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Hello mamas....just sneaking in instead of lurking for a minute.

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Hey ladies! With my last pregnancy I posted in a DDC but this time I haven't kept up much except for occasional lurking here. I was "due" on the 18th or so and I'm now twiddling my thumbs, waiting, trying to be patient. I'm a member over at Just Mommies and that's where I normally post but lately I'm running out of support. Most of the moms have either been induced already or were due earlier in the month and have had their babies. I'm so trying to be calm and positive and wait for my little one to arrive at just teh right time so that I can have the homebirth of my dreams. *ragged sigh* Baby has dropped but no other real signs are happening for me. I have occasional contractions but nothing very invasive or "progressive" feeling. I was really hoping that the full moon would do something for me last night but alas, *sigh* it was a super calm evening for me...and I slept deeply. Dh is not at all sympathetic and says "What's your problem? Its not even February yet! Why're you all worked up?"
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welcome! there are lots of mamas still waiting. im 42 weeks on friday
i hope that you find some support here. these mamas are all amazing!
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Thanks for the welcome! I feel a little funny horning in at this extremely late hour but seriously*wince*...I'm at wits end for support.
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Welcome! I know how you feel. It seems like so many are waiting and so many have their babies on the outside already. Its been a slow couple of days. I am not very good at waiting!!! sending some peaceful vibes your way!
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I was due on the 18th too. And I was hoping the full moon would help me out last night - lol. Still waiting here.
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Yeah don't worry I'm still waiting i'm only 39+3 days and im like whats taking so long. there is nada going on over here....anyway welcome
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Welcome! I'm 40w3d or thereabouts, so I'm playing the waiting game, too. There are lots of slow-cookers in this Due Date Club, so you're in good company!
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Don't worry mama. Baby will come when s/he is ready. I just recently gave birth to my DD at 42 weeks exactly.
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it's never too late to join in.....so glad you are here and no longer lurking! I too was due on the 18th. And yes I too had huge hopes for last night and the full moon and all...and nothing, nothing at all. I am trying to remain upbeat but as everyday goes I am having a harder time not bursting into tears which I already do when I drop anything on the floor if you know what I mean.

I'm sorry your DH isn't that supportive but remember he is a guy and I'm sorry they just will never have any clue....that being said my DH is very supportive, like this morning he just listened to me sob and when I was done all he said was .....I'm so sorry, I just can't imagine...

So hang with us mama and we can all encourage eachother as we get to our moments. Like mamafern said which is so true-these women are amazing!
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Welcome to the slow cooking mamas! I was 13 days late with my very 1st so I know how you feel.. my DD was 3 days early and DS was 10 days early.. but I am taking this one with patience.. not much else I can do right? lol.. full moon had a little effect on me I think.. I started to lose my plug today but then that happened with my 1st too so I didn't get my hopes up too high yet.
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You are welcome here. You're doing fine, mama! Just hold tight and Baby will be here before you know it.
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Ladies. Ya'll rock. Thanks for all the kind words and the sympathy and the warm welcome. What a place! Why did I lurk?
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