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FOUND! Affordable, chemical-free mattress solution!

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(I just posted this response to someone's question about an affordable, chemical-free mattress, and figured I'd share it with the general group.)

My husband and I found the solution for us for the chemical-free, comfortable, inexpensive mattress with a 10 year warranty. To me, it is very exciting, and I'm happy to share the following information.

We needed a new mattress, so we didn't want one full of poisonous flame-retardant chemicals, but couldn't afford a latex mattress. We went to a mattress store to talk to someone about alternatives, and the salesman turned us on to Gold Bond (Connecticut company) futon mattresses. I said, "Yeah, right, futon mattresses are very uncomfortable." His response was that the uncomfortable futon is becoming a thing of the past--that this company really makes a good one, and that futon mattresses don't have to be treated with flame-retardants (not all true: read on!!) We tried some and agreed they were comfortable, and decided to do more research.

Calling the Gold Bond company didn't help me, because the woman I spoke with didn't seem to know about flame retardants (duh!) so I decided to just go to a store closer to me. The salesperson at the store called the company for me and got the full scoop. Yes, futon mattresses have to be treated with flame retardants IF they include synthetic fibers like foam, but their cotton and wool models don't because they are NATURALLY FLAME RETARDANT--they'll just char, and not go up in flames. They sell them in Twin through King, and the one we got was Cotton with Coil springs in a Queen--with a 10 year warranty from the company. YAY!! When we got it home, it had a warning in it that said it was not flame retardant (also a warning to in general never sleep with an infant in bed with you--ha.) The cost of the Queen mattress was $250. That's what I call affordable. Oh, and it's comfortable.
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Oh wow, I just looked that company up and I really want that wool futon. I wonder if that one has flame retardents in it since it has the foam in the middle?
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Yes, it probably does unfortunately, if it has foam. But call and ask them what their wool/cotton options are. Also, with a doctor's note (like if you have asthma or something) you can get one made for you without the chemicals I hear. I was told at the mattress store that they make them to order.
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they all have foam, don't they?? maybe it's too early and i'm missing something?
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No, they don't all have foam. The one I have is just cotton with coil springs. The foam is a synthetic fiber, which is flamable of itself, so that's why they flame proof it.
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That's awesome! THANK YOU FOR SHARING!!!
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Yes, thank you for sharing.

Can you link directly to the mattress you have?
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Which one doesn't have foam? We desperately need a new mattress!

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Argh, this came about 6 months late! We just bought a conventional mattress for like $700. :

It has bamboo in it, though, which made me feel a little better about the purchase.
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We did this when I was pg, but ended up getting a King sized mattress for co-sleeping. The one complaint I have with our futon (also foam-free innerspring) was that it was too soft for me to feel secure co-sleeping... I'm sure they have firm ones, but ours was really fluffy and soft.

Glad it's working for you!
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Can I tell you I love you!

We have been needing a mattress (my back is killing me, even more so with being 7mo pregnant), and I have been freaking out (part nesting) about chemicals. I found one that was just over 1,000 but this much much cheaper.

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Thank you! I've been searching for just this info.
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perfect timing. we need a new mattress for our guest bed, and this sounds awesome!!!
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Well I'm glad I came upon this post, because we're in the middle of a mattress search ourselves. Dh doesn't want to pay for the price of a full size organic mattress and the shipping on those would be around $200!! So I was looking at these: http://organicgrace.com/mattress_budget (full size)

The second one down is a futon size mattress it says. 100% latex with organic cotton and wool layering as well. It says it comes out to about 4 1/2 inches total. That just sounds so small to me. Our current mattress is about 7 inches. I'm afraid it will look weird, or be uncomfortable. It comes in firm, extra firm, or medium. Not sure what to do about that either? Is this similar to the one you bought?
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Would you please post a link to the futon you bought, or at least the name of the exact model? I haven't called the company, but all the futon mattresses featured on the website say they have foam in them.

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Unhappy with Gold Bond futon

Hey, sorry for barging in on this forum -- I'm not a mom (I'm a guy), and don't even have kids.

I came in here after googling Gold Bond mattress for the sole purpose of telling you that I bought the double-foam Gold Bond mattress recently, and I'm very unhappy with it. If anything, I found it less firm and supportive than cheaper futons I've had in the past. The advertising talks of the "box-like" construction of the futon with "side panels" and so-forth, but the actual futon seems like the normal construction of any futon I've ever seen.

After using it for a week with my wife, my back is killing me. I bought it because in the past I've found a new futon is nicer (for me, anyway) than a coil-spring mattress, and I didn't want to spend a fortune on a mattress (esp. since my last one only lasted a couple of years).

Neither my wife or I are heavy -- quite the opposite, in fact. But this mattress is already quite mushy and back-killing after only a week of use.

So I just wanted to say -- caveat emptor...

Good luck finding something to sleep on... I wish I could!
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I am excited to check this out! CT isn't far, so I may just go down and try it out!!

Thank you!!!
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I can't seem to find which one you're referring to (or it's not advertised on the website.) All of the spring futon mattresses with a 10 year warranty have foam in them.
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I found this one:


But you would need a dr.'s note to avoid the flame retardant sprayed on.
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