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In another mdc thread, another mother and I got to talking about how horrible our experiences were with the maternity ward Triage. It turns out she and I were in transition (me feeling pushy) while being processed.

I was seeing red as the nurse slowly, slowly readied papers for me to sign, insisted that I lay down for monitoring when I was YELLING that the baby was coming. It took yelling at her to believe labor was at critical mass which prompted a VE. She then couldn't get me out of triage fast enough with a "I'm not delivering this baby". Not to mention she threw out a few more snarky comments and had a general sense of apathy toward me/us.

My mellow home labor was ruined and it was *very* hard to get back into the swing of things.... This is one of the many reasons a hb is attractive for the next one.

Did anyone else experience something like this? How'd you deal with it?

As I will be supporting women who may choose to birth in the hospital what is the best way for women to manage triage or at least prepare for triage?