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Dean buttons for email or whatever...

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Dean Buttons

I asked the site owner to make me one for a homeschooling family. It is pretty far down the page. Below is a copy of it.

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Well, crap...

I thought the image would show up. Guess I still don't know how to accomplish that on this forum...or maybe I am not supposed to...oh well. Click on the link if you care to see it.
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Cool! I finally contributed some money to his campaign just a few days ago, and would love to volunteer, as well, but presently have no time.

Re financial contributions, every dollar counts, folks. Note as well that everything that you contribute will likely be matched by the federal government in Dean's campaign, so your contribution will go much farther than it otherwise might. Even five bucks helps.

Edited to add: shortly after I wrote this, I saw an article saying that Dean may in fact forgo federal matching funds. Still, any contribution helps!
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Thanks for starting a thread about Dean. I love the button link! My favorite slogan is "I want my country back" Does anybody know what "another "security mom" means? it's one of the slogans~ I also like "Green for Dean" It does me no good to get one, tho, I hardly ever leave the house with the baby, maybe this fall when it gets cooler.

I just made a $10 monthly contribution to Dean~ I guess I decided to vote with my pocketbook, with the way elections go, maybe we should just say whoever earns the most $ wins, why bother to vote?

I was thinking about putting up a straw poll & see who got the most votes here @ MDC between the Dem candidates.

What do you all think of his campaign? Will he really be able to keep his plans if he gets elected? On CSpan I saw a great forum about healthcare & of all the candidates Dean really sounded good, but will he be able to do it?
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Am not sure how I feel about him yet or anyone else yet.

Am interested in discussion I heard on the radio today in NY about his campaign, though, and how all this adulation for Dean is coming solely from "the white upper middle class Birkenstock community." That his well-attended rallies are invariably almost exclusively white ...

Anybody here who's not white and doesn't wear Birks who likes Dean?

Just wondering. Really, I'm not being a wise-a**. Promise.
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Hey, I'm white but poor-that count?

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I don't wear Birks. I wear a pair of Mephistos.
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Mephistos? You're not poor, either. :LOL Oh, yeah, a lawyer, I forgot ...

But seriously, I do wonder.
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