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For those that have torn

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This is a sensitive subject, my vagina.

I'm 5 weeks post, I had two 2nd degree tears on my labia minora just at the opening of my vagina. The scars are awful, they hurt. They feel like I still have stitches when that is not the case. It hurts to wipe, wearing underwear hurts cause it rubs the scars. I expected the tearing, and that's fine I just did not expect THIS. I feel so ugly and self-conscious about how it looks and feels.

Hubby and I dtd a few nights ago, it hurt a little. Less than I expected but overall it was wonderful. We tried last night and it was excurciating. We had to stop.

I'm so upset about this, am I the only one feeling self-conscious about the "aftermath"
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dh & i dtd for the first time last night (6 wks pp). i had a small tear and then developed a yeast rash all over my bits and bum that was so painful at times, i didn't want to walk. but i've finally healed up.

i was really nervous it was going to hurt, so i got out the lube and applied it very generously. it seemed to help, although i was a bit sore afterwards.

time will help with the scarring. i don't know too much about it, but i've heard of using seaweed to promote healing.

you are beautiful and strong, mama. it will get better!
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Hmm...I'm 4 weeks pp and I still have some stitches. Is that normal? :
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Originally Posted by ghuaghua View Post
Hmm...I'm 4 weeks pp and I still have some stitches. Is that normal? :
Yes, my stitches all finally fell out at around 6 weeks pp.

We also dtd a few days ago (I was a chicken and waited till almost 8 weeks pp) and we put tons of lube and even reapplied. It still hurt quite a bit. So we tried different positions. Some hurt more then others.

With dd1 I had a 3rd degree tear and it hurt for at least 5 months pp. It sucked! But it did get better. So that's what I'm telling myself this time. "It will get better, it will get better, it will get better."
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We did use lube and it didn't help. Pain during sex is weird for me, it's never hurt except maybe an occasionaly cervix bump. Last night it felt like I was tearing again.

I'll look into the seaweed, and see what my midwife can do.
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i'm 6 wks pp, and had 2nd degree tears pretty bad - from my vagina all the way nearly into my rectum. my vulva and vagina look and feel different. we dtd the other day (2nd time pp) and it was way better than i thought here too - there was a weird stinging pain where the stitches had been, but all in all it was less pain than i'd thought. the first time we tried though it was AWFUL. oh god, remembering it makes me shudder. it felt SO. BAD. worse than the time i had a raging yeast infection w/no symptoms - we dtd and then RIGHT at the end my vag swelled up and it was simply HORRIBLE! i SCREAMED at him to pull out and burst into tears and he felt pretty bad... i didn't think we could top that! but the pain PLUS the stinging was so bad. i think it will probably take some time to get back to normal, but having the crappy experiences makes me not want to even try again sometimes. you're not alone!

the kind of lube you use makes a difference - for example CVS brand lube is pretty crappo for us, but eros makes a REALLY nice lube that makes it so much better - and it lasts way longer too.
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