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Florence made it by VBAC

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Well our little baby was schedules to be born by elective c section at 11am today but she decided to make an appearance at 1 42am instead after a fast furious labour.

I had niggles all day yesterday and lots of show and about8pm things got very painful with excrucriatign sacral pain. At my previous prenatal appt she had been anterior so the severe back pain was a bit of a shock.

Contractions came every two minutes from then and were extremely intense. Our midwife came and assessed me at pm and I was fully effaced but only two cm (I had had a long closed cervix on Saturday). We had wanted to stay home till I was pushing but I couldn't imagine how I would get to the hospital with any more intense pain than I already have. The hospital is literally 4 houses away and it was the most horrendous trip ever.

My membranes ruptured as we arrived at the hospital and there was meconium. Because I had only been 2cm we discussed what to do and decided to put in an epidural (definitely not in my birth plan) because it was looking very likely we would need to go for a c-section given the distress in early labour. When I was reassessed after the epidural was in at 1130pm it turned out that the reason I'd been in so much agony and screaming that I couldn't do it was because I was going from 2cm to 9.5cm with just a small anterior lip in under 2 hours. So the epidural was probably unnecessary after all.

I pushed for an hour once the lip had gone and then had a ventouse because her head still had a way to go down and with a scar I didn't want to push for too long.

I am so thrilled with my VBAC. I know some people would feel bad about the interventions but I feel they were appropriate for me. I got to have my little girl (we didn't know she was a girl and we're thrilled) born and put straight on my chest, she breastfed immediately and has barely stopped since, I can't believe how much better a few stitches in the perineum feel than a c section wound and we got to 10 days post due date with no PET or HELLP syndrome!!!

Off to enjoy our little one...
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I'm so glad things went well and you got your VBAC! Congrats, mama!!!
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Congratulations!! It sounds like an amazing birth. The interventions are there for a reason and in my very humble opinion it sounds like you wisely used the tools available. I am on my 3rd vbac and its scary whether its the first or soon to be 3rd. I am proud of you!!
Happy Babymoon!!
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Glad you got to have a VBAC!

Warmest wishes for you and your new bundle of joy that is breastfeeding like a champ, yay!

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Congratulations on your VBAC!! Enjoy your precious new little girl
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Originally Posted by kltroy View Post
I'm so glad things went well and you got your VBAC! Congrats, mama!!!
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congrats and glad things went well!!
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Congratulations on your VBAC and your baby girl!
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Great job mama!
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congratulations, mama!
what a blessing!
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So glad everything went well. Congratulations!
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Not in your DDC but I wanted to say congratulations, your few interventions are better than another section I'm sure!
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congrats! VBAC! Awesome!
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congratulations!!! I love the name! What a beautiful story!
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