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Poll Results: What would you do with $800 from the government

  • 0% (0)
    Refuse it
  • 44% (153)
    Pay to credit cards/car/consumer debt
  • 3% (11)
    Pay to medical bills
  • 16% (58)
    Pay to Emergency Fund
  • 8% (29)
    Pay to catch up bills (gas, electric, etc) that are behind
  • 8% (28)
    Buy something we need
  • 5% (20)
    Buy Something we want
  • 2% (8)
    Pay to student loans
  • 11% (40)
347 Total Votes  
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save it
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Originally Posted by GooeyRN View Post
I would argue to save it, dh would argue to buy more ammo. He is stocking up before a democrat gets into office and starts banning stuff. (yup, were rednecks)
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Originally Posted by ustasmom View Post
I don't see why people who make $80,000 are not considered middle class. What makes a family of 10 that makes $80,000 any richer than a married couple with no children that makes $20,000?
I totally agree! Maybe if we weren't so close to this cutoff I would feel differently, but right now it seems ubsurd!
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Originally Posted by normajean View Post
Since its a tax rebate, it only makes sense that if you don't pay taxes you wouldn't get one. We didn't have to pay any taxes for the first 5 years we were married, and it was wonderful. We usually got back more than we had paid because of credits like EIC. Free money from the government every year.
I know it's a rebate and of course it makes sense... I can still be disappointed though. I was just explaining it for others b/c the way it's related on many boards is that it's for everyone, and just wanted to give a heads up so that others in the same situation as my family didn't get their hopes up

ETA: And no one said the rich didn't pay taxes :
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Originally Posted by aliah79 View Post
Looks like it would probably be August...

The article I read said that 40% of families would get a reduced amount or none at all and the majority of those are families of 4 making between $25k-40k. The theory being that these are the families who are paying the least income tax and already recieving refunds - so the less tax you pay the less you get back, and the more you pay the more you get back - more for the rich. Anyway, we didn't get it when he did it last time and we won't this time either unless they do it differently We paid $0 in tax.
We didn't get it last time either but DH was in iraq that time so we weren't paying taxes. Of course we were still paying medicare and Ss taxes which was higher because of the extra pay so we may as well have been taxed with the increase in those. It would be nice to see it this time but I guess we'll just wait it out and see.
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Originally Posted by Krystal323 View Post
holy wow...lower income is defined as under $80K a year????? then i don't think a single soul i know IRL is above "lower income" ::

i just wanted to take note that nobody yet has voted "refuse it"
We just read a book for my class at school. The book is about the "middle class". It was written in the 1990s and the "middle class" families were making $150,000, one family made $200,000. The lowest "middle class" family profiled made $80,000.

Of course, Harvard considers $120,000-$180,000 to be America's middle class.
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Originally Posted by Piglet68 View Post
btw, don't you guys find it sad that the whole point of that "bonus" is to get people spending more money, when the average consumer is already spending more than they have?
Word to the max.

I voted emergency fund but really it would go into my maternity leave fund. I'm planning to take 12 weeks minimum and none of it will be paid.
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I'd take the ALACE childbirth educator course.

Bills be darned!
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I agree that 120,000 is still middle class easy.
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Originally Posted by bc1995 View Post
I agree that 120,000 is still middle class easy.

ditto - I was just going to post this. It all depends on the area of the country you live in, imo.

I live just outside Manhattan, and sure we get paid more, but our cost of living is that much higher. One year out of college, a family with two corporate professional jobs is going to make ~ 80-120k. Those are basically starting salaries. Def. not upper class to me.

And if I did get 800$ (or it would be 1600/family right?, not like I'm getting it anyway) I would probably treat myself to pocket diapers or some other baby "necessity" that I would otherwise do without. The rest would go to prepaying on the mortgage.
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I would like to donate it to our favorite charities. We haven't been able to give as much as we typically do this year and I would like any extra unexpected money to go there.

My husband would want to get tile done in our bathroom. We bought this house 4 yrs ago and all 2 1/2 bathrooms had carpet in them. Carpet is gross in bathrooms.

Otherwise I'd say savings or try to pay off my husband's car earlier.
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I voted "emergency fund", but I'd probably buy a new dryer with it, too. Ours is dying a slow death, and using way too much energy as it goes. We cloth diaper, so it's not as if I can go for a long time with no dryer (and it's 4 degrees out today, so any kind of alternative drying/drying inside would only make my house have to heat more.

Either way, we'll be buying the new dryer, and we're waiting until there's a great deal on a very energy efficient one. If we got the money, it would just adjust which money was put into the emergency fund and which money was spent on the dryer.
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Have a kick butt sushi dinner and put the rest in savings.
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I wish I could pick something different but I know it would totally go towards medical bills right now. My husband has had two back surgeries and yeah, we have some major bills racked up. We're finally making some dents in them and find out that he has another back problem recently. Sigh.
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Simplicity, that's where ours would go, too. Our medical bills just pile on and on and on.

I just get irked that the gov't acts as if they are "giving" us this extra money. It's just an advance on what we'd get back in January.
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Anyone have a link to where I could get more information?

This is a rebate? Money that would have come back to our family in a tax refund check next year? I ask because we have adjusted our deductions so that we will recieve no money back next year. If I cash a check for $1600 this August (I believe we are in the target group to receive this money), does this mean I will OWE the IRS next April?

I hate these rebate checks. I hate having the government tell me it is my responsibility to go out and buy something outrageous just to boost the economy.

My job is to save, to budget, to plan for the future. Why can't they do the same?
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I said...

Pay off debt. We are so close I can taste it. We will be debt free except for mortgage in less than 2 years. Then I can be a SAHP.
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We've gotten a "rebate" like this several times. I would (and have) given it away.

In the state where we live, folks get a "kicker" check from the government when the state's tax revenue exceeds a certain percentage of the economist's projections of what revenue is actually needed. (Something like that). Instead of spending that money on desperately needed services for the citizens (schools, foster care, health) the state cuts a check to each taxpayer.

We're living frugally, but this is money we never counted on and can get by without. We use it to write checks to the food bank, Planned Parenthood, etc.
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I'd pay off my consumer debt. $1600 per family would pay off our stupid nautilus that we couldn't bring with us to Cali and is now used by my niece. Aw well, at least someone's getting some use out of it. That'd snowball us some bigger payments on our credit card. Once that's gone all we have left is our car payments. Being as close to debt free as possible is my goal for the year
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I voted other- I would put half into our savings and donate the other half.
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