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Would you rather transition, or push? - Page 2

Poll Results: Would you rather transition or push?

  • 20% (37)
    I'd rather go through transition again!
  • 76% (136)
    Give me the pushing!
  • 2% (5)
178 Total Votes  
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i'd much rather push... i really like pushing, it feels so good for me, and how neat it is to feel your baby's body slide out of yours!

transistion, for me, is full of barfing and contrax one on top of another.. much harder to deal with!
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I reeaaallllyyy did not like pushing. And after everything I had heard and read, I thought I wouldn't mind it, if not like it. I had a drug free birth, and transition was no fun at all. I just kept saying to DH between contractions, "No, seriously, this really hurts." But I think I prefer that to pushing!

My medwife was super coachy, and threatening me with the vacuum (!) though, so that may be why. The pushing lasted all of 25 minutes. I think my medwife had dinner plans...
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Give me pushing!!!!
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The pushing phase was by far my favorite part of labor. I know its not politically correct to say that labor feels good, but I actually enjoyed pushing. It was completely painless with both of mine, it's just an awesome and powerful feeling.

Transition was the complete opposite. I shook, felt nauseous (with my second I vomited), felt hot and cold at the same time, and couldn't find a comfortable position.
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Give me pushing any day. I was in transition forever, and it was exhaustingly hard to endure by that point in my 30 hour labor. By the time I could push, I was so thrilled that it was almost over, I was overjoyed to be pushing. It was hard work, but it didn't hurt in the same way that contrax did, and didn't last as long. I pushed for 25 minutes - no 'ring of fire', and didn't even feel myself tear. I actually tried to argue with my MW when she told me I tore. I was like "Nuh-uh, I did not!".
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Transition was so intense for me, and since I was out of the water it hurt like hell. I said, "Okay, give me something! give me something NOW!"

Finally, when I felt the urge to push and the contractions spread out I was relieved. Pushing wasn't bad at all... Not even really painful, I felt a slight burn but nothing like you hear people talk about.

I would rather push. push. push. push.
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Originally Posted by funkygranolamama View Post
push it out shove it out wayyyyy out!
push it out shove it out wayyyyy out!
push it out shove it out wayyyyy out!
push it out shove it out wayyyyy out!
push it out shove it out wayyyyy out!

I'm totally having flashbacks now.............
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Count me in for PUSHING!! I have long transitions & it's just ctx upon never ending ctx along with some shaking & throwing up. Pushing is intense too but I'm much more in control by that point. Plus, when pushing begins I feel like the end is so close & I'm so ready to meet my baby. (I'd kill for some of the transition stages some of you have described.)
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I say pushing for me. My contractions during pushing don't hurt nearly as bad as transition and my 4th only took about 6 minutes so definitely pushing.
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I'd rather push. It was so intense, but wonderful. Transition was a tad scary and exhausting, and I always get sick to my stomach and shake. It feels cruddy and you don't know how much longer you've got. Pushing was pure elation, I yelled that baby out.

ps I did transition with both my births and only pushed with one, so perhaps that influences my perspective. Also by the time I was pushing I KNEW my VBAC was HAPPENING, so exciting!!!!

ps2 after birthing my VBAC baby, I turned to my husband and said: "that was so much fun!" yep, the pushing was fun.
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I voted "other" because I seem to be in transition still while pushing, so it's hard to tell the difference. And with dd2 I didn't consciously push. I was in transition for what seemed like 10 minutes (dh thought closer to 20) and then whooooooooosh, out she came. I find transition and pushing both to be extremely extremely difficult.
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I like pushing a baby out. I find it very satisfying in a way that nothing else compares. Transition sucks.
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Originally Posted by Wolfmeis View Post
Transition was a lot easier on me because I could zone out. Pushing is painful to me, so having to actively do something that hurt me when I was so tired was just awful.

I hate pushing with a passion; it never gave me any kind of relief. It was just hard work on top of pain, and I felt more out of control pushing than I did in transition, oddly enough.
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I preferred pushing simply because I knew where I was in the course of labor; my babe was almost in my arms. When I entered transition I (erroneously) thought I was starting active labor, and man was it intense. Turns out those 22 hours of "pro-dromal" labor were the real deal!
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For me - transition was crazy & intense. I felt out of control and in great pain.

Pushing felt GREAT! I loved pushing. There was no pain between pushing contractions, I could rest and concentrate on birthing my son. I pushed for 2 hours as DS's shoulder was stuck but I would do it all again!
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I didn't even know when I was in transition, but pushing hurt like H*LL, so I would do transition ANY day!!!!
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Personally I'd choose pushing, but I didn't have to push much w/ ds because he pretty much just shot right out. Plus I felt better once I reached the point of pushing.
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Give me transition any day - I really did not like pushing!
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I'm actually slightly terrified at the thought of getting pregnant, because transition was so awful first time around. I felt completely out of control, I kept vomiting, I was freezing to the core, and then burning hot, the contractions were unbearable... It sucked. I'd take pushing any day.
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man, both were really intense but in my pushing phase i some some breaks between contractions. my transition was intense!!!!! yikes!
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