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BG red lines?

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our bumgenius small AIOs and one-size pockets (smallest setting) leave awful red marks on maya's thighs. i'd size up... but they've been like this since she started wearing them at like 8.5 lbs! she's almost 11 lbs now (holy crap, i just stopped writing this post to go weigh her - i thought she'd be between 9 and 10). the XS thirsties (they say 6-14 lbs) are doing that now too, but didn't used to, so we're sizing up into the S (12-20 lbs) and i think that should do it. but what do i do about the BG? do you think it's just the way the diaper is, or a fit issue? the happy heiny's pockets on the smallest settings leave no marks at all, but if she's in the BGs i feel like it must be so uncomfortable!

what would you do? should i ditch the small AIOs or accept that it just fits like that? do i try a new setting on the pockets? sell all the BG stuff i have and buy just HH? i really don't think she's big enough for MEDIUMS yet at not even 6 weeks old... she was 50th percentile for height and weight 2 weeks ago and while she's growing, i don't think she's suddenly gotten THAT big. i guess i might be fastening it too tight, but whenever i try to do it even a LITTLE looser, she still gets red marks AND then she leaks. rawr!!!!
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all the diapers we used did that to my DS. we couldn't use them at night because they literally burned his skin there, he had marks for months. we just had to change them very often and it helped (not sure why?) so night was out once he stopped waking up so much.
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man! i'm glad that the HHs don't do it, anyway. i can't imagine EVERY diaper doing it to her. too bad we only have 7 HHs. i might sell my BGs and make the HHs my whole stash... we're trying the AIO again right now, fastened a little looser, and i'll try to change it sooner to see if that helps.
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Every single diaper I've used (including sposies) leave red marks on dd skin. But then I've never worried about red marks. My jeans, underwear, bras, socks, leave red marks on me, and they don't feel too tight on me. I just figure I and my kids have fair skin that easily gets red. If the diapers are too tight to make dd uncomfortable then they would be fussy. They aren't fussy so I don't worry.
Sorry nak and I can't think well when nak.
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Ash gets red marks from everything except G-diaper covers and wool with a covered elastic. It doesn't seem to bother him, I think he just has really sensitive skin like I do. I get red marks from underwear, pants, tight shirts, you name it. I try to let him air out at least once a day which usually results in me getting peed on but the red marks fade.
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Originally Posted by Friday13th View Post
Ash gets red marks from everything except G-diaper covers and wool with a covered elastic.
are you using the g-diapers, or just using the covers? I can't help being very curious about them...we do a lot of weekend traveling, and a lot of times we stay with people we don't know real well (people who want to be hospitable to the visiting preacher and his family, but i definitely don't know them well enough to ask to use their washer, esp not for diapers, yk?

anyway, i keep wondering if gdiapers would be a reasonable alternative to plain old disp for those occasions...but i'd have to be confident that they would work well overnight and on the road, too! nothing makes travel less pleasant than blow-outs in the carseat or having to tell your host that the bedding is wet!
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I have heard bgs leave bad redmarks
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We're mostly just using the covers and I LOVE THEM, they fit so well and they're so soft. But when we're out and about we use the inserts and they work pretty well, they hold the poop and they're pretty easy to tear open and flush.

I don't trust our old plumbing and the landlord would be pissed if we messed up the pipes flushing stuff down them but I adore the covers with a prefold for at home and I think we'll use the inserts a lot more once we start taking him down to CT to visit family.

Oh and while I haven't used them overnight, they seem to hold the pee pretty well and this is a kid who pees through everything I put on him.
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the red marks, sadly, are not the kind you or i might get from just wearing normal pants or underwear... they're the kind of red marks i got when like 38 weeks pregnant and in dire need of doing laundry, when i'd wear my pre-pregnancy underwear all day and it would dig into my skin and leave a deeply embedded mark that was like a cattle-brand or something. oh well, i have people to sell 'em to (yay!) and i am actually gonna SAVE money because instead of just buying HHs instead, i am gonna keep to fitteds & PFs with my thirsties covers for the most part. the 7 pockets i do have can be for going out, time-saving, or overnight. YAY! i'm totally psyched.
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It may just be a diaper thing. I'm using sposies and have used a few different kinds and they all leave red marks on my ds. I don't remember that happening with my dd though.
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DD often gets red marks with her bg and I'll have to check if she gets them from FB. They don't seem to bother her though. And if I recall when we were using sposies the first few days they left marks too. If they don't bother the baby I wouldn't worry about it.
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