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"Colic Calm"

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Has anyone tried this? I found it online and wondering if its something I should try. I am getting desperate.
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is it homeopathic? do you have a link? i think i saw smething w/that name at walgreens the other day. is it a gripe water?
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www.coliccalm.com. It says it does contain gripe water, but states that it is FDA regulated.
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have you tried chamomile (as a homeopathic remedy) --- it works for us. or, have you tried hyland's colic tablets? i've heard they also work really well.
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Out of desperation, we used Colic Calm with DS 1 and we THINK it helped. He was such a high needs baby I never could be sure what combo of things made him feel better. This time around, DD is pretty mellow but she tends to be gasy and spit up so i pulled out that old bottle and gave her some and it works great for her. It's basically charcoal suspended in glycerin and it's considered a homeopathic remedy. One word of warning, the charcoal makes baby poop black. I nearly fainted the first time DS popped but then realized that he just passed the charcoal.
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Just got some of this in the mail. It is magic! DS is SO gassy & gets so upset about it and this stuff worked instantly!
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