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Bleeding already????

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I am so confused, here are the details: Had the baby on dec. 5th. tore minor, had 1 stich. (with my first baby, tore worse than this) so I had my lochia for about 5 1/2 weeks. stopped completely, now almost two weeks later, I am bleeding again. what does this mean? Am I not finished with my lochia? Or is this not a good sign? Any ideas??? Thanks! (could stress be causing this? I am a little stressed at the moment, with a toddler, baby, two dogs, husband 6 states away on training, van just broke down, and no groceries!!! auhg!!!)
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Could you have started your cycle?
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I stopped bleeding completely around Jan 6th or so and about Wed of last week I started spotting, which turned into regular bleeding. Now I'm down to spotting. I'm thinking it was the start of my cycle. It was lighter than my regular periods, but there was mild cramping, which once afterpains went away, I didn't have with pp bleeding.
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but I thought you dont start your cycle til after you are done breastfeeding?! I am exclusively breastfeeding my son. With my daugther I breastfeed for a year and didn't have my cycle at all for a year! Why now this soon? Am I not feeding enough? He eats every three hours and sometimes every two hours. Why so soon? Should I call my doctor?
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You can have your cycle back while your breastfeeding. I got mine back about 6-7 weeks pp w/ my dd even thought I was ebf. My dd ate every 2-3 hours and woke up a lot at night. Sometimes your body just starts up again. I wouldn't worry that your baby isn't eating enough.
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I'm expecting to start my cycle back at any time. My friend, who is ebf, started back at 10 weeks. We are at 6 weeks, and DS has been going 8 hours between evening and early morning feeding, then 3-4 hours thereafter. So, I'm just trying to stay prepared. I was looking forward to more of a break (and I might get it), but if it does start, at least I'll know where I am in my cycle! That will good FP-wise!
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