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Daily checkin for 1/22

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well today is my due date and i went to sleep several hours ago, but started dreaming about contractions and woke up because i was really having them. they are probably about six minutes apart. now that i realize that i am having them i can't go back to sleep. i'm also worried that they will go away, now that i have consciously noticed them. i know i should go back to sleep, but i'm kind of excited...i hope i haven't jinxed myself by saying something.
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How exciting I hope so bad that this is it for you kehliouise......and on your due date too....

Yes you should go rest even though I would be having a hard time also....

Keep us posted!
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kehliouise, how exciting!! Keep us updated.

I'm 39+3 today and baby seems just as stuck as ever. I keep reminding myself that no one has been pregnant forever...
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still can't sleep. i have started timing contractions...they are about 55 seconds long a piece and somewhere around five minutes apart. i also had a tiny bit of brownish color on toilet paper when i went to the bathroom. anyone have any suggestions on how to get this heartburn to go away? (other than go ahead and throw up....which i know i will do in a few hours if i'm in real labor.) i totally threw up during early labor with ds rather than having diareaha.
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kehliouise : For the heartburn, cold water and iced Sprite help me when it gets bad.

I thought I was going into labor a little bit ago. I was having this weird pain that made it hard to breathe. It didn't feel like the beginning of my other labors but I figured that maybe it was different since I wasn't also having back labor. After about 5 minutes though, the pain stopped and I finally realized where I knew that pain from. My midwife had to turn my youngest during labor and that was the worst pain I'd ever felt, I thought she was trying to kill me. Right after I was able to push my son out, no problem. Anyway, this felt like that so I guess she was just turning. Now, what I'm hoping is that the baby has turned into a good position and that she didn't flip upside down or something. I'm also hoping that I'll finally go into labor now.
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: Oooh mamas, it's happening....... :
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Best wishes, kehlilouise! Happy laboring!

I'm 40+2 today. Kind of surprised to be hanging around still, since DS was born at 39+6 and I kind of expected the same. Now every day I wonder, should I plan something for supper? How do I entertain DS today when I thought I'd be in the hospital or home with a NB with DH on leave from work? I know I'm not that far over my EDD though. I just need to relax.

Baby will come when the time is right.

The power and intensity of your contractions cannot be stronger than you are, because they ARE you.
(thanks to one of the birthing bead mamas)

I have prepared by body, mind, and spirit for my baby's safe and healthy birth.
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Kehlilouise- best of luck today!

I had nice and "regular" contrax yesterday- painless, just pressure ones (15 minutes apart) but I'm trying to remind myself that they are prelabor . . . I WILL NOT be pregnant forever (and neither will you To-Fu!!!!!). So I'm ready to get this day started, I need to get the boys off to school and then I'm going for another long walk, which seems to stir things up. I'm excited to see what this week brings!
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I think I had a contraction about 15 minutes ago. It's really hard to tell... my whole belly was hard as a rock and I felt some discomfort in my side that was like... a stitch? I don't know how to explain it... maybe like how I would feel after going for a run.

I DTD with my guy earlier and happened to notice a slight brownish tinge on the TP a while later... could it just be DTD-related spotting, or is something maybe happening...?

I really don't want to get my hopes up. It could be nothing or it could just mean labor is a couple weeks away. I haven't had another contraction yet, but I guess I'm overly hopeful b/c of the full moon and b/c this is the first sign that Baby isn't going to stay stuck in there forever.

Going to try to get some sleep soon and hope to be woken up by something labor-related.
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eeeee! more babies are coming! happy laboring, mamas

I have a busy day, dentist appt this morning, then preschool group for ds, freecycle pickups this afternoon (baby clothes, yay!), then lunch and a MW appt. I'm hoping she'll hang in until I get all that done.

Can't wait to read updates later-
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So I am 39 wks 2 days now. The baby is still pretty high, so I don't know when she will be making her appearance. But I guess I am just going to do what I have to do. That means today I am going to go pick up prescriptions, put in new ones, go to the bank, pick up some thank you cards for the baby shower gifts I received. And just relax.....

Good labor vibes to everybody and hopefully we will have some more babies born soon
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Oh boy! Sounds like babies are on their way! ELV to those who want them.

My baby is coming soon. I am in a shocking amount of discomfort, working through day 12 of prodromal labor. I had multiple, STRONG! contractions last night and am feeling worn out, grouchy and exhausted this morning. Contractions are getting stronger, though they continue to be sporadic. I think prodromal labor just might be the most evil thing I have ever experienced.

