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that's ok!

i'm really sorry about your bfing issues, btw. wish i had some constructive advice. i do know that sometimes babies take a little while to get the hang of things. my still-nursling is a champ at the boob, but it was well into our second month before we got things all smoothed over. it sounds like your daughter's growing just fine, though, so that's a wonderful sign.
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Thanks. Yeah, I'm expecting things to get easier as time goes on. It's good to know that timelines like "2 months" are within the range of normal for improvements to breastfeeding issues. Instead of feeling like I have to throw in the towel right away ("Oh I can't do this, I'm doomed to failure, I should just give up now! I'm the lowest earthworm on the ground! Loser! Etc!") I know it's just part of the picture. Part of the drama. Thanks.

Glad to hear your nursling is still going strong.
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39wks 6days

Checking in...not much going on here, no signs of labor. Washing cosleeper sheets, and nursing pads/bras. I'm feeling pretty lazy, and am reading preg/birth books...I love the stories!

I don't feel like going anywhere, or seeing anybody, just want to be by myself at home.

My hubby really wanted BabyMac to be a Capricorn, his mom and our nephew are both Cap's, and he adores them both! I'm getting my wish for an Aquarius, even though, I know very little about the sign, but just had a feeling when we were first found out about BabyMac that he/she would be born late January...I'm guessing the 29th. Will check out the link provided by AngelaB, thanks :-)

I am a fire sign, my hubby is earth, and BabyMac will be air, all we need is a water sign and we are complete. I figure if BabyMac lights my fire, daddy can throw some dirt/earth on me.

I have also read this is the year of the pig, and in Chinese astrology that is really lucky, and the number 8 is also a sign of good luck...2008, yay!

I know this is silly, but my hubby is a golden pig, and now I can honestly say, I'll be living with two PIGS, ha ha!

Warmest wishes to you all!!

ps. poisonedpenny , I love the poster, I have it in white, and the neat thing is my MIL works for the artist. He is a really great guy!
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a big wave...

I think I felt my first contraction, yippee!!! (((FINALLY SOMETHING)))

I know, it's probably just practice :-)
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congrats! maybe your babe will be born on his/her actual due date!
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Sounds like a lot of us were fooled into thinking that last night might be "the night" .. I had contractions that were quite painful but spaced out pretty consistently all evening. I was able to fall asleep, though, and slept through the night (except for getting up to go to the bathroom, of course) and they were gone this morning. Oh well. I know it will have to be soon.
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well, I felt a little pop and now I have a little leakage.


I'll update you all with whether I've had a baby in a day or so.
or first thing tomorrow if it's a false alarm again.

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oooh I'll bet we'll have some new babies before long....full moon...
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Originally Posted by Emese'sMom View Post
oooh I'll bet we'll have some new babies before long....full moon...
Oh pleaese let it be me...please.....:
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desert_mommi :
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its quiet in here.. is everyone having babies??!!
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Thanks for the good vibes

I'm no help with breastfeeding advice, I spent the entire time I breastfed each of my boys with deeply cracked nipples to the point I thought my nipples would fall off. I'm hoping it goes easier this time around.

No signs over here. I intended to go work out today in hopes to jump start labor but I took a nap instead Tomorrow dh is off though so I can leave the kids with him and spend some time working out. It occurred to me awhile ago that I could just do some jumping jacks and maybe she'd slide right out I don't know that it would actually accomplish anything but I've decided I'm going to do a few before I go to bed tonight.
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ELVs to all who want them! :

I'm hoping for more than 30 minutes of sleep at a time tonight...
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