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Any news??
Hoping for some good news soon, mama.
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Nothing yet. I am so sad. I'm trying to be positive and let those vibes work, but at night especially I just keep picturing the worst possible things. I keep thinking she hasn't eaten anything since I fet her Friday morning, and what if she got into a fight with another dog or... awful scenarios. Tonight is some of the coldest weather of our winter so far. I'm trying to be strong for Dd too.

Please help me in imagining she's in some nice person's house sleeping near a cozy fire and that they'll see our flyer and call us. I need a miracle. I can't thank you all enough for not only your support, but for letting me talk about this here. I appreciate it so much.
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UnschoolnMa sometimes thos cyber hugs jsut don't get through enough. I really am praying for your dog...
Also remember that even though you think she hasn't eaten she is a dog so she will eat anything...some garbage or an animal if she needs, too.
I don't know anyone who would ignore a lost dog even if they don't like dogs they would still call the police so I am sure your dog must be somewhere.
also if she were hurt somoene would call the police and you would know,...she's just got to be somewhere.
LEXYYYY...come home right now!!!!
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I'm sure she's safe. Many people will pick up a dog if they see them roaming around alone, especially in the winter. Just call around to all of the animal shelters and to the humane society tomorrow, hopefully one of them has her! : that your doggy comes home safely.

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Come home Lexy!!

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Once someone left the gate open after I'd given my dogs baths, so no tags. My heart stopped. We drove everywhere calling them, we called vets, shelters, even the highway department (they are in charge of picking up... yeah). No luck. I printed up a million neon pink posters with their descriptions and the reward and plastered a five mile radius.

And I got so lucky, because a jogger ran past my most distant sign, and TWO BLOCKS away she came across another poster that said "found, two dogs" with the same descriptions. She backtracked and got my poster, and then called both of us.

My little runaways had crossed a six lane highway in rush hour, and been taken in and fed and played with and given big fat pillows to snooze on. I bet Lexy is somewhere getting the same right now.
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I hope she is warm and safe and comes home soon.
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I hope she comes home soon.
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ive been keeping my fingers crossed.
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Thanks everyone!
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No Lexy dog yet.

We gave her picture and info to the Animal control and Humane Society and all the vets in town.

I hope she finds a warm place tonight. Thanks everyone for continued good wishes.
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I'm so sorry. It is so hard when a pet just disappears like this.

My fingers are crossed that someone picked her up and has her wrapped up warmly. Prayers go out that she be returned to her family soon.
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I've been hoping for a joyous "she came Home!" post. I'm sorry you haven't been able to write that yet. Any news?

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I understand how you feel. My cat, who never goes outside, darted out of an open door and was missing for several days. She came home on Christmas night. Praying for your dog to come home soon.
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Still thinking of you and Lexy and hoping she finds her way home today. :
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I think she IS with a family, somewhere warm. If she got out and was cold, she would have come back. Dog's instinct to survive is absolutely amazing.

If I were near you I would totally get bundled up and walk around the town calling for her.

many, many prayers.

My shih-tzu was missing for over a week once. I was beyond devastated. But I was driving down a main road and saw him in someone's yard! He had been given a haircut and a new collar. I put him in the car, took him home and held him tight.

Then the people who snatched him put up MISSING FLIERS! Jerks.
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OMG, you put Lexy in your signature! : That is the sweetest thing.

No news yet. Talking to more vets though, and we've got her flyer up in the city cabs. (We know the people who run it.)

Thank you so much everyone!
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I hope you find her safe and sound. It's so scary when they run away.

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maybe check your paper too? I found a neighbors cat that way, happen to look in the lost and found pets and saw an ad about a cat found. I know a long shot, hoping you find your Lexy
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