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Groups & Gatherings: MICHIGAN

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If Indiana and Ohio has a thread, then Michigan needs one, too!

Post info here about your group or gathering (playdate, mama-meetings, coffe-claches, knitting circles....whatever) anywhere in Michigan.

Please put the name of the town/city & whether you're posting a group or a gathering in the subject heading.

Moderator(s): can you sticky this thread for easy access? Thanks!
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MI Natural Parenting Community

Michigan Natural Parenting Community

Michigan families sharing support and information while learning together about natural pregnancy and childbirth, natural bonding, natural health, and a natural living environment.

This is a private group to protect the members as we share private information, photos, and our lives. We do have a no-lurker policy but it is not strenuous. We just like knowing that the parents registered are genuine and not out for harm. New members registered must attain 10 posts before viewing the entire community forum. Privacy and security is our #1 priority!

The group is *very* open and non-judgmental - whether you only natural parenting in small areas or are super crunchy.

Several local groups communicate via the community forum:

Ann Arbor Babywearers
Detroit Natural Parenting Group
Grand Rapids Babywearers
Grand Rapids Natural Parenting Group
Lansing Babywearers
Traverse City Babywearers

and new natural parenting group starting up near Mt. Pleasant.

Hope you join us!
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Metro Detroit Natural Parenting Group

I also run the Metro Detroit Natural Parenting group.

We meet formally the 2nd Saturday of each month at a member's home. At the meetings we help parents learn to use babycarriers, talk about CDs, HSing, Vaccinations, etc.

We also have playdates such as Craft Parties, Zoo trips, park playdates, etc.

Join MI Natural Parenting Community for news of playdates, meetings, and such.
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Great thread!
I mod a local michigan group too
It is a yahoo group for supporters of homebirth (i.e. had a homebirth,want to or tried to, or a professional in the homebirth community or seller of products pertaining to homebirth).
\.....get support,give support,chit chat,pass along info,give your business info!.....
you can subscribe here

It will also be mailing list for updates and info on happenings/events in the birth community as well as fundraisers etc for Miraclebirth.org~

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Delta-Waverly LLL meets the 2nd and 4th Wed of each month at 10 am. For directions please PM me.

Lansing Babywearers
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Naturally Attached- Michigan is designed for Detroit Metro AP (Wayne, Oakland, Macomb counties) parents to discuss parenting and child related issues with a nurturing and natural perspective. Topics may include....

* Birthing
* Breastfeeding in all it's forms
* Co-sleeping
* Baby (child) Wearing
* Gentle Discipline
* Natural and Holistic living
* Cloth Diapering
* Issues such as circumcision and vaccinations
* Homeopathics/herbals
* Homeschooling

We get together in real life and support each other online as well. It is a very active community of great, supportive, non-judgmental women. Please join us here if you live locally and can participate actively.
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Just bumping, and hoping for a sticky
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Bumping on up... sticky? Please?
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I've got one too ~ meeting in downtown Rockford Michigan on the third Thursday of each month. From 7-8:30PM at Open Mind on Courtland Street.
You can email or PM me for more information:

Mothers Tending Mothers
This group is for parents or wannabe parents who believe in natural family living or would like to learn more about it. Mothers Tending Mothers can guide those seeking a gentler, holistic or integrative type of care for pregnancy, birth and parenting ways. Women are rediscovering the power and trust of instincts and intuition, especially when giving birth naturally in a trusted and supportive environment. Many are becoming aware that alternative health and medicine really does make sense. With information, education and support, families have better experiences and babies have a healthier start in life. Whether giving birth at home, hospital or birth center, we will welcome families by offering referrals, information, shared experiences and group meetings towards alternatives and options available for a healthier family or a more fulfilling experience from sources right in our own community.

Mothers Tending Mothers is a community based network which includes monthly meetings for all who are interested in a healthier pregnancy, natural or gentler birth experience, breastfeeding, attachment or informed parenting ways and more. As we grow, we are committed to gathering and maintaining information to assist families in finding the resources they need. We are bringing awareness to holistic care, supportive professionals and the many local options available for those who seek it. We will slowly be adding a lending library of books, videos, magazines, baby wearing devices and other natural parenting goods.

