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I am bored out of my mind

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It rains outside for the last three days. Cloudy, gray, gloomy...:
She sleeps on me in the Moby, so cannot do much, and dont' really want to.
I had one lousy DVD from Netflix waiting for me 2 weeks to watch, so finally put it in the DVD player, and it got stuck - so no movie for me. I am watching movie trailers online instead. How interesting...

I am bored out of my mind. Everyone I know is working and busy. Noone to call at this time.

It is soooooo boooooooooooooring.....
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I shouldn't laugh, because I totally know where you're coming from... but it's been -15 or so here for the last week and we have something like 3 feet of snow on the ground. I'd KILL for cloudy, grey and gloomy since at least then I don't have to worry about frostbite.

But yeah... we can't afford to rent movies, because our fines are so high. Everything I want at the library is on "transit hold", and there's nothing fun to read, and the baby is on top of me and there's really only so much Warcraft you can play. Ugh.
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Wanna borrow a couple of little boys to trash your house? Then you'll have something to do...
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It's too cold to take the girls out of the house right now. Windchills in the -20s. It sucks. I'm going stir crazy. DH and I left the girls with my folks today to run some errands and it felt like a vacation because we got to leave the house. Monday is supposed to be 50...I'm hoping my BWing coat gets here by then so I can go for a walk with the girls!!!
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I got into online scrabble when Ella was tiny - it's addictive.
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Awwww...I'm sorry your Netflick got stuck... This weather is cruddy, isn't it? And they say it's going to rain harder tomorrow...:
Hope you find something entertaining to do! I miss the sunshine...
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I'm bored too-and I think have some PPD. I never thought I'd say this, but I am actually looking forward to going back to work. I hate staying home-I'm sick of TV-and I can't get much done with the baby-even though I have been able to put him down in a bassinet lately-I still feel uncomfortable being on a different floor than him (we have 2 stories and a basement). So I am limited to the general vicinity he is in.

I don't think I can ever be a SAHM-I really think it's harder than working sometimes.
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ditto on the bored... we share a car that K takes to work, and live in a neighborhood with nothing in walking distance... i have been to the library twice this week... netflix discs are both watched as soon as they come... most recently i have become addicted to an online geography game (at least it's educational!)
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I've gotta go look up that online word game where they donate rice for every word you get correct (free rice, maybe?)... I hear it's terribly addictive and would at least give me something to DO. It's horrible when you're excited because hey, you get to go to the doctor's office today, whoo-hoo!

I need a life...
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so I am not bored. We dont even have tv. I have watched some movies on our dvd player. I dont get anything done, but I dont find myself bored. But, I am a home body to the most extreme level, much to the sadness of my party animal dh. Sometimes i go to target, and on fridays to weight watchers. When the weather gets better, I will go for walks, but I do not want to go back to work for anything.
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Well today instead of being bored I read a book - Dr Sear's Vaccine book. At least something useful. I didn't make my mind on the vaccine issue yet, so need to get some data :

It is raining non stop here for the last 2-3 days, I think. And gonna rain for two more. Makes me wonder how those wooden house here in the US do not get rotten (I am from a place were they build with concrete)

At least it is Friday, so DH will be home for the next two days...
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Originally Posted by starry_mama View Post
Wanna borrow a couple of little boys to trash your house? Then you'll have something to do...
Thats what I was thinking!

Oh what I would pay to feel bordeom.

I cant wait till someday I meet bordeom again.
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