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spinoff: WHAT do you need to be ready for your twins???

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I'm at 36 wks today, ugh. I'm looking for BTDT advice on WHAT do you really need for twins?

what is indispensable (aside from my boobies)?

what do people tell me is indispensable that will collect dust?

what do i really need two of (aside from my boobies and car seats)?

i hate to accumulate too much, but i just want to truly be prepared.

thanks in advance.
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Hmmm...well early on food would have helped. As in lots of frozen meals for dinner that whomever is helping could just heat up (even if whomever is a good cook his or her services might be better in comforting a baby or getting rest for the night ahead than making food) and easy snacks/lunches for nursing mom to just eat without fixing at all. I was so hungry but it was impossible to make stuff to eat. I wasn't prepared for that so for a long time I drank a lot of boost shakes; ideally I would have had something more nutritious set up ahead of time.

And someone to help for a while while you settle in would be nice if it is possible. It would have been nice to have someone there to hold and burp a baby for example or during evening fussy times when neither could be comforted together. I was so tired and having a baby cry while I took care of his brother was so awful.

Other than that I think it depends on the babies on what is essential and what collects dust. Bouncy seats were actually really helpful here/my boys liked them best as far as slings/swings/and such went. Similarly, if babies liked slings being able to sling both would be fantastic. Or if a baby liked a swing that would be helpful. I've heard moms who loved their slings or swings as much as we loved our bouncies. (Here those other two were useless or just took up space and we moved to the garage). So a lot depends on the babies. But I do know of plenty of bouncy baby multiples. Not crunchy but in my book if a baby is happy while you take care of his twin instead of screaming it's very AP.

Baby proofing ahead of time was a great thing we did. When the boys began to roll and then crawl we wouldn't have had time to do it well.

I really loved this bathtub http://www.amazon.com/Primo-340W-PRI...0624560&sr=8-2 It's so secure and stable which makes bathing a baby while you have another waiting patiently or not so much easier. And then as they begin to sit up you can use it for both at the same time. My boys used this tub for a long, long time.

I liked onsies for warmer weather or sleepers that zipped for cold so I could change diapers easily and quickly. You don't need fancy clothes. And babies waiting while sibling gets a diaper change often weren't happy around here so doing it as fast as possible was important. And have a good diapering station or two set up and ready to go.

Oh! I almost forgot. My number one best item were miracle blankets for swaddling. Must have here; definitely helped in so many ways sleep and comfort wise for my boys. White noise was nice too.
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This has been tumbling around in my head as well. We have n-o-t-h-i-n-g (gave it all away....we were done, doncha know! )

I've got to have cloth diapers by the dozens, two car seats, a new double (ACK!) stroller, like 5 slings (kind of an addict), and one of those fabulous nursing pillows. I've already started making and freezing food. Another bouncer.

What about swings? Anyone find those to be helpful? I need the max amount of "baby holders" possible as the babies are going to need to be in TODDLER SAFE areas when I need to pee!
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My girls are barely 3 months, but in these few months i've found my swings and binkies indispensible! I have a large swing (vibrates, music and swings back and forth with a mobile), and small swing, and a vibrating chair. It was all I really needed other than a sling. I haven't perfected carrying them both at once, but soon they won't even need it.

Oh, and my EZ-2-Nurse pillow. definitely get one!

I only have one crib and they both sleep in there, but soon i'll separate them. I can't think of anything else that you will need 2 of, but hopefully that helped at least a little!

And you don't need a double stroller. If you find they are too bulky you could use a single stroller and carry the other in a sling or Bjorn. I have a double stroller and I don't really like using it when I am alone because it's really heavy. Cost... there isn't much of a price different between double and single strollers (at least I didn't find much of a price difference).

