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crocs maryjanes

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does anyone know if they run big or small or true to size? thanks!
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They run pretty true to size, IMO. DD and I both have them. In the kid's sizes, they go in groups of 2 sizes, so DD wears the 8-9.
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yup pretty true to size for me too.
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I think they run a bit big, personally. I haven't tried them for me, but DD has a pair and she kinda swims in them. As a PP said, though, they come in combo sizes, so DD is in a 10/11, even though she wears a 10. I'm hoping they fit by summer.
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True to size here, too, although they're a touch floppy on my AAA feet.
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I think they run a bit big, long, but more narrow than original crocs. My feet are narrow and I wear a size 9, I bought a size 8 in the croc mary janes and they fit perfectly! My dd has a chubby foot and much prefers her reg crocs.
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I think they run pretty true to size. I love my MJ Crocs although last summer, my feet were in such terrible shape. I think it was from the shoes- I had more callouses than ever before.
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I wear an 8.5. Since they don't come in half-sizes, I bought a 9 and shrunk them in the dryer (having learned that I could on the internet).
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I think they run a little big. I have a pair.
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I wear a 6.5 or 7, and the 7s are a bit big on me . . . but in a comfy way. I love them . . . so much cuter than regular crocs.
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wow I looked them up on zappos and It hink I might have to do what I said I'd never do.. buy crocs. those are super cute! much cuter than the gardening shoe looking ones
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Mine are the perfect length, but they're wide on me.
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I think mine are longer on me. They are a funky fit, but all crocs are a funky fit on me.
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I am thinking about getting a pair of the MJ's. Do your feet sweat in them though? (I have a pair of regular chocolate croc clogs I live in with none of the air holes and I can't not wear socks with them-one of the rivets broke though so I am waiting for replacements!)
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Well, they are largely meant to be water shoes. We made them a weird fashion statement, so yes, air holes are key, imo.

My feet sweat in anything, and they keep me warm in winter......
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In kids because they run in combo sizes they are a little on the big side. Dd has some and they are really cute but big on her feet.
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someone link me to where you bought them...?
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I'm looking on ebay (I got my brown ones from ebay NWT) but zappos is great!
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btw what color do you all have? (I am probably getting black) but just wondering.
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I have black ones of course.
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