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Unvaxed dd just had the flu, which she caught from me (don't know where I got it). Mine lasted 2.5 days, hers just 24 hours--I think because we didn't artificially lower her fever, but I did take Tylenol for mine (I had violent, shaking chills and couldn't take care of her without suppressing them).

She also has extensive food allergies.

I think it depends on many factors: the child, whether the child is bfing, overall nutrition, etc.
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My DD has rarely been sick. She's had colds...but the worst was an ear infection. She had the stomach flu...threw up once and then slept for 5 hours and woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed bounding around the house. It hit me like a ton of bricks and I was down for the count for 2 days.

I believe that it's not just not vaxing...it's nutrition and all that other stuff rolled up. I know some kids who are vaxed and rarely get sick...but they are fed very healthy foods, plenty of rest, etc. But, the VAST majority of people I know who vax their kids...also eat horrible foods...and so they are sick at least once a month.

Not vaxing is definitely not the end all to health issues...but it surely does give a good start.
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Thanks everyone for posting! It definitely makes me feel even better about not vaccinating. If kids happen to get chicken pox, I dont think its the end of the world! I remember having it as a kid.

I definitely agree that the immune system of non vaccinated kids can fight off viruses alot better than the vaccinated kids...
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I think dd had rubella but I didn't want to expose her to other people so I kept her home and I never got around to having her titers checked. She's otherwise only had stomach bugs and mild colds. She's 4.
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Only thing other than the common cold DD has picked up is Rotavirus, and that was pretty much impossible to avoid. My niece's son stayed the night at our house and apparently was carrying it, woke up in the morning on our couch and had...pretty much sprayed the couch with liquid poop. Tried our best to clean it and sanitize it, but with a mess like that, and my DD being 2, it was a no win, she was definitely going to come in contact with some of the germs left behind on the couch. It wasn't a bad case though, nothing like some of the horror stories I read, and certainly not as bad as my nephew had it. Just a week of runny, stinky poop, no vomiting at all even.

Even when she does get a cold, it doesn't seem to hamper her at all. She's sniffly and congested for a day or two, but still as energetic as ever. She's been getting sick less since I instituted a routine. If we go somewhere and any of us touch something that other germy people have probably touched (which is pretty much everywhere), we carry hand sanitizer with us, wash our hands as soon as we get home, take a dose of probiotic (we have strawberry probiotic chewables my DD loves), and Emergen-C for the adults, and airborne pixies (it's powdered airborne in a pixie-stick type package...only massive dose of C my DD will take willingly...we have her convinced it's candy, hah) for DD. So far, no full blown sickies. I might start feeling run down or get a sniffle, but I take some Emergen-C and I'm usually right as rain in the morning. My husband works with money in retail, and lordy...people just cough on their money, sneeze on him, cough right in his face sometimes! So before we started doing this he was bringing home every cough and cold known to man.
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My younger son just got over strep throat/scarlet fever. Prior to that roseola, colds and a few no-name 24-48 hour things. Older son had [probably] roseola as well, colds and sniffles, one serious stomach bug and one pneumonia (10 years old at the time). Was exposed to pertussis a few times but didn't get sick. Neither of them ever had an ear infection or used antibiotics or antipyretics.
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