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The Alchemist

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I hope that I spelled that correctly!

I just read this little (long) fable, and DEVOURED it! I REALLY enjoyed it!

Anybody else read this?

It's messages aren't any that I don't already know, but they are messages that I sometimes forget! It helped to reitterate things to me, and, for now () I'll remember the messages.

I'd love to read this to Owen (3), but don't know how much he'd enjoy it at his age... I think it'd be a little boring for him, but I'll try it!

Your thoughts?

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I love love this book......I read it every year just to be reminded of the message in it.......Stephanie
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I gave this book to my dear mother for her birthday almost two years ago, then stole it to read myself. I love it! Couldn't put it down til I was done. My mom died this past August so I have kept the book and will soon have my son read it (he's twelve). I don't know your Owen, but suspect he wouldn't appreciate it quite yet. It's a good idea to read it every year to remind yourself of what really matters. It sort of reminded me of The LIttle Prince by Antoine St. Exupery.

Emily, I'm in NH too, and am a nurse (I saw on your profile you're studying). Whereabouts are you? We're halfway between UNH and Concord.

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I'm in Nashua, maybe an hour from you? What town do you live in?

I see that you're a massage therapist, as well. My mom is a massage therapist. She's on the state board? I'm not sure what that means, but she was just newly appointed on the board? (do you know what I'm talking about?) She works out of Nashua... her practices name is Golden Touch Massage Therapy... Ring any bells?

I go to school in Concord at NHTI... Maybe someday we can meet for lunch?

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