Oh, and I forgot this too... I have this pack n playhttp://www.toysrus.com/product/index...ductId=2861776

It does wonders. MY girls will be fine until they can't see me. then they go balistic! So I keep one on the table while the other is laying in the pack in play and that helps me also keep both in my sight.
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2 swings for sure (I have one in the swing waiting her turn to nak!)
EZ2nurse pillow
double umbrella stroller (I have a Jeep one... cheap & sturdy)
diapers - started out w/2 dozen preemie which lasted a month, and 4 dozen infant size, & we wash every 2 days
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You're going to need plenty of sleep to prepare for them.

Any help with housework and meals is going to be a lifesaver!

As far as baby contraptions, though, my mom got me two of those little portable baby swings (not the big, full-size contraptions). They were life savers in the first few months. It was the only way I could get a break to play with dd1 sometimes. I loved that I could carry them easily from room to room. They only were helpful for a couple of months, though, but still worth it. I didn't have anything else, really.

You definitely need a sling or two.

You definitely need a bed big enough to fit you and the twins in safely for sleeping and nursing at night.

Set up a nursing area in your main living area now. Set it up so you have a secure place to put a big bottle of water; some magazines/books to read so when they fall asleep on you and you're too paranoid to move and wake them up, you have something to do; if you have other kiddos, have quiet activities there for them so when you sit to nurse, you don't have them calling for you to get crayons, magna doodle, board books, etc.

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Avalon double stroller is nice and inexpensive. Ours held up to multiple plane trips and countless walks. Burlington coat factory online had them.

Walks. We went on lots and lots of walks in the afternoons and evenings in that stroller. Long walks until my boys were quite old. So I think a double stroller was a must have here. I forgot that too.

I had an EZ2Nurse pillow too. I forgot about that. I've still got it in fact in my boys closet. It's in great condition. One kiddo got very sick so I ended up nursing one and pumping for the sick one and then just pumping. Maybe I'll put it on the trading post.

And I do think that rest for you at this point is more important than anything else. I was so not prepared for the exhaustion that two newborns brought here.

Chantel, I know some babies love swings. Mine didn't but many do. Given all your other kiddos definitely worth having one I think. A pack in play might be nice too actually in your circumstance. Babies don't much care where they are and that would be a safe from your very young toddler spot while you go to the bathroom or care for one twin or whatever.
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Yes to pack and play... right now it's the only safe spot in the house for them!

And start lining up help now. We had 4 meals a week provided by friends for the first 2 months and it was a lifesaver! Freeze meals when you can... if I had the space, I'd have bought a nice deep freeze for a garage!
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An idea: we had arranged for multiple options for sleeping, so that we could do whatever seemed to work with each baby, without much fuss. So I had a crib sidecarred, and a couple moses baskets, and a bouncer, and a pack and play in another room, plus our big bed set up for cosleeping, and a swing. It's a lot of gear, but what it meant was that there were places all over the house where a baby could be put down to sleep or chill, and that if it turned out one or both babies slept best in a particular way, we would have options.

Help. That's the biggest thing you need. The kind of help that's really help, not just another person you need to deal with. Someone who will do the housework and meals while you're nursing, or take you to an appointment, or hold a baby while you work on nursing the other. What I really wanted most in those early days was someone to play with my toddler, and another pair of arms to hold one twin.

Lots of food in the house.

Clothes enough for them that you don't have to do laundry for awhile. That was a blessing to us, that people gave us so much that we could just let it pile up while we were adjusting to our new lives.

Getting somebody to do a thorough housecleaning now would be great, too. That way if you have to let it go for a time (you will!) it will at least start out clean.
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The double is a must for us as my youngest will be 16-17 months when the twins come (or come home, if they are early). So I'll probably sling one twin and put Izzy and the other twin in the stroller. My son will be 3 by then and he's pretty much out of the wanting to ride stage so I think that will be enough seats. I have a feeling walks are going to save my sanity!

