You always love each child you have in this way that they just are awe-inspiring to you each and every time they do something that is so "them". But when you have twins, that feeling is SO exaggerated b/c with two of them at the exact same age by the exact same parents you really get to see how unique they truly are! I feel like I just appreciate each of my twins differences SO much in a way that I don't with my older singletons. I see their differences too but it's always easy to chalk it up to the age difference. With the twins it's just so special. Their personalities just really shine. I *know* I'm not explaining this right - I wish I could! - but having twins has been just the most amazing experience of my life and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I've also made some amazing online friends that I never would have met if it weren't for my boys!
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the boys are our only kids so far 3yrs but the first time I saw them I cried so did dp it was the most amazing feeling of love I could never put into words how overwelmed I was with love for them.
Now watching them play with each other

In the car when we drive them will reach across the car seats to hold hands all the time (this just started about 2 weeks ago)

They fight and say I love you then the other one goes NO I love you and they will do this for about 5 min till tell them it's OK they love each other they both go ohh yeah and hug each other

You get double the hugs and kisses every night and morning

when you nurse them together for the first time it is amazing

Then each time you nuse them after that it gets better and better

The first time you nurse them together without help
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Right now they're learning how to crawl and keep crawling on top of each other. I hear crying, and it's the one on the bottom being squashed.

Or one pulls up on the sofa, the other pulls up on her sister and they both topple over. Sooo funny!
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