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Would you rather transition, or push? - Page 3

Poll Results: Would you rather transition or push?

  • 20% (37)
    I'd rather go through transition again!
  • 76% (136)
    Give me the pushing!
  • 2% (5)
178 Total Votes  
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man, both were really intense but in my pushing phase i some some breaks between contractions. my transition was intense!!!!! yikes!
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I like pushing. But then again, this time around transition was pretty cool too. I didn't know I was there for quite some time and I didn't even puke. I guess I just wish i could have another baby. My labours have gotten progressively less painful and more pleasurable but I'm not quite "there" as far as trusting myself enough for a totally pain free birth.
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I hated pushing and it didn't last as long as transition. But transition for me is way too intense. I don't know if I would rather one over.
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Originally Posted by truemists View Post
I had fun during transition. It was kind of like an out of body experience. I was very calm and focused and felt like I was hovering over my body while kneeling in the water. It was GREAT and I would choose to feel that way even if it had nothing to do with giving birth.

Pushing sucked.

I would rather transition.
You summed it up for me exactly!
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Originally Posted by funkygranolamama View Post
push it out shove it out wayyyyy out!
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push it out shove it out wayyyyy out!
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push it out shove it out wayyyyy out!

Ah, push it - push it good
Ah, push it - push it real good
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Hey! Ow!
Push it good!

Oooh, baby, baby
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Baby, baby......

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i never knew when i was in transition and the pushing part didn't feel much different either. it all hurt but i was in such an altered state that i didn't really care at that point so um other
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I voted "other".

Well, with DS1 I hated the pushing more, but that was because all of a sudden the bright lights came on, I was made to lay down on the bed, an OB I had never met and 10+ med students were ushered into the room to stare at my vajayjay, and I was told how to push. It was extremely painful and exhausting. I had prefered transition.

With DS2 I was at home with candlelight, went through transition in the shower which wasn't that bad, but difficult enough that I was relieved to push when I felt the urge. So in the case of DS2, pushing was better. Of course this time I was in a darkened room, with just my husband and our midwife, and I was squatting and pushing on my own terms..... MUCH easier ime.
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I'll say pushing, although it was a lot longer than transition (transition was maybe an hour or two, I pushed for six). I felt so restless during transition and had to be up walking around, going up and down stairs, etc. It was painful but not unbearably so, moving helped a lot. But pushing was a huge relief (although I was getting frustrated that it took so long). I was able to calm down, get back in the tub, and just push.
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I loved pushing. It didn't hurt at all, and I finally felt like I could be an active parcipant rather than labor just happening TO me. Transition only lasted an hour or so for me, but my MW kept saying I was many hours from delivery, so all I can remember was the agony and expecting it to last forever. I ended up getting an epi when I was 9.5 cm sitting on the side of the bed thinking I had many more hours to go, and I started pushing while the needle was coming out of my back. But that is a whole other story....

Give me the PUSHING! Woo Hoo!
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I guess this isn't common, but I don't remember feeling like I had to really push- my baby just sort of slid out almost on his own. Might have been easier for me because he came out in the sac though
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For me, labor was long, exhausting, and painful. By the time I got to pushing, it was just a little uncomfortable but really exciting. It was very low on the pain scale and much more fulfilling than puking in transition.
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Pushing. Ds was out in 3 pushes. I might change my mind in a few weeks. lol
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pushing by far!

It felt so good to push. It really helped the pain.
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i felt like i was crawling out of my skin during transition!
pushing felt greeeeaaat!!
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I'm not sure when or how long I was in transition, but well, undoubtedly longer than pushing.

I got in the bathtub around 10:30 because the pain was too much for me to handle(I needed more encouragement that I could do it, and needed verbal encouragement, not breathing techniques). The bath/water really helped, and it got to be harder about a couple hours late. Falling asleep between painful contractions was a weird experience. I got out of the tub, pooped, shortly felt like I had to poo again(it was the pushing urge), but it was the baby's head. The L&D nurse checked me and said I was 8-9 cm dilated. She made me not push for 10 minutes while we waited on the dr. When they did let me push, she came out in 2 pushes, head and body. The intense pressure while the head was crowning was, well, intense. It wasn't painful or the "ring of of fire", just pressure. Not pushing was just about the most unbearable pain. I didn't tear, only skid marks. I voted pushing being the easiest. Yup.
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I don't think I had transition. Even my Doula says that my transition was next to nonexistant. I was "made" to push at 10cm without the strong urge though, and that definitely wasn't fun, so I'd take my "transition" any day of the week
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Pushing even my worst pushing stage was better then Transition.

My transition is quick and realativly not bad (my first hour of labor with my first was by far the WORST experince I had in labor I think because fear made the pain seem worse.) However what I don't like about transition is the emotional toll. When I scream Screw an epidural knock me out and cut the baby out, or I just get up to leave because "today is not a good day to do this." LOL! I swear I get so weird during transition and the nurses freaking out cause I can't keep my hand still isn't fun either.

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hard question. I think I would pick transition. I have quick labors and though it was painful I was fine between contractions (the whole min or so) with #3. Pushing for him was only about 15 mins but hurt like a mammer jammer! With #1 I pushed for 2 hrs and that sucked too though transition was longer with him. With #2 my labor was super fast too and I pushed less then 15 mins. and it was not bad so with him I might of picked pushing because transition was in the car and that sucked big time! So with #1 and #3 I would do transition again and with #2 pushing.
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I definitely prefer pushing. Transition is manageable, but relentless. Contractions are right on top of each other. When it was time to push, I could stop and take a rest if I needed to. I could actually catch my breath and talk about what was going on. It's really neat. That said, I will NOT tolerate being yelled at or told when or how long I must push. When my body says push, I will. Nurses can shut up!
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Each and every body is different--mine loved pushing! I finally felt like I was doing something and I honestly don't recall any sensations except feeling my babe slip down a bit when I gave a really big push toward the end. I found pushing exhilarating. Crowning was another story--again, I don't remember much about the feeling of it just that I wanted the baby out NOW and it seemed everyone was just taking their time getting gloves on, etc.

It's probably good I don't recall much of the sensation of giving birth --I'll be doing it again next month. We're going all natural again though this time we're doing it in the peace and privacy of our own home
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