ETA: Didn't even think of the pack in play! Thanks!
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Originally Posted by theyOWNme View Post
Oh, and my EZ-2-Nurse pillow. definitely get one!
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double infant car seat stroller because you have to get out of the house! i had slings and used them whenever possible, but when i wanted to walk to the park or appointments, this was super great with little tiny babies. you snap in your car seat (if you have the bucket type) and off you go!
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2 swings and a double stroller, life savers! Lots of easy to prepare meals, and bribing family and friends for help LOL!
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thank you so much!!! this has really helped put my mind at ease as I definitely have almost everything mentioned here (am bidding on double bf pillow on ebay as i type this).

okay, for CD mamas, what is the minimum amt. of dipes you would recommend starting out with?

i have 36 fuzzi bunz and about 20 other various dipe configurations. although we aren't really planning to cd for at least a month.
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You know, one thing I think you should look towards is longevity of gear since buying two of things is expensive and a lot of twin gear (namely strollers) can also be very expensive. I planned to get away with a single stroller and a sling but by four months, that became impractical for me and I bought a Mountain Buggy. Best money we spent. We stopped using it daily around the time they turned three but still pull it out periodically. I don't think we'll get rid of it until they grow out of it. Something like a snap and go will be handy right away but if your babes grow out of their buckets early, then you've got the snap and go and need a new arrangement. Some people certainly have done otherwise, but my patience depended on a lot of stroller use, much more than any of my friends have done with their singletons. I was just not willing to let them walk (run!) through stores so a good stroller was crucial to my sanity. I'm a big fan of doing the research and spending the money once, even if it's more for something that will last.

I think we had one bouncy seat when my two came home and one child liked it. We eventually acquired a swing and one child liked that. I think a pack and play is an excellent idea for keeping young toddler fingers out of baby eyes when mom needs to pee...

I ended up not liking the double nursing pillow I had and used four stiff bed pillows in various configurations. I also had a pump and our hospital (it was my first birth) was willing to help show you how to use whatever you had so it was worth bringing it.

We used Chinese prefolds throughout our diapering days. We started with 48 infant prefolds and at around four months we moved to two dozen premium prefolds. We washed daily at first and then once the crazy pooping subsided, every other day.

I set up a sofa basket that had my water bottle, some easy snacks, the remote, my phone, lanolin, and chapstick. My two would fall asleep nursing and I wasn't able to move them to other sleeping positions easily so I sat. Obviously not possible with other children in the house.

If you have a good friend who would be in charge of this and you were having a shower/welcome to the world party/whatever, you could have a calendar created that had slots for people to sign up in - Monday, laundry: , dinner: ; Tuesday, vacuum: , dinner: ; etc., etc. I've seen it done with just dinners but you could probably solicit some real help that way, especially if it was very specific and people knew exactly what they were signing up for.

Good luck!
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i do have a snap 'n go arriving any day now, because although i know it will have a limited life span, i've been watching them on ebay and their have a very nice resale scale, it seems.

i am concerned about strollers in general. because i hate them. both as a user and a general citizen. especially the double wide ones. i wish there was a stadium seating style tandem one, so there wouldn't be double the length, but the only one i find is the 'double decker stroller' which has a ridiculous price tag for only working w/ car seats.

sigh...........i guess i'll have to figure a way to get over my stroller issues.
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Having "done" the double before (my second was born when my first was 18 months) I found it well worth the money. Hannah was 10 weeks old when we bought it and my life got SO much easier. Best 250 bucks I ever spent (besides my camera! ) on them. I had an eddie bower, which I just got rid of about 6 months ago, and they've made them SO much lighter now than 4 years ago. It lasted through 2 more children and they often rode triple on it (with Gabe sitting the middle). I think I'll probably go with another one of those, as I was able to snap in car seats or not.
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thanks so much for the cd links!!! very helpful.

we did get a bob duallie off craigslist for a total STEAL for our outdoor adventures. i love it so much already!! (have test driven w/ my 4 yr. old)
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EZ-2 Nurse
swings (they slept in there for quite a while)
two cribs (eventually)
two car seats
enough cloth diapers for two
two pouches (when they were little)
my wraps (now that they are bigger)

I have alot of gear and I used it much more then with my singleton.... I just don't have enough arms for all of them and I often need a place to put the twins while I'm tending to another child or to my needs.
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