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Anterior placenta and c-section

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A friend of mine was just diagnosed with an anterior placenta. I cannot remember why her Dr. wanted a c-section, but she's been told now that they can't do one, because they don't want to have to cut through the placenta. OK, so does anyone know--can an anterior placenta move during pregnancy? SHe is approx. 17 weeks right now.
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Anterior placentas can move up or down, but will remain anterior. They are not a problem themselves. I've never heard of someone being "diagnosed" with one before (lol), although I had an anterior placenta with #1 and again this time.

I think the crucial question is why they were planning a c-sec in the first place.

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Anyone who does ultra sound scans for a living know that placentas move all throughout pregnancy.

I have a sister who had placenta previa all throughout nine months of her second pregnancy and it moved in the 42nd week; but the baby was still transverse (head on one hip bone, butt on the other hip bone, shoulder presenting), so they still did a Caesarean Section Delivery.
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It's good to know the placentas will move up and down. I knew that this could be the case with previa, but didn't know if an anterior placenta would be any different.

I'm sorry Whit you didn't care for my usage of the word diagnosed. I didn't mean to offend you.
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I have 2 anterior placentas with this pregnancy and my dr would do a c-section if necessary. I've never heard of that before. If you need a section (key word *need*), it doesn't matter where your placenta is. Sounds like your friend may not actually have a medical need for a c-section?? But, yes, like everyone said, placentas can move
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I wasn't offended in the slightest, I swear.
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Well, I'm trying to talk to her, to be reminded of why she had c-sections before (she has two other children). I know her OB said immediately when she got pregnant that they would do a c-section--maybe a compressed pelvis?? I don't know much about compressed pelvises, or why they would "require" a c-section, but I do know my friend is most comfortable with having the c-section. I, on the other hand, would run like crazy to avoid getting one. So I know why some are questioning the "need" for a c-section, she just asked me to find out if the placenta could move enough to allow one.

THanks for the info.!
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i found out by happenstance that i have an anterior placenta. we recieved a video of our 23 week u/s and, at the end, when the doc typed in the info (kidneys visualized, genitalia female, etc.), he put in placenta: anterior. obviously he saw no real need for concern.
i tried looking up info on it in my pregnancy books, but couldn't find anything. is it a big deal at all? (can you tell i like obsessing?)
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I also have an anterior placenta and was surprised to find very little about it even in my midwifery texts. The reason there is little about it is because it really isn't a big deal! I was worried it might influence a posterior position about which I am paranoid. The biggest problem would be that in the event of an abdominal injury the placenta is not as protected as it is when it implants posteriorly and there may be a greater risk for abruption. This freaks me out every time I get in the stupid car.

As for c-section you can still have a section, they can go under because unless there is a previa the placenta should not be that low in the pelvis to begin with. They can even cut through the placenta in an extreme emergency, they just have to be quick about it.

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