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sling recommendations?

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With my DD, I used an Over-the-Shoulder Baby Holder and a Baby Bjorn. Since then, I had back surgery and am so careful about what and how I carry things. So far, I am not finding the OTSBH to feel very good on my back. Does anyone have recommendations for a sling or other carrier that you think is super supportive for your back?? Thanks in advance.
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I found the Moby the best for my back -- if you put it on right (you might need help the first few times getting the fabric spread ideally over your back) you barely feel it.

I imagine the same is true for other wraps; I've only tried the Moby. But I could still carry DS1 (25 lbs 2 months ago) around in it at 38 weeks pregnant (I haven't tried since then) without much trouble.
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i'm an ergo gal, but not so much with a newborn. for wearing an infant, i've found no more comfortable carrier- it's my workhorse. have you been to thebabywearer.com? they are an endless supply of info, reviews, and advice.
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No, I had not seen that site! Thanks for the suggestion. I'll check it out!
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My husband has a bad back and he really liked a simple pouch that fit him correctly (baby should not be lower then your belly button). Kangaroo Korner (adjustible fleece pouch) and New Native are 2 brands he liked.

Btw, the Bjorn killed him.
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i love my fleece pouch (adjustable fleece from kangaroo korner) its very wide across the shoulders and its really really comfy, even till baby weighs 20 + lbs.
i don't have a bad back, but i do get sore shoulders, neck& back from all of the other one shoulder slings ive used.. i also like mei tai's and my onbu, but i wouldn't use them till baby was a bit bigger..
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One thing about the Bjorn, though, I see it on the streets all the time and I swear I have only ONCE seen the wearer wearing it properly -- almost always, the "cross" between the straps is all the way up at the wearer's neck, which puts way too much strain on the upper back. I know when I used to use it (before I discovered the Moby and after DS decided at a few weeks that he needed to be able to stretch his legs so slings were out) that's how the straps naturally migrate, but if I'd have DH or someone adjust for me once I was wearing it, so that the cross was near the small of my back, it was a hundred times more comfortable. It was so painful the other way that I stop random people on the street and tell them that they're wearing it wrong -- and offer to adjust for them -- they think I'm nuts.

Not recommending the Bjorn, but if you're going to use it...
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I just got this wrap and love it!! It seems like it would distribute the weight evenly to reduce back pain. Im excited to use it with my newborn.

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I also loved my KKAFP, as previous posters mentioned, but it honestly did a number on my back for all-day wearing. It also contributed to mastitis for me last time.

This time I'm loving the stretchy wrap that I have (unsure of brand). It distributes the weight evenly, which seems to be better for my shoulders and my breasts. It is also easier for me to nurse in (but that may be just a personal issue---I know plenty of folks can nurse just fine in a pouch, but we were never able to make it work for us).
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I've never used a sling, so this is what I am planning to try. I have a moby wrap ($35 at nurturecenter.com), which I've been practicing the ties with. When I first opened it, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry, the material seems like a mile long. Once, I started following the instructions though, it didn't seem that bad, and it's super soft. I am planning to use this while the baby is small, and then if I can afford it, switch to the Ergo carrier. I'm glad to hear from Dov'sMom that the moby is prefectly fine for a 25lb child.

Check out http://theslingstation.com/

Best of luck in whatever you decide :-)

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I love the kangaroo korner adjustable fleece pouch for the newborn stage. It's really an awesome, simple carrier that is just super comfy.
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I make my own ring slings using Jan's instructions at http://sleepingbaby.net and didymos wraps. I have heard good things about gypsy mama and moby's for newborns.
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For a person with back issues, I'd highly recommend choosing something with two shoulders, not just one. There's been lots of good suggestions on this thread.

The Ergo is nice, but expensive, especially if you buy the infant insert.

I think a wrap is one of the most ergonomic choices. Once you decide to go with a wrap, though, there's like a million choices of which type to use, starting with whether you want it from stretchy knit fabric or firmer woven fabric. Personally, I prefer stretchy knits.

You can easily make your own stretchy wrap from a long piece of knit fabric. Here's a link to show you how (scroll down just a bit).

If you want ready-made, I think the Moby is the best. Very affordable, too.

For firm woven wraps, Girasol, Storchenwiege, and Didymos are very popular, but expensive, even secondhand on thebabywearer.com's FSOT board.

Then, there's the Asian-style baby carriers. Mei Tais and Onbuhimos, but I think the wrap, with its wider fabric through the shoulders and back would be a better option for you, not to mention that they tend to be a better fit for an older baby.

I second the advice to head over to www.thebabywearer.com Tons of great info and smart babywearin' mamas over there.
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In a few weeks it will be too hot here for a wrap style sling lol... but the only sling I really love that evens the weight throughout my back is my mei tai..
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Originally Posted by nugglemama View Post
I make my own ring slings using Jan's instructions at http://sleepingbaby.net and didymos wraps. I have heard good things about gypsy mama and moby's for newborns.
This is what I did. I made several slings using her directions and that's what I prefer for a newborn. When the baby is a little bigger, then I am an Ergo girl all the way.
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