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When do children stop napping?

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My daughter is not quite 3.5 and has not taken a nap in over two weeks. I'll put her up in her room and she'll stay up there for two hours and play by herself. Do children this age usually still take naps? She still gets very tired and grouchy in the afternoon so she obviously still needs a lot of sleep. Should I just let her skip naptime, and have her good to bed earlier?

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I think that it really varies greatly from child to child. My first gave up naps cold turkey at 17mos old (the same week she potty trained herself - guess that was the tradeoff). The second kiddo napped daily until she was nearly 3.
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I think it's a pretty broad range for when they stop napping. That's about when DS dropped his nap on any sort of regular basis. He did still nap about once every month or so, seemingly at random for almost another year.

We still have quiet time, which just means time he spends in his room without noisy toys and supposedly lets mama rest in her room (he still asks 3-4 questions and he's actually very loud singing and such).

I did start putting him to bed about an hour earlier when he dropped the nap.
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Mine stopped napping regularly shortly after turning two. I'm not sure what her brother will do, but he's almost two and has missed days already without any difficulty.

I think 3.5 is more than reasonable for giving up naps.
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It depends. Some kids continue taking naps till kindergarten others lose them much earlier. My stopped napping just before he turned 4 but the wole year prior he would stop for a few weeks then start napping again. He really needed them so I never really gave up trying. On the days he didn't nap I would put him to bed an hour or more earlier to try and keep his sleep hours up.

I would try putting her to bed early for a few nights still putting her down for a nap. You may also want to adjust the time you put her down. This changed a lot for us his naps kept getting later. Even now if my son is tired enough he'll fall asleep in the car or something but it's usually after 4pm if/when he does annoying but I always let him sleep.

Good luck. Hope you get her back napping I know the struggle it can bring
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I think it depends on the kid. Both of my children stopped napping when they were 2. I just put them to bed a lot earlier. I still put them to bed early. My 4 y.o. wakes up at 7 and is in his pajamas by 6:30, asleep by 7:30. It just worked better for us to skip the nap and have an earlier bedtime.
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By the time DD1 had turned 3y, she never took a nap anymore.
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DS stopped napping by 2, then after DD came would occassionaly nurse to sleep with her, then stopped that too after a couple months. DD is 20 months and still takes a nap, though she has maybe 1 day per week on average that she does not
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I think most children (at this point, in my area of the US) are no longer napping at 3.5.

DD started really fighting naps right after she turned 1, she gave them up completely by 20 months.

DS is an end of the summer baby, so he was giving them up in the spring of his second year, but during the summer we would go swimming in the afternoon and that tired him out enough so that he often took a nap (great, a nap at 4:30 pm is *exactly* what I wanted ). As soon as it was fall and we weren't doing that anymore, naps were over.
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dd stopped napping at 4 1/2, she's 3 weeks away from being 5 now and she's doing great! where nap time used to be we have an hour or so of wind down time (books, movie, cuddle time, etc...)
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Apparently my kids are a fair bit later than others. My kids have all given up naps between 4 and 5. Ds is the earliest with starting to skip naps at 3.5.
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Tirza & Nadia were 15months, Asha was 18months.

I have a friend who puts her 6yo down for a nap becuase the parents want to nap themselves. Then they wonder why she's still running around at 11pm. They also don't get the connection between their family's continuous illnesses/allergies & their basement flooding/leaking problem. Their dd was a preemie(33weeks) & has had a cold since she came home the hospital.
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My DS gave up naps about 3 months before his third birthday... at first I was sort of put out, but then became a HUGE fan of the early bedtime.
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Both my girls stopped within a month of turning 2, DD1 at 23 months and DD2 at 25 months.
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My son stopped napping in November and turned three in December. He sleeps about 12 hours at night.
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My kids all stopped napping between their 2nd and 3rd birthdays, but every child is different.
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My ds is 5 and still napping 1.5hrs/day. The trick is that I have to nap with him. This has worked for years now. It was my trade-off for not co-sleeping at night way back when when he moved to his own bed. I stick to the same routine every day so there is no debate whether it is naptime: lunch, story in bed, same cd turned on, scratch back until asleep. Works like magic after all these years.
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DD is close to 2 1/2 and she's transitioning away from naps. She'll nap every day for a week sometimes, then she'll skip a few days. It's like she just needs to get in those 12 hours and her wake-up time determines if she'll have a nap that day.

DS was about 2 1/2 when he stopped napping. It was a fight to get him to sleep by 10 pm and often a fight to get him down for a nap. I stopped trying to enforce the naps and they went away pretty quickly.
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ds1 is 3y2m and naps regularly, when scheduling doesn't interfere. and when scheduling does interfere, it really tells on him (e.g., falling asleep in the car, cranky in the late afternoon, impossible at bedtime). he naps 2 to 3 hours in the afternoon and sleeps about 10 hours at night. it would be nice if he got all 12-13 hours of sleep that he needed at night, but his body-clock just isn't wired that way-- yet, anyway. :-)

op, you could just try putting her to bed earlier. if it works for the both of you, run with it!

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If given a chance, my 5 1/2 yr old would still nap (she doesn't get a chance though). My 3 1/2 yr old naps about 25% of the time at her preschool, but mostly just doesn't.
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