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Intense mid-cycle pain--Mittelschmerz

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I've always been in tune w/my cycles and know when I am ovulating...even felt that mid-cycle "twinge". But, since I had my DD almost 3 yrs ago and my periods returned 18 mos PP, the ovulation "twinge" has turned into intense pain that awakens me at night. Granted, it only lasts for a day and I wouldn't be worried if it had always been this way. But the fact that it has changed to something quite painful concerns me.

Has anyone else experienced changes like this after having a child? Any thoughts?
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I did... I had an ovarian cyst blow once before I got pregnant, and that was the same feeling. Well, that only happened once and I thought it was gone. Then, after Anna was born I woke up in the middle of the night; was out of it and didnt know what was going on. Went to the bathroom and nearly passed out from the pain. It was awful! I called the nursing service, talked to a MALE doctor who told me it was GAS!! Ugh! I hate male doctors!

Anyway, had it every month for three in a row, and then it just went away. I've felt it now and again, but not as severe.

It was like being struck by lightening. But it only started AFTER I had my dd.

They told me at the dr's office that it wasn't serious, and didn't presage any other problems, but it probably wouldn't hurt (and maybe would give you some peace of mind) to get it checked out.
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Just an idea. My dd, 15, has been suffering with severe menstrual cramps for years, and they just kept getting worse and worse. Upped her vit and evening primrose intake, no better.

Started taking her to my chiro and indeed the nerve flow to her reproductive organs is all messed up. So she is under treatment and is feeling better already!

Chiropractic is not just for back and neck pain. Nerves from your spine affect the function of every organ and gland in your body.
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