And my poor mother -- if she calls me again, I might have to bite her head off. She made it very clear that she doesn't want to be here for the birth and has no plans to come see this new baby. What she didn't make clear, is that she plans to call every hour till this baby is born. :
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hey, kehliouise, that's pretty promising progress there! and you haven't been on for 6 hours or so, so you're either sleeping, or i'm guessing that labor is rocking! (or you've realized- unlike me- that sometimes it's good to turn the computer off just for reality's sake )

to-fu: brown spotting is more likely associated with an "oil change" or vaginal exam at this point in pregnancy, but you really never know. i'm sure you'll be watching it closely (i can't keep my eyes off every toilet paper swipe- searching obsessively for any tinge of pink.)...

yesterday i noticed things felt different for me, and i even had a few rumbling contractions. the baby has changed position to who-knows-what, so i don't know what to think about a posterior position anymore- hopefully i'll get a good read at my mw appointment tomorrow. he's also really, really low, and i have that sort of "anytime now, i'm gonna toot and he's gonna fly out" feeling, except that i still don't feel like labor is imminent, if that makes any sense. at 40+1, this is still kinda early for me. but ya never know.

MIL moves back in tonight. feeling mixed about that. i think i would feel a lot better if i knew baby was anterior and i could face labor with confidence.

i am also sleeping like a maniac. sure, i get up to pee every few hours, but i sleep like the dead the rest of the night- i even passed out on the sofa with the kids making a huge racket in the room with me for a few hours yesterday. i must have clocked 12 hours combined overnight. it feels good! kinda weird, but i'm not gonna knock it.

okay, that's my ramble. gotta eat some food. i am so glad DH is working from home till the baby comes.

good luck to anyone laboring or close-to-laboring today! (kehliouise!)

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Still here.

Still PG.

Depending who you ask, i'm either due today, or thursday.

I think i lost my Plug yesterday, but i've never done that before, so i couldn't tell you if thats what it was or not LOL!

other than that, we have a scheduled induction saturday. W00t.
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Originally Posted by Ruthiegirl View Post
And my poor mother -- if she calls me again, I might have to bite her head off. She made it very clear that she doesn't want to be here for the birth and has no plans to come see this new baby. What she didn't make clear, is that she plans to call every hour till this baby is born. :
This is why I didn't give my parents any updates last time until my water broke two days into labor and I was in the cab on the way to the hospital. My sister in law had had a miserable first birth with my parents calling what she says was every hour and what they say was every few hours for updates, and I wasn't interested in dealing with it. Even so, I screamed every time my DH picked up the phone at the hospital and it was them -- they claim they only called every couple of hours, but I was only there 4 hours before giving birth and they called at least three times -- and besides, when you're in labor, time passes funny.

I guess because they know I didn't tell them last time, this time they figured they'd be more proactive. My father keeps calling me "just to say hello" -- like twice a day -- even though he NEVER calls me (always expects me to call him). As it happens, there are no signs of labor yet, but they don't realize that I'm very good at appearing to say one thing when I mean another. Last time I was on the phone with my sister 5 or 6 times during active labor (she was having some trouble with a paper that was due that day) and she never guessed. So calling "just to say hello" is not going to give them any more information than I want it to!
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kehliouise- Have a great day! I hope this is it for you!

Im still pregnant! My due date was either yesterday or the 19th. I get pretty good contrax in the evenings but they go away when I lay down to sleep.

Happy laboring to you all, whether the dreaded predomal or the more intense!
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No labor for me. I'm quickly tiring of having people ask myself or dh if I'm in labor. The best one is "Why haven't you had that baby yet?" Oh, it is because I don't want to. I've decided that I'd like to be pregnant forever. : I'm annoyed today
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Still here. Baby was *really* quiet this AM. Luckily, I had an appt. and a NST. Baby was still very quiet during part of the NST, but picked up toward the end. It was (still is) worrying me a bit. We'll see how things go this afternoon.

OB said I'm a stretchy 3 cm now, and still 50-60% effaced. She did a membrane sweep, but it didn't hurt, so I'm not sure how vigorously she did it .

If the baby doesn't come by Thursday AM, I'm scheduled for an induction that day. That's as far as I could negotiate being "high-risk" (GD on insulin). I'm measuring big and I know I'm carrying a big baby at this point. I just wish this little one decides to come soon. Now would be good .

I plan on walking today, but am feeling really discouraged.
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due today, happy full moon!

I had two contractions last night, and nothing today. BabyMac is still active, so I think he/she will be swimming around for a little while longer.

I can't wait to hear the good news from some of you, it sounds like things are getting started, yippee!


ps. I second the recommendation to drink cold water for a heart burn. Sometimes yogurt works for me, too!
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ok I feel like I woke up on the wrong side of the bed.....I am SO CRANKY!

I am just so tired of being pregnant.....it is taking every oz of will power I have to think on a positive note. I try to keep myself busy all day so I won't think about it so much. I am just so tired of being uncomfortable.

I am sorry about the rant......

I am in such a bad mood.:
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