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Um...Huh? My baby does NOT spit up.

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I mean, like EVER.
No complaints, of course, but really! Is this normal? Both my girls barfed constantly- and my adopted son did too from what I've heard...(all breastfed) I just don't get it! He has NEVER, EVER, not even ONCE regurgitated so much as a single drop. Again- I don't mind- but it's just WIERD!!!
I've never even heard of a baby who didn't spit up!
Any other non-spitters out there?
Oh- and he also burps RIDICULOUSLY easily. WAY TOO easily- I go to put him up to my shoulder and he burps before I even get him there- EVERY TIME!! I end up putting him there anyway and patting him for a few seconds just so I feel like I played some part in the burping process- but he really doesn't need my help at all! What's the deal? The easy burping- no puking baby. Hmmm....
For the record, he has plenty of gas- and has fussed about that plenty- so it's not like we're getting off scott-free or anything...It just always comes out the other end... (no problem farting, apparently! )
I just think it's odd that he doesn't spit up, and burps like his Father already.
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My son was never one to spit up. I just think we're lucky!
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My now-6 y.o never spit up ever. And hardly ever burped either, now that I think of it. I wondered at first too, the only babies I had ever spent much time with spit up constantly. I guess some just aren't spitters.
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mine isn't a spitter upper either. Unless I shake her up too much (hey, it happens)

none of my kids have been particularly spitty.

dd#2 was sensitive to coffee for a few months so if i drank it she would puke a little, but it was actually pukey and not just a reflux of undigested milk.
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DD1 was like that. Reese, however, spits up a ton.
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Alex is a non-spitter-upper as well, as well as a non-pooper (well once a week pooper) he burps kind of ok, and farts well, and is a fountain pee-er. My daughter was exactly the same, including a fountain pee-er. My eldest son was a pooper and a spitter-upper but then I was stoopid and he ended up FF, so I guess that my breastfed only babies don't spit-up, burp ok, fountain pee, and once a week poop.
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my DS never spit up ever. In fact the first time I saw anything come back out of his mouth was a few months ago when he threw up for the first time and he's 2.5.
This one however spits up a lot.
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You are lucky and yes, it's perfectly normal! My kid spits up over 20 times a day. He constantly smells like barf.
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My 1st never spit up. My last two girls did when they have dairy in their system.
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either dd1 or ds2 nearly never spit up....can't remember which it was. I won't say "never" because I can't remember, but almost never. dd2 very rarely spits up, and when she does, it's just a tiny bit, which she generally slurps back down (ewww!) before I can get it with a burp rag, lol! hey, a self-cleaning baby! pretty nifty feature!

could be that the no spit up and easy burping are related....seems logical to me that if he can move burps out with little effort, then it doesn't leave much opportunity for a big gas bubble to build up below the food, kwim? but i could be totally insane and have no clue what I'm talking about....
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Isabel spit up a ton, but Olivia really doesn't. Once in a great while, she'll have a really wet burp and drool out a little spit up, but that's it.
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my dd (now 6) never spit up. ever. I made fun of babies who spit up because mine didn't. the jokes on me because Liam is a puker. We'll be doin our thing, happily nursing and he'll look at me, smile and projectile vomit the whole meal back onto me. bibs don't stand a chance. It only happens every other day or so and he's gaining weight like whoa so I'm not too worried. it just sucks because of the mess. he thinks it's hysterical. in fact, the first time he laughed it was because he'd just puked into my ear. blech.
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