Mothers Tending Mothers realizes this can be an amazing, empowering time in your life as a growing family, a time that is never forgotten. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of families in our neighborhoods. Join us to explore the many options available for a better beginning into parenthood.
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For Kalamazoo/West MI folks...

A spin off group of the Natural Families of Kalamazoo Yahoo! group is a knitting group that meets the first Saturday of each month. If you are interested, please join our Yahoo! group .
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I am the organizer on the N. Oakland/Lapeer Attachment Parenting Meetup on meetup.com. We have great discussions, playdates and montly mama's night.

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Alright Mamas...please note that the Mods are volunteers, that MY computer has been OUT OF MY HOUSE for five weeks (new mother board) for the SECOND time in four months, and that I have had a disc out in my back for quite some time(which makes it painful to be at the computer at all), so any NON EMERGENT modding has not happened for a while. I have stuck the thread. PM's are appreciated, even as gentle reminders, as questioning mod actions (or lackthereof) on posts/threads is considered a User Agreement Violation. Thanks for your patience and cooperation.

Courtenay_e, Moderator of Finding Your Tribe
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Yay!!! We're permanent!
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Birth Circle for pregnant and parenting families

Birth Circle is hosted at Mother's Own Birth Center in Temperance, MI on the last Tuesday of the month from 7-9 PM except for June, July, and August.

We invite speakers on a variety of pregnancy, birth, and parenting topics. The meetings are free and open to all families. Children are welcome.

There is a yahoo group for updates, but membership requires approval.

Linda Johnson
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PM's are appreciated, even as gentle reminders, as questioning mod actions (or lackthereof) on posts/threads is considered a User Agreement Violation.
FWIW, I did send a polite PM. I never recieved an answer at all. I never intended to violate anything. I apologize.
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East Lansing LLL meets the first Wednesday of the month at 7pm.

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Midland, Bay City, Saginaw aka Tri-city area of MI group

Greetings! I am the creator of the TriCityMIAPMoms group for the tri-city are of Mid Michgan.

We have a yahoo group here:http://groups.yahoo.com/groups/TriCityMIAPMoms

We have playgroup every Wed in the City of Midland at one of the mom's houses. It usually runs about 11:30 to 3/4/5. Several of us knit so we will knit, drool over one another's projects, eat lots of good food, and have "adult conversation" while our kids enjoy playing together.

Occasionally a group of us go and do something. For example last year we went blueberry picking in Freeland, and took a short hike at the Chippewa Nature Center in Midland. We hopefully will have a lot more in real life get togethers this year as soon as the weather warms up ( as I won't be so busy.

We are not a militant AP group but every member practices several to many of the AP/NFL ideals.
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Grand Rapids Natural Parenting Group

Grand Rapids Babywearing Group

Moms Bloom Post Partum Support for Kent County (non-profit)

Friends of Michigan Midwives --support and advocacy for midwifery by consumers
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BirthNetwork Macomb Chapter

The Macomb Chapter of BirthNetwork meets monthly (if not more often) at libraries in Macomb. http://birthnetwork.org/michigan.htm Other MI chapters are also highlighted on the site, and contact info for those are also provided.

BirthNetwork is a non-profit organization that strives to reach all childbearing women - not just those who are already interested in natural childbirth. Please send our information to any women you know who may be or become pregnant! The meetings are informative and encouraging.

Meetings are fun with snacks and handouts, and are free unless otherwise noted. For instance, we have bi-annual birth fairs that feature movies, local practioners and vendors, for which we prefer to accept donations.

To receive notices via email, please send a request to macombbirthnetwork@gmail.com. There is a general list of meetings on the website, but detailed topic outlines will be e-mailed to you!

Make sure to check out other BirthNetwork threads on your Tribal Forum as they are posted.
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