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WHAT WAS YOUR BETA # @ 21 DPO (5 weeks)?

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What was you BETA count at 21 dpo (5 weeks)? I am having another beta count drawn tomorrow so I am just curious what everyone elses numbers were.
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My last one was done at 4 weeks, 4 days (18 dpo) and it was 1837. I'll be interested to see replies because my next beta is at 24 dpo.
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mine at 17dpo was 159
19dpo was 328

I won't have anymore.. the numbers doubled and that's good enough for me! Going by that though, the 21dpo 'should' have been 656.

with my first pregnancy my numbers at 14dpo were 305.

You might not find a lot of people to post these numbers.. I think most don't get blood drawn for it.. for some reason my doctor takes blood from everyone, but I think most dont.

Good luck! I hope your numbers are great!
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I had it done twice, is there a need to keep having it done?
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I dont think there is really a need to "keep" getting it done... I have had 2 miscarriages so it just gives me a lot of reassurance to see the doubling numbers. i think I will continue to have blood work done every so often until I reach about 14 weeks. I havent quite made up my mind abt having an early u/s and i am strongly leaning towards not doing it, so I need something to let me know everything is on track!

josh's girl.... ur numbers are high arent they? any chance of twins again? when can you find out?
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My 21dpo beta with my DD was 4998.

I'm having another beta drawn tomorrow morning and that'll be 19dpo. I'll be happy to post that # when I get it back.
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Mine were as follows...

14dpo = 230
16dpo = 446
18dpo = 985
22dpo = 5208

I have one happy bean in there.
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Whoops. Double post.
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babyhopes - I'm thinking my first u/s will be the last week of January (I'm hoping towards the end of my sixth week.)

My twins were identical...so I don't have a genetic predisposition to have them again...but one never knows!

The beta my doc is doing at 24DPO will determine when my first u/s is.
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The only beta I had done was @ 26 dpo and it was 28,636. I thought that was kind of high.... I wondered if maybe it could be more than one baby, but I doubt it. I will have an u/s the last Wed. of the month. Can't wait, even though I am NERVOUS!
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Got my 19dpo # back and it was 3418.
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I had a 5w2d beta drawn today. I'll let y'all know what it was when I get the results.
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my 21 dpo beta came back... 3752...

after reading everyone elses mine seems low... doesnt it?
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Baby Hopes - your's seem just great!

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My beta was 2223 at 5w2d, 156 at 4w2d, and 51 at 4w1d.

Progesterone was over 40 this time, so we're good there, too .
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those are really good numbers charmie!! congrats!! I did my 21 dpo and was supposed to do a 23 dpo blood draw but i got sick so i am going to do it today ... maybe monday.
i will keep everyone updated.
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