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The Countdown...

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Only 79 days left...I'm getting super excited yet anxious about the mysteries of this LO's birth. Hoping my Hypnobabies CD's arrive this weekend...I have so much to do, yet so little energy.

So how much longer for you?
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75 days here

That's like....2 and 1/2 months!

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88 days, ack that actually feels like forever! I'm not ready yet, DH is on the road until April and won't be home until I actually call and say "Come home" so I'm a little freaked out.
Not ready, not ready.

Is it time yet?
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It'll be 70 tomorrow! GASP!
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72 days and counting...

When I think of being pregnant that much longer it seems like FOREVER away.

When I look at my to-do list it seems REALLY REALLY SOON!!!!
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so uhh, im due april 12th and actually have no idea how many days that is! i'm seriously expecting to go at least 2 weeks early though, if this pregnancy is anything like my dds.. (of course watch i just jinxed myself and now ill go to 42 weeks!)

but yay less than 3 months!
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I think 69 days. But my DD came a week early, so I'm guessing that I only have two months left. Eek!
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I'm due April 13, but my other DS was born 7 weeks early. If the same thing were to happen this time around, I'd be having this one in less than a month.

So I'm working to get everything that really needs to be done, done in the next four weeks, because you never know . . .
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80 days! I'm not ready! When I actually stop to think about it, I get a little panicked.
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73 days and counting... I can't believe it!
115 days until I move and I still have NO idea where I'm going to live....
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I have 90 days left. It feels like forever compared to everyone else. Next time I conceive I'm going to remember to plan it out so I can be at the beginning of a DDC!

At the same time, knowing I want to have everything done within 2 months has really got me worried. My commission and DH's bonus are both late this year and we've put off buying everything until we really know what the budget will look like. I'm already envisioning DH ordering everything online while I labor, and our Dear Baby being swaddled in towels for the first 3 days until it all arrives.
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Blech on all of you! I have 93 days to go (plus my feeling that I will be a bit late) and it seems like forever. That's over three months! I think the fact that we've been stuck at home a lot recently (illness and weather) makes the time crawl.

There is definitely still a lot to do here. Mainly, I want the kids' room painted. That will be waiting for slightly warmer weather so we can ventilate.
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Not in your DDC. I stalk your DDC because I'm from the May DDC.

I'm so excited that you are all getting to be under 100 days. Woo Hoo!
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69 Days.....EEEK!
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I don't think I'm ready to do the math! Ack, you just made me! Can it really be 86 days??? Noooo.

Where are all my newborn baby clothes? What am I gonna use for newborn diapers? Do I want a mei tai wrap or a ring sling, or both? I still have to move and my house is due to close two days before my EDD! I hope I can have my baby in the new house... Oh man, why did you start this thread, I hadn't even been thinking about countdown numbers until you mentioned it! Evil!
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Yeah, evil! I am sooo not ready to even count how many days are left...
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I'm at 70 days to go. My evil thoughts are that I'm glad I'm due at the beginning of the month!
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72 days left... i've been counting down for over a month now.

Theres still so much to do but i'm ready to hav her here already.
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83 days left for me. A part of me wants her here now, because my body is starting to feel it. But, the other part wants her to stay in for awhile longer, because I need more time to prepare physically and mentally.
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77 days until April 12th, for those mamas sharing that due date with me ;-).

11 weeks exactly. Whee! I have no concept of whether this babe will arrive earlier or later... but based on when I think I actually ovulated, average gestation for a second pregnancy does put me right on April 12th, so that's probably a good target.

We're going to order the diaper service to drop off our first batch of supplies by the 1st though. ;-)
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