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Jack Alexander is here! Added birth story and picture link in post #1!

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My midwives decided to induce after Jack failed to respond in a way they found reactive to the NST I went in for on the 17th. They started pit at 2:30 and he was born at 7:16 with no other medications. He's 7lbs 11ozs and 18 inches, not at all the small bean they thought he would be and his face looks a bit like a Japanese rice ball because it's kind of a round triangle with no chin. He's adorable. We're having some breastfeeding issues because he doesn't want to get his tongue under there and suck the nipple in, just kind of suck at the tip a couple of times and then poke around it. I'm sure we'll get it figured out but everything seems dramatic when you haven't slept for two days.

I'll get a proper birth story typed out when I've had some sleep and I look forward to catching up with the board.


I'm just going to copy and paste my LJ account of the birth.

"Wed I was having contractions every 10 minutes or so while I was in bed which generally is how I start labor. It kept me awake all night and then Thursday morning we had an appointment for another BPP (an ultra-sound) and NST (a test where they measure the responsiveness of the baby's heartbeat to stimulation). The midwife I saw and the ob who examined my NST strip were not at all happy with my results and said he was pretty much not responsive. His heartbeat was good and strong he was just not reacting very strongly to contractions or my movement.

The ultrasound was great. Everything looked fine, the technician told me the baby WAS NOT small and was upset that the midwives were assuming that he was or that there was a problem because I was measuring small. Her estimation of 7.5-8lbs turned out to be right on.

Anyway, the midwife I saw ended up putting a lot of pressure on me to induce. The one I like was out of town and they were all up in a tizzy about my history of somewhat high blood pressure in combination with the NST results and the small measuring. I really felt like I had no place to turn for information I could really trust since my midwife was gone. The ob who was recommending I induce was the only one of the three ob's I really had any faith in. So we decided to go on over to the hospital and induce. It was incredibly hard for me because it meant no water birth, being strapped to a bed, having an iv, and dealing with pitocin strength contractions. I managed not to break down sobbing. It's hard to make those kind of choices when you are surrounded by people you don't really trust and lack the information to feel like you're really making a sound educated decision (I don't understand a lot about NSTs). And obviously my child's health was more important than my ideal natural birth (though I strongly feel the two are linked).

They started me on pitocin around 2:30 pm. I was already almost 3cm when we got there. By about 6:30 I was 5cm and managing the pain in my usual way, not noticing too much difference from my other labors except that I was forced to stay in a bed which made it a lot harder. Shortly after being checked while I was on a trip to the bathroom my water broke. The intensity level immediately skyrocketed. The pain was incredible and all that I could think was that she had just told me I was only 5cm. I probably had another 7 to 10 contractions and let's just say I did not handle them gracefully. It was the worst pain I'd ever had in my life. I started screaming/crying that I couldn't handle this and needed pain medication because I was sure this would be going on for hours. Luckily the midwife who was attending me (not the same one who pressured me into the induction) could tell what was happening and helped me work through every contraction and before I knew it I was wanting to push (god I love the pushing phase). My mood completely changed from one of panic and pain and from being totally out of control to being fully in charge. I was able to feel his head as it came out. It only took maybe 5 pushes and I delivered him at 7:16.

Neither of my other labors progressed anywhere close to that quickly from 5cms and I've never been anywhere close to that out of control or in that much pain at the end. Fucking pit is EVIL. And I was on a fairly low dose too.

Anyway, he's beautiful and the most peaceful child I've had so far. He's barely cried at all and when he's awake he gazes around looking utterly inquisitive. I think the reason he failed his NST was because he's just a completely chill soul. Seriously, I think it's just the child's personality."

And there's a picture of him here http://www.flickr.com/photos/danuv/2204568080/ as well as more at that site.
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congrats mama!
enjoy your babymoon

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congratulations! he'll get catch on to the whole eating thing, just hang in there!!!
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Congrats! I understand firsthand how frustrating those early nursing issues can be. Each of my first three kids had unique BFing issues to overcome. Hang in there, mama! He'll get it in time. (((hugs)))
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Congratulations!!! I love your description of his cute little face.

Hang in there with the BFing... I'm sure he'll catch on.

Happy babymooning!
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Congratulations!!! Facing an induction myself its nice to hear a positive induction story....especially with pit.

Enjoy your babe!
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congrats mama!!!! happy babymoon
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Congratulations, Im so happy for you!! Take good care and get that needed rest. Happy babymoon!
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Congratulations!! Have a wonderful babymoon!
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I can't wait to see a picture of his cute little face! Congratulations!
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Congratulations!!! Welcome baby Jack!!!!
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Originally Posted by happymomma View Post
Congratulations!!! Facing an induction myself its nice to hear a positive induction story....especially with pit.

Enjoy your babe!
I'm not sure I'd call it 'positive' because I feel like I really lost control for about an hour but I did make it through with no pain meds and it was successful. It's also hard to be objective right now because I'm not convinced it was necessary for me. Best of luck with yours. You can get through it.

Thanks for the well wishes mamas! We're working on the breastfeeding still. My milk came in today and we're still having latching issues. My mother brought a breast shield by to try and help with things because he hadn't latched on to the left breast AT ALL and it did get him on that breast but seems to be confusing him about how to eat from the right now too. *sigh*
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I hear you on the bfing struggles. Hang in there. Do you have some lactation help?
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