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Well I am joining this thread...40 weeks today. I am now a slow cooker after two early babies (35 and 38 weeks) who would have thought. Come on out babies...
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Who's left?

Well, our OP has had her baby...who is left?

I am 40+6 today and we're all tired of waiting. It is seriously causing a morale problem around our house. We need to get out of the house today and get our minds off waiting.

I think I've lost my mucous plug, or at least parts of it. No bloody show, though. I've had BH contrax for months so I have a feeling I may ignore early labor b/c I'm so used to contrax.

How's everyone else doing?
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I'm at 41 + 1 today. We are having morale problems around here too. Luckily, we've got a few other things going on this weekend, so that should help.

I'm going for a 4 mile walk today and feel really hopeful about that giving me some contractions. I usually get some when I walk. Hopefully, they'll start and keep going. I've lost globs of mucus plug, am 2-3 cm dilated and 75% effaced, so something has got to get things rolling.
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Still baking...

41+1 today. I really want to meet this little guy! My midwife started me on three different homeopathics, plus the 5W herbs, but no change so far. Haven't lost any mucous plug, no bloody show, etc. I feel like I could easily still be pregnant for 2 or more weeks. My mother keeps saying I have to be "sick of being pregnant" and then the baby will come, but I'm not uncomfortable or tired or anything negative. I hope that doesn't mean 2 more weeks! It's just getting so boring...Any other ideas to move things along? My midwife advised against drinking castor oil, she said it's unreliable and causes more intestinal discomfort than any real change in uterine contractions. But everyone else I talk to says to drink it! Guess I should follow the MW advice though...Ok, off to get some rest...
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I guess I'm official!

I figured I would be a slow cooker, but I was officially a slow cooker as of Friday. I was ready for this Baby 2 weeks ago, now I could actually hold off another day or two...haha...once I'm 100% healthy from my sinus infection. Yeah, anyway...this baby probably plans to go to 42 week so it's probably a moot issue.

angie6282: Pregnancy wise, I'm feeling like you. Pretty darn good, so that's another reason i think I'm staying put a little while longer.

My family is starting to get a little annoying. It's like everything is revolving around me. One sort of silver lining is that my DH has a lot of stuff going on starting tomorrow and for the next several days. So, MAYBE, baby will decide to interupt his schedule. Sometimes it works that way, yk?

Anyone else dying to see mucous plug or bloody tissue. I feel ridiculous inspecting the toilet everytime I pee, which is a lot!!!

Still nesting something serious. It's like I cannot get my house clean enough. I guess that's a good sign, but I should be resting, yk. Oyye, I just realized how late it is and I am not even sleepy. EEK, it's going to be an early one tomorrow, when my little ones wake up bright and early.

Good Night slow cookers!
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Yeah I suppose I should check in as a slow cooker.. Im 40w3d today.. grrrrr... and the days pretty much over LOL.. this is the most pregnant Ive ever been and Im ready to see this baby.. Im ready to use all the new clothes and diapers LOL..
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