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Transparent Teeth!

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So I just noticed that I can see my tongue behind my front teeth.

What sort of mineral-supplements, besides bone broth and CLO should I be taking to fix this?

No toothpaste with glycerin-use salt/soda instead?

HELP! (It's almost time to go home, hence my lack of research) Any helpful tips or success stores out there?

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Wow, I haven't had that happen to me, but I'd be taking calcium (eat aged cheese, also the calcium you eat in cheese is supposed to be absorbed by your teeth easily), also might want to take magnesium supplements and I have read that alfalfa sprouts are good for remineralizing the teeth. Hope this helps...wow...
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I have this same thing happen. A friend does too and she and I agree that it seems to be worse sometimes, and better other times. I have no idea what causes it... Not very pretty though.
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This happens to teeth exposed to peroxide. Have you been using whitening toothpaste or peroxide? Maybe you've already considered this or it doesn't apply, but I thought I'd throw it in .

Years ago I used diluted food-grade peroxide to brush because I couldn't use anything else while I was treating an illness. Anyway, it made my teeth clear and they've never gone back- they're not completely clear and I'm probably the only one who notices it, but they aren't opaque white anymore and they are clearest furthest away from my gums. They used to be so white and pretty...
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I am going through similar problems, not quite translucent yet, but a huge loss of enamal... it makes me just want to cry! ugh.: I've been working so hard to get my teeth healthy again, so I've been taking CLO and trace minerals. I've also been brushing with 1/2 salt - 1/2 baking soda. I think perhaps the soda is too abrasive??
I'm seriously depressed about this - going to look around on this board some more...
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