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Nervous about ultrasound!

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Hi all. Well, I am having an ultrasound on Monday. I will be 18 weeks. They should be able to tell the sex of the baby. Is the ultrasound usually pretty accurate at telling the sex at that age? My husband and I would really like for it to be a girl, and he is already calling it Lizzie (our choice for a girls name). I think he has his hopes up way too high right now. I suspect it will probably be a boy.. We have one boy right now. Its kind of ironic because his brother has 2 girls, so I figure well have 2 boys. lol Anyway, we both are anxious for a girl, but I think he will take it harder if it ends up being another boy. Hes even said he wants to try again if its not a girl this time! And I only want 2 kids. lol Anyway, so I am just getting really anxious about this. I hope that it wont be like last time where he actually was really upset when we found out we were having a boy and driving kind of recklessly. Not exactly the reaction I was hoping for. I just dont want that to happen again this time. I have told him to prepare himself for a boy but I dont know if he is.. Anyway, thanks all for listening!

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They may or may not be able to tell, just depends on them. Personally I think you're far enough along for them to be able too. I'm going back at 16 weeks and my mw told me she might be able to by then. Good luck!
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I found out with my first at 15 weeks. We had it re-checked at 20 weeks and it was a girl. I hope your hubby reacts better than last time. Just remind him he should be happy the baby is healthy and you don't have complications.
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You are far enough to tell now. It's just that the baby doesn't always cooperate so that the tech can get a good picture.
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Depends on what the baby does. My son (due in 4 days) was very... happy to show us what he was. And I was 18 weeks and you could certainly could tell he was a boy.
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It might be possible to tell the sex if the baby is not shy. I was told at 13 weeks that it was a boy by tech performing an NT Scan. I was obssesed with the gender because we really wanted a boy. My husband has 2 daughters and I have one so we really wanted a boy. We had a private Ultrasound at 16 weeks and it was indeed a boy. The last Ultrasound was last week and they confirmed it is a boy. I really hope you and your husband get your little girl. You can go to this website is very helpful.

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Thanks everyone. I am going to make sure to drink juice before I go so the baby will be active. It worked last time!
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Just an update.. ITS A GIRL! :
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Thanks sunshine
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I found out this time at 16 weeks later confirmed at 20 weeks I am having a girl I think by 18 weeks it is pretty darn accurate.
ETA CONGRATS! Lots of girls it seems lately
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Thanks Barcino. Congrats on your girl also
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