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Looking for Mom's outside Pittsburgh- I'm in Cranberry

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Hello. I am totally new to this board and just starting to learn how to use it- but I thought I would start a thread to find other mothers in the area. My husband and I live in the Cranberry area - north of Pittsburgh. We have a beautiful 18 month old little girl - I was recommended to come here because I have yet to meet one family that cloth diapers their child or has even HEARD of AP - I get funny looks when I talk about why we used glass bottles or how our daughter sleeps in our bed (or the whole nursing thing)! I'd like to find other people who care as much as I do and can also help me find some great spots in the area to buy fresh organic produce- milk............I have another baby due in July and am intending to 100% CD, EBF, co-sleep and baby wear............ I would love someone local to talk to.....................
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Erie county here, so I guess I am not really near you, but I suppose that's relative, eh?

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Hello, I'm not far from Cranberry.
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Hi there! We're closer to Pittsburgh than you by about 25 minutes, but I lived in a town really close to there for a while as a teenager (Evans City) and have lots of friends and family still there, so I'm out your way once a week or so. I am always interesed in meeting other like-minded moms!

I have a 4 yo son and an almost 2 yo son, and they love the play structure at Cranberry Park. Since it's so cold we haven't been there in a while. Maybe we can find something else inside in your area?
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Hi There! I don't have what you're looking for, but I just wanted to send a little love and support. I grew up in Butler. I moved to Tucson when I was pg w/dd almost 8 years ago. When I go "home" to visit, most of my friends just don't get us. And I get the funniest looks when I'm out nursing, esp. when the kids weren't infants. Ugh.

Keep looking for your tribe there. I'm sure you'll find them!
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I'm not far from you at all! I live in Shaler and am about 30 minutes from you. I just moved here myself so cannot give you much in the way of resources for organic foods. I heard that there was a store in the city, but cannot remember the name...maybe Whole Foods? Anyway, I'm in dire need of meeting some like-minded mamas because I might go out of my mind. There is a babywearing group that meets twice monthly in the city. I haven't made it to a meeting yet because I'm still trying to move into my home.

Would love to meet up with anyone in the area!
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i live in Crafton right outside the city..I'd love to hang or chat sometime!
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I'm in Greentree, literally about 15 feet inside the city border. I've a 19 mos old daughter.

There is a Pittsburgh Nino (babywearing) group. I went to one of their meetings last fall.

There is Pittsburgh Mothers Center. I am a member of that group - once spring comes back around there will be a lot more playdate/outing type activities, but there is a monthly meeting (second Wednesday of each month) and a crafting get-together (on Saturdays? Not sure - I haven't been to those yet...). Very cool group of women.

As to stores...there is a Whole Foods in Shadyside, very close to a Giant Eagle Market District and a Trader Joe's. Sort of a convenient trifecta of goodness. There is also the East End Coop located in...well, the East End

There are also numerous CSAs...due to hubby's job, we never know when we're moving, so I've never done a CSA, but, I've heard lots of good things about Kretschmann's - they also do a coop with a local grass fed beef raiser

Once Spring comes, there are a lot of farmer's markets. I used to go to one located nearby, and found the produce to be very good and CHEAP. They also carry more than just produce...I got some honey, salsa, Amish baked goods, there was a stand with naturally raised pork/lamb/goat, etc. The site doesn't have a lot of info right now; it will probably tell more later. There's also a farmer's market on Saturdays in the Strip District. That also puts you in the middle of a lot of the specialty food stores (ie...Italian bakery, Butcher, etc.)
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Greentree is right over the hill from me--maybe 2 mins away.....that Farmer Market is two streets away from my house! There were really yummy goodies there and I agree it was soooo cheap!
As for the Mothers Center--why oh why oh why is nothing good in our end of town? I see they meet in Regent Square...EVERYTHING that is crunchy and good is in the East of town. There are lots of us crunchies in the west and south--why are there never any meetings or Whole Food Stores or co-ops here????
Anyway, I'd love to go to the meetings but it irritates me to have have to drive across town yet once again to get to a meeting like that.
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It isn't all that much that is organic, but you might be interested in checking out Soergel's. From Cranberry just go down 79 and get off at Wexford. Besides the store, they also have some animals there, like pigs, goats, little cows, and a pony that you can feed, and there is a play area and picnic tables outside. My two year sister really likes going there. Of course the weather isn't nice enough for that right now. But in the summer it might be a nice place to get together.

Soergel's website: http://www.soergels.com/

I'd love to get together with other mom's if anyone comes up with a good idea.
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I'm in the Pittsburgh area. There is a Whole Foods in East Liberty/Shadyside area. Trader Joes also. They both carry a lot of organic food. There is the East End Food Coop as well. There are a lot of CSA's around. There is one that would be about 30 minutes or so from you-www.blackberrymeadows.com.
If you go to the national csa website and do a search, you will find ones that should be closer to you. I agree that it is hard to find people that don't look at you like your crazy when you talk about limiting plastic, co sleeping, organic food, raw food, etc. Oh-there is a great health food store in Oakmont (not super close to you) called Today's Market that has organic/natural items. Keep searching though and you'll find a lot of resources. We've found a lot of great info. from talking with people at the above mentioned places.

ETA: Sorry-just realized a lot my info. was already posted. I guess I should read the other posts before responding!
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Aye. I'm trying to think of someplace not all the way across town. And I'm drawing blanks. Everything I tend to take Katie to for fun is in Pittsburgh proper, through the tunnels, over the bridges, blah blah blah. We went to the Warhol museum this weekend. I can't stand most of his stuff (or most modern art), but they had an exhibition of animals from his life and work, so, I took Katie. She's going through the puppy dog/kitty cat phase.

Oooh! I just had a scathingly brilliant idea!

I know Brookline library does 0-3 storytime on Thursdays. 1045am. There are always a few older/pre-school kids. They have a large children's section, and it's away from the rest of the library (downstairs), so, kids can be a little louder - they have toys and a train and whatnot for them to play with as well.

I know my local (Greentree) library does toddler storytime, but, it's kind of not real fun.

So, would anyone be up for going to Brookline? Or maybe another library? (Mt. Lebanon seems to have storytimes, but they're more broken up by age (ie 0-2, 2-3.5, 3.5-6, etc.). If someone says they'll be at Brookline on Thursday, I'll be there.

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
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I could do it next Thursday....I would love to get out and Brookline isn't that far away from me.
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Excellent Locks! I will make plans to be there next Thursday, barring insane ice or whatnot.

How about our first "real" snow of the year, eh? I had an inch of ice on my car this morning after not driving it for the past few days.
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that is why we bought our used Outback. I have no fear now of PA weather...I knew we were getting away with too much mldness--I knew it was only a matter of time till we get real snow.
When I go the library next week so you know I have short brown hair and bald beautiful little 8 month old dd.
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I might try to come next week too. We are all not feeling well this week, so I didn't want to make any plans. But now I'm wishing I had because I've been stuck home all week now and need to get out.
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Are you guys still planning to go to the storytime tomorrow?
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I will be there.
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I couldn't be there sorry!!! I had to go home to Johnstown from Tue-Thur for family stuff.....how did it go? are you doing it again?
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Liberty5_3000 was there. After a few minutes of trying to figure out if we were ther from MDC, it was cool

We're looking to do something more centrally located. I'm in Greentree, she's in Ohio Township. I am MORE than willing to travel (cabin fever!!!). Any suggestions are welcome on my end!
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