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teeth cleaning while pregnant?

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Hey mammas, I'm 8 weeks pregnant, and my teeth are due for their regular cleaning. Do you think it's safe to have this done while I'm pregnant? I've always avoided it before, being worried about bacteria being released into my bloodstream and stuff, like maybe it would be bad for the baby. Do you think I do not need to worry about this? Should I have my teeth cleaned? I don't want to wait until next October to have my teeth cleaned. I'm in the mood for nice clean teeth.
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You should definitely have your teeth cleaned during pregnancy. Gum disease is actually really bad when you're pregnant, routine dental stuff is good
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Well it's better if you've got a good holistic dentist

I had mine cleaned a month ago. Glad I did it. I felt really good after, and found out my gums were perfect

I asked about whitening though, and the hygenist told me I should wait until after nursing. lol. So I guess in 3 years or so I can whiten my teeth.
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From what I understand, it's perfectly safe. Just refrain from getting xrays.
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Just make sure you tell them you are pregnant.
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I always heard it's a no no if you have metal fillings. Any truth to that?
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Originally Posted by lovingmommyhood View Post
I always heard it's a no no if you have metal fillings. Any truth to that?
Well, that one depends on who you ask, I think. Personally, I have metal fillings and I wouldn't have them messed with (i.e. removed, reshaped, drilled into or chipped away at) during pregnancy, but when you're getting a cleaning they are focused more on the fronts and backs of the teeth and don't disturb the fillings all that much (at least in my experience). So I try not to worry about it.

That said, the mercury in amalgam is offgassing all the time in your mouth. I try not to think about that. *shudder* I have a lot of fillings and have had all but one amalgam filling on the bottom replaced, but still have quite a few on top. Eventually I want them all gone. I wish I had thought of it while I was still working and childless and could afford to pay to have them all replaced. Duh!
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I would also make sure they're not using any fluoride.
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I've had my teeth cleaned twice plus cavities filled. IMO, pregnancy is a time to be super vigilant about dental health!
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If you have had your teeth cleaned (and boy oh boy do I need to) how did you handle the gagging? I cannot brush my teeth at night right now because it will make me puke. Morning is okay but I have to brush shallowly (if that makes sense).
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I just had my teeth cleaned. I told them I was pg, so that ruled out the xrays I was supposed to get, and asked about fluoride (which they don't routinely do apparently). All is well, so that's good to know!
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My dental hygenist suggested not having anything done in the first trimester AT ALL. She said that there just isn't any research at all and why take a chance - so we rescheduled my appointment.
She's pretty mainstream, too.
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Well, I don't go when I'm pregnant. I'm gagging early on, and by the time that's over with I can't lie down long enough for them to do anything. Add to that the fact that my gums bleed like crazy when I'm pregnant just brushing them....no thanks! I will however go a couple weeks postpartum.
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I think it's a good idea to keep on schedule with having your teeth cleaned.
Gum disease can develop during pregnancy and a lot of research shows gum disease is actually linked to premature labor/birth. So, I would have my teeth cleaned during the pregnancy as usual. I wouldn't schedule extra cleanings or worry about it, but I wouldn't avoid them either. I'd just stay on my usual cleaning schedule, unless I noticed bleeding or something unusual.

Of course, no x-rays and no fluoride. I have silver fillings still and don't believe that a standard cleaning stirs up anything. I wouldn't have any work done that did mess with the silver fillings while pregnant or nursing.
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