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Baby name help please...

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I am looking for variations of the name Ann. I prefer something shorter. Can't use Ann cause her initials would be RAW...no O either ROW...

Her first name will be Raeleigh and her last name sounds like Weaver.

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question: how do you pronounce her first name? Is it like the town in SC? or is it Ray-lee? or Reye-lee?
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Ray Lee all smooshed together. Like Bailey with an R or Riley with an A...lol

I would love to just go with Raeleigh Ann, but no way am I giving this poor little girl the initals RAW..lol
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ok, gives me some context to start thinking through.
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Breann/Breanne (brEE-ann)?
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My initials are RAW (thanks to marriage)

What about Dianne?
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let's see... Deanna, Hannah, Joanne/Joanna, Suzanne/Susanna, Vivianne. I know, they're not as simple and classic as Ann.
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San (it would sound like a place...Raigheigh San Weaver
Rae Leigh Anne
Rae leanne
(isn't that a cult though...Ralian...)
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Thanks for all the suggestions!

I had that thought

Rae Leigh Ann Weaver....but again would I do initials RLW or RAW. How do people with 4 names do a monogram??
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what about Rae Leighann Weaver?
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Not sure if you'll like any of these....




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From BabyNamer

Compound Forms: Anjanette, Annjanette, Annmarie, Ashleann, Barbraann, Bethann, Bettyann, Carolann, Carrieann, Caryann, Cherylann, Darrylan, Georgeanne, Georgiann, Gillianne, Graceann, Heidiann, Holliann, Jadeann, Janeann, Jeanann, Joyann, Judyann, Julieann, Kellyann, Kelsiann, Kerian, Keriann, Keriayn, Kerryann, Laurann, Leeann, Lizzieann, Lorann, Loriann, Louann, Mariann, Maryann, Nellianne, Rachelann, Raeann, Roseann, Rossane, Roxyanne, Ruthann, Sallyann, Sarahann, Sharonann, Shellyann, Sherianne, Staceyann, Stefaniane, Sueann, Joanann, Jodyann, Josiann, Dorann and Ivyann
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I can relate...I am 38 weeks and we just picked out the name the other day! You start looking at all those baby names and get overwhelmed! For a minute I was thinking we wouldn't have a name to put on the birth certificate!

Anyway, I love this site:


You can search by meaning and other really neat options. You can save the names you like and then go back and look at them again later when your head is not spinning! One feature they have that is really neat is, for example, you want a name with the variations of Ann. At the top, there's a "Quick Seach" option that allows you to search boys & girls names (or you can just choose girls) and then you would type in "Ann" and select whether you want the results to start with, contain, or end with those letters or name.

Hope that helps! Best wishes on finding a name!
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I like the Rae as a first name but I am partial to 3 letter names...
Rae Leigh Ann Weaver
that's my vote

I like the old fashioned Leigh/Leah spelling.
Rae is a very cute little babe name, wonderful little girl name, sophisticated woman name and can carry you through to old age nicely...

you could also go Leigh-anne although I am sure anyone with a hyphen might say oh please no
RLAW is cool....Rae is laying down the law

I think monograms.initials arent used that often and she can pick and choose I have no middle name (freak I know) she might also one day add a partners name to hers...
lol maybe the RA is best to avoid she could marry at taylor...RAT
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I had problems too, my DS initals would be OLD. lol Odin Lee D. So, my fiancee and I are making him have 2 middle names. It'll be Odin Lee Murdok D.

I think RAW as initals is better than OLD. Raeleigh Dianne W. doesn't sound too bad to me? http://www.babiesonline.com/ has a good list of Ann alternatives.
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My poor children have been blessed with two first names and two middle names each. So they each have 5 initaials all together. I figured if they hated their names, they had lots of others to choose from!

If you just go with two middle names, you simple put two letters in the box for middle initial, or just leave it blank all together. Or she can choose whick letter she likes better, and just put that one.
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I like Rae Lieghann Weaver best. If you don't, how about Raeleigh Nan?
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I don't think RAW would be horrible initials.
Maybe RAT (haha) but not RAW.
And if if it would be RAT, that's not that big of a deal, is it? How often do we go around with our initials? Besides, it'd be kind of original anyway.
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So we are down to:

Raeleigh Cariann Weaver

Ray - after my grandfather
Leigh - after my cousin
Cari - after my best friend
Ann - after mil and sil
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