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It's A BOY!!!

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It's a boy!

After a very intense 39 1/2 hours…we have a baby!

Yes folks, on January 12th, at 5:57pm I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy:

Gabriel Edward

8lbs 2oz

21 inches long

There is a long and detailed version of the story that you'll get to hear in due time but to sum up:

Our son was born, at home with the assistance of a professional midwife, a doula, an honorary doula/best friend, husband/coach and my mother. Somehow, by the grace of the universe, we managed a natural child-birth in the most comfortable setting imaginable. Within minutes of his birth, I was sitting in my own bed holding him and surrounded by love. I am still on a cloud and I have no concept of time, so forgive the delay…I have been a little sore and resting whenever possible.
He is amazing and we are amazed.

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"a very intense 39 and 1/2 hours"?!? yowsa. you deserve a rest! congrats and enjoy your babymoon!

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Originally Posted by HardCoreMom View Post
"a very intense 39 and 1/2 hours"?!? yowsa. you deserve a rest! congrats and enjoy your babymoon!

yes...start to finish. I woke up at 2:50am on Friday morning with early contractions...and gave birth Saturday night.

People have been calling me a rockstar. It's validating.
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Congratulations!!! You are awesome and I cant wait to read the story and see some pictures! Happy Babymoon!
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Wow!!! Intense mama. I hope you are getting some good rest (as much as possible) and recouperating. Take care of yourself.
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way to go mama! congratulations and welcome to your son!!
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Eat, sleep and shower. Those are the three best things after labor -- those and your precious babe of course! Enjoy.
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Yay, welcome to the world Gabriel Edward.
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Yikes, you are a rock star! Congratulations, and happy birthday to little Gabriel!

Enjoy that babymoon--you've certainly earned it.
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Wow! You are one tough Mama!!! Congratulations!!! Enjoy that baby...you earned it!!!
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Congratulations! Sounds like you had a wonderful birth experience. Enjoy your babymoon!
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Wow! Respect to you Mama!
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welcome earthside little one. congrats mama!
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You are a rockstar! Congratulations!!!
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Congratulations! His birth sounds so peaceful and wonderful. Have a great babymoon
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Congrats! What a birth marathon!
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