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Anybody else hear of DMT: The Spiritual Molecule and....

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how it's only found in the body at 49th day of pregnancy because that's apparently when the baby's spirit joins the physical form, and DMT is also found at death.

It's really out there because last week in the middle of the night my husband woke up even though he was very tired. He said he woke up suddenly because he felt emense energy in the room (he's usually a very grounded person) and that the flow of energy was coming from my hand which I had placed on top of his while I was sleeping. He said that he felt like I was electricuting him and that it was so strong that he had to leave the room because he was tripping. I didn't know about this until the next morning and I was having crazy energy too. Then a friend of mine mentioned this molecule, DMT and how the baby spirit comes on the 49th day of pregnancy. I soon realized that the energy thing came on the 49th day and I was unaware of this philosophy at the time.

I guess there is a book out there on it. I am thinking about ordering it. Anybody else have any stories or info on this?

Caring Touch
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No, I haven't heard of this before-but that's absolutely fascinating. I'd love to hear more. Do you do energy work?
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Hi Ladylee...

I do a lot of energy work. I am a Chiropractor and incorporate a lot of chakra/aura work along with other stuff. I find it fascinating. How about you?

I think pregnancy is very powerful energetically. Not only to the world but it raises your own vibration and digs up your old patterms to clear out. I hear a lot of women who fixate on the symptoms of pregnancy and I always think that the symptoms are more of a manifestation of a raising vibration and they just don't know what to do with the increasing energy. I know I feel overwhelmed looking at it that way. From an energy standpoint instead of feeling like I am at the mercy of my body working right I realize that it's all a manifestation of what I create.


If you hear of anything about the DMT, will you let me know?

Caring Touch
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Aha, I thought so! Yes, I'm a Reiki Master, a former yoga instructor and am very interested in energy anatomy/the chakra system, etc. I like how you described the process one goes through w/pregnancy from an energetic pov. That higher vibration can be frightening--particularly when it manifests itself as heightened sensitivity to things like loss, danger, world events, etc. that makes the woman feel porous and vulnerable. And if it triggers unresolved issues within the individual, as well. But it's interesting to be mindful of the clearing process pregnancy brings--for myself, second and fourth chakra issues have been certainly at the forefront during my pregnancy. I'm interested to learn more about DMT and will have to look into it. Most of the energy work training and experience I've had has had nothing to do with pregnancy, as I wasn't pregnant or interested in reproducing at that time!

I love going to chiros who also incorporate energy work-I've always had very powerful experiences in those situations. I worked with a group of chiropractors back in NYC and it was a very rewarding alliance for me. How long have you been in practice?
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Is that the 49th day from conception, or the first day of LMP?
I think that is so fascinating, I hope you find out more!

Edited to add...
I did a quick search and found the book reviewed on amazon.com, and one of the reviewers mentions that it is 49 days post-conception. Sounds like a really great